He wanted pure love. She wanted to prove everyone that she was the most popular one in college. While everyone yearned for her attention, he never bothered because he had the maturity to understand that love was more important than mere interaction. Ved believed in becoming friends with a girl before even thinking about love. Keerthana arrogantly thought that any guy would fall for her easily.

One day, during a casual conversation, Sharada asked Keerthana if she could make Ved love her.

Ved is the topper in college. He focused on education and sports. Unlike other kids of his age, he did not waste his time trying to get a girlfriend. He believed in the fact that destiny would get his girl to him.

Keerthana challenged Sharada that she would befriend Ved and make him fall in love with her in a couple of months.

Keerthana carefully prepared her plan and executed it. A few days before the exams, she approached Ved and said, “Hi Ved. I need a small favor.”

Ved smiled and said, “Sure. What is it? I know you. I wonder how I can help the most popular girl in the college.”

Keerthana feigned ignorance to his last statement. She said, “This semester has been very tricky for me. I find some topics very troubling. Can you please help me with those topics? I tried to understand them by reading again and again, but nothing makes sense. I thought you’d be the right person to explain me. And, please don’t ask me to approach our Professor. His way of explaining never worked for me.”

Ved agreed to sit with her daily for the next two weeks and explain her the concepts.

As always, she tried her charm on him. She flirted with him in the first two days after their preparation together. He did not fall for her flirting. Though he realized that she was flirting, he acted as if it did not affect him. In fact, it did not affect him much because he was clear about what he wanted. He always wanted  to like a girl for what she is, not for what she portrays.

After trying various ways to indirectly woo him, she decided to get on the next phase of her mind games. She decided to use sympathy.

After their preparation on a Friday, she said, “I’m sorry if I have been troubling you. Since the last few years, I have had very few honest friends. People befriended me just because I was popular. And, most of the guys helped only when I flirted with them. So, I got used to be flirtatious with everyone. I’m sorry if it irked you when I was flirtatious. It was not intentional. It is just a part of my demeanor now.”

Saying so, she cried and told him that people never tried to understand her. They had their own impression about her and she was leading a life for others.

Ved finally liked her honesty. He appreciated her for being frank to him after all these days. From that day, they became good friends.

Realizing the fact that sympathy worked in her favor, Keerthana decided to take things to the next level. For the next three weeks, she spent most of her time with her. She learnt everything about him and took care of him in the campus and when they went outside. She was very protective of him. She made sure he realized that she wanted to spend time only with him. She did things everyday to make him happy. And, she told him that she is glad to have a friend like him. Using her techniques, she made sure he got addicted to her because of the affection she showered on him and the care she took of him.

Ved and Keerthana became the best of buddies in the next few weeks, until Keerthana decided to move to the next phase.

According to her plan, she would start ignoring him and would not talk to him. She would make him feel miss her badly. After one month of separation, she would be friends with him again. But, she would maintain some distance and act as if they were never the best of buddies. Then, Ved would lose his control and propose his love to her. If everything went according to his plan, she would win the challenge with Sharada.

So, she did not meet him at college at their regular meeting time that morning. She did not answer when he called her on her mobile phone. She did not meet him the whole day. She went to college, but ignored him. Keerthana made sure that Ved is aware of this by indirectly letting her friends inform him that she is in the college and she is deliberately ignoring him. She did this for three days. She expected Ved to keep trying to reach her. After the second day, she stopped getting calls from Ved.

Ved stopped coming to college. She was worried about him. But, she decided to stick to her plan and neglect him for one full week. She was getting more anxious as the days progressed. She did not hear from him during the course of the week. It was the last semester and people were surprised that Ved started missing the classes. He never missed so many sessions.

After one week, she decided to break her silence. When she learnt that Ved did not come to the college for nearly five days, she called him on his mobile phone. The operator informed that the number is not working any more. She was surprised. Keerthana tried to meet him at his house. When she went to his house, there was no one. The neighbors informed her that he went out of station five days ago. Nobody knew where he went. Though she was extremely worried about him, she could not do anything about it.

After waiting for two more weeks, with the help of college administration, she got his address in his home town. She tried calling his home town phone only to learn that he was not there. For a moment, she wondered if he was ignoring her.

Her mind games have come back to haunt her, she thought. She realized the pain people went through when someone ignored them. She felt bad for all the times she troubled people in the college with her mind games.

Keerthana yearned for Ved and wanted to talk to him once. But, it did not happen. She was not sad that she lost the challenge with her friend, Sharada. She was sad because she missed Ved badly. She spent the entire last semester in depression. Though she did well in the previous semesters, she cleared the last semester with difficulty. She waited for college to be over. She wanted to start a new life in a new place without thinking about Ved. She knew, deep inside, that she was madly in love with him and can never get over him.

After one year, she met Sahil, a common friend of Ved and Keerthana. They decided to meet for lunch to talk about those wonderful college days.

During the lunch, they talked about college days and the people in college. The topic of Ved came to the desk.

Sahil said, “Did you know what happened to Ved?”

Keerthana said, “What did I do? He went missing all of a sudden. I miss him badly.”

Sahil said, “You tried your regular tricks with him. We all know how you used the same tricks with Rohan and Kamal.”

Keerthana got angry and defended herself by saying, “What tricks are you talking about? I never played any tricks with anyone. Things just happened and I had no control on my feelings. I just acted upon my feelings, then.”

Sahil smiled sarcastically and said, “Did you know that you almost killed Ved? He tried to commit suicide in his house two days after you stopped speaking to him.”

Keerthana was aghast.

Sahil continued, “Ved always believed in friendship. He tried to kill himself because he missed you badly, as a friend. He never expected more than that. But, you tried to play with his emotions just to win your challenge with Sharada.”

Keerthana felt guilty and remained silent.

Sahil said, “Rohan and I were his only friends. Luckily, went at the right time to his room and stopped him at the right time. Then, Rohan told him that you were just playing with his mind. You did that earlier to Rohan. And, he was keeping a tab on you when you got intimate with Ved. So, he explained to Ved about you and your strategy to make guys fall for you. Ved felt bad. He decided to leave the place as he did not want to see you again. He had to discontinue his education because of you. Luckily, he is now in a good job, better than all of us, indeed.”

Keerthana felt glad she found some hope of finally meeting Ved. She said, “Can I meet him? I have been desperately waiting to meet him all these years. Trust me. I never tried to befriend anyone after Ved’s episode and did not trouble anyone. It was just my foolishness before that.”

Sahil said, “You can meet him, if you promise that you will not break his heart again.”

After a few days, Keerthana and Ved decided to meet for lunch. Keerthana decided to express her love to him. But, in the first few minutes of their lunch conversation, Ved started talking about his wife and his daughter.

Keerthana realized that destiny had its own plans and she was the victim for this lifetime.