Siddappa is the happiest man today. He finally saved five thousand from his earnings through hard work. He worked day and night with dedication to earn this money. He never focused on education. So, all he could do was take part in some construction work as a helper.

He has reached his goal. He earned five thousand within a span of two and a half months. He is bruised, tired, and weak. But, he is very happy. He wants to go back to his village and announce his victory to the people who told that he could never earn anything in life. He challenged them that he would earn five thousand within a span of three months and return to his village. He felt glad that he took up this challenge. He learnt a lot during the last few weeks. He learnt about work. He learnt more about people. He learnt most about himself. He realized that he can do anything if he is really motivated. He was very proud of himself. He felt like the most successful and satisfied man on the earth.

All Siddappa wanted to do was go back to his village and get married to Bhavya. He would then continue leading his simple life of spending the money earned by his ancestors to fulfill all his needs, wishes, whims, and fancies.

He wanted to see the smile on Bhavya’s face. He thought he could not wait any longer. He will catch the bus within the next few hours.

All he could think was Bhavya’s face.

And, just at the moment, as he was walking through the bridge, he saw someone. He saw someone trying to jump off the bridge trying to commit suicide.

It was a very beautiful girl dressed up as a bride with all the jewelry. As Siddappa walked closer to her, he noticed that she had an innocent face and tears were rolling down her cheeks.

He shouted to stop her, “Hey, hey! What are you trying to do?”

Either she feigned ignorance or she was too lost in her grief that she hardly reacted to his call.

Just as she was about to leap, he caught hold of her and pulled her back on to the bridge and shouted at her, “Are you mad? It is illegal. You cannot kill yourselves.”

Shivani did not respond to him. She was silent. She continued crying. She moved away from him and continued crying.

He tried to explain further, “Is there a big problem? Is it such a big problem that you want to commit suicide?”

She held up her hand to his face as though she was asking him to stop his discourse.

Shivani started, “Leave me alone, you idiot. It’s my life. And, don’t even try to take advantage of me. You people are such maniacs. Here, a girl is sad and you try to talk to her and take advantage of her. If you want my jewelry, take it. If you want money, take it. Just leave me alone. Get lost from here, you psychopath.”

Though she had no intention to insult him, she wanted to appear strong. She knew that she was in a risky situation. There have been many instances where strangers try to talk innocent girls and molest them by taking them somewhere. She started shouting so that he would go away. Added to this, Siddappa was very shabby in his clothes ruined by construction dust and his beard that was there for more than a month.

But, he felt terribly insulted and upset. All he wanted to do is to help her by saying some good words about life. He did not expect her reaction to be so wild and derogatory.

Siddappa retaliated, “You are such an arrogant prick. I tried to save your life and you behave like a moron. You deserve to be killed. Trust me. No idiot in real life would take advantage of a silly, hopeless damsel like you. I’d better commit suicide than take advantage of you.”

Shivani  was surprised at his words. She tried to commit suicide because she was cheated. Her boy friend asked her to run away from her wedding  so that they could both travel to another city. But, in the last minute, she realized that her boy friend is a cheater. He wanted her for her father’s money. For a moment, she thought she would explain this to the shabby stranger. Then, she wondered if it was worth it. She just wanted to go away from that place. But before that, she wanted to give him her piece of mind.

“Stop acting. You are not as kind as your words seem to be. I know you people. You are so shabby and can’t take care of your life. And, you tell me what I need to do with my life. Even if you had no money, I would have respected you, if you took little care of yourselves. Your attire says a lot about your character. Why am I even talking to you?”, said Shivani.

She started walking away from there. As she walked away from the bridge, she put on her ear phones and started listening to music.

Little did Siddapa know that she could not hear to what he was saying.

Siddappa challenged her, “Hey you snobbish woman. This is my challenge. I will earn more money than your family. I will make you fall in love with me. I will marry you one day soon and I will prove you wrong.”

Even though he wanted not to marry her initially, she seemed like a challenge he wanted to win. He fell for her the moment he saw her standing on the edge of the bridge wall. He found her like an angel.

Siddappa thought this to be his next challenge. With his new found confidence, he made a clear plan with extreme will and resolution to be successful in his challenge.

Siddappa spent the next two weeks observing some of the small businesses. He observed them so well, that he hatched his own business plan. He started out on the road making snacks for people in the evening. He began with his saving of five thousand rupees and started his small snacks business. He worked hard and used his intelligence to lure people. Slowly and steadily, he established a brand for himself locally.

All this while, he completely forgot about his village and the fact that a girl is waiting for him there.

Within a matter of three months, he established a trustworthy brand of his small snacks roadside mobile restaurant. Simultaneously, he was stalking Shivani and learning about her life, her tastes, and her family.

Within a matter of few months, he sought the help of some more people and registered some of the snacks from his village as brands and started sharing the recipe with other vendors. He took some percentage from them. He would go around and share his expertise with other vendors and seek some percentage of their profits. This helped him and he gradually established a medium sized restaurant within a span of one year.

And, within a span of two years, he became one of the most successful small time entrepreneurs in Mumbai. He somehow managed to bribe some people and get some fake graduation certificates that prove that he is well educated. He learnt some basic business jargon and English from a local trainer. He used this skills and also groomed himself to look better.

Finally, after three years, he implemented the plan of making Shivani fall in love with him. He made sure he will be at some places where she visits regularly and try to get into some interaction with him.

He would tinker with her vehicle during some of the evenings. So, when she needed help, he would offer her a ride. Slowly and steadily, he would induce problems in different spheres of her life and then act as a savior by helping her.

After six months of friendship and the savior drama, he proposed to her. She readily accepted and got her parents’ approval, too, for the wedding.

Siddappa and Shivani got married.

On the first night of their marriage, Siddappa started, “Did you not recognize me? I am the shabby maniac who tried to stop you from committing suicide a couple of years ago. I am the same person who was insulted by you. Now, did I not win the challenge?

Siddappa wanted her to accept her defeat.

Instead of accepting her defeat, she was shocked and said, “What the hell are you talking? Is this some kind of joke? Are you kidding? I never had a challenge with you. I don’t understand why I fall for maniacs.”

Sidappa continued confidently as if he was threatening her, “I never loved you. I wanted to marry you so that you can realize that you are such a loser andapologize to me for insulting me that day.”

Though they were married, Siddappa and Shivani fought for the next three months. She felt badly cheated and did not want to live with a man who just wanted to marry her to prove himself. She sought love and it never came to her, she thought.

Within a year, she applied for divorce saying that he cheated her.

Siddappa was confused about the challenge. He felt like he completely lost the purpose of his life. Unlike the last time, he had no satisfaction this time. After becoming one of the most successful businessmen, he felt as though he did not achieve anything.

All of a sudden, he could recollect Bhavya’s smile. He went to his village only to know that Bhavya committed suicide a couple of years ago.

Shivani got the divorce and took most of his property with her.

Siddappa was lost and confused.

As a parting advice, Shivani told him, “Try to love someone. You can win a lot with love. More than what you did with grit and determination.”

Siddappa took it up as a challenge this time to win her love back. Shivani lost hope in love for the second time. She never changed her opinion about him as she was not sure if he was acting.

They both remained single for the rest of their lives.