“After finishing my doctorate in technology, I wanted to study further. I had this desire to learn something new. I was already on the verge of releasing an application.

Just like all other applications being developed at that time, my software application was also processing information, storing it in a database, organizing it, and reproducing it. There was nothing unique about my application. So, I wanted to learn something new and unrelated to software technology and use that knowledge to make an awesome application. I did not want to begin with the application in my mind. So, I chose the topic for my diploma at random. That’s how I ended up with psychology,” answered Vedant to the questions posed by the journalist.

After completing a two year course in psychology, Vedant spent two more years learning about neurology and bio-technology. He spent five more years doing further research on all these fields. Finally, after so many years of efforts, he found a software that used the principles from all these disciplines.

“As you announced, can your application really read our thoughts? It sounds surreal and there is nothing like that in the market out now,” asked the journalist Sheela.

Vedant’s application was designed with a primary goal to read human minds. The application takes your finger prints as the primary input. When you buy the application, you will also get a small cable with an aperture at the end. The aperture connects to your veins and gathers information about your nervous impulses from your mind. He explained the scientific technology to the journalist. As it was a live show, the journalist acted as if she understood everything and that she was pretty used to this jargon.

When she realized that she could not fake any more, she decided to divert the topic by focusing on testing the application.

Sheela said, “Can we try it now? Wouldn’t it be nice to show its features to the public through a live show?”

Vedant replied, “Though I did not want to demo it this way, this is definitely a good start to let people know about this application. So, let us try to do something different. Unlike other demos where you just get to see what the product is able to do, I want to showcase something unique about our product. Shall we begin? Why don’t you scan your finger prints first and then connect this aperture to your finger tips?”

Sheela did as suggested. When Vedant asked if she felt uncomfortable, she denied and said everything is fine.

Vedant said, “Alright. Let us get started. Can you share your email address and phone number? I’ll tell you why I need those details shortly.”

Sheela obliged and shared all the required details. They got in a computer in front of the camera and asked Sheela to log in to her email address.

To begin the procedure, Vedant asked, “I’ll ask you some questions. Do not answer or speak out your answers. Just think about them. Think normally. There is no hurry or no reason for you to think slowly. Here we go.

How was your day yesterday?

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

When did you go on a vacation last?

What are your career goals? 

Let us stop now. I know I have asked you too many questions.”

As instructed, Sheela clicked on Submit on the application on the mobile phone.

Within a matter of few seconds, Sheela received a message on her mobile with a link it. She also received a mail with an attachment.

Sheetal opened her email attachment and said, “Wow! What is this? It is a 300 page document. Let me look at it. Though it is big, it is well organized. I did not expect this. Oh My God!”

Suddenly Vedant acted as he is the host of evening and said, “Would you please share with the viewers…your experience at this moment?”

Sheetal, in a surprised tone, said, “Incredible. I thought that the software would give the answers to the questions out. But, look here. It has listed out my thoughts during those times. Like so many pages of my thoughts yesterday. And, then so many pages about my thoughts as they ran on my birthday. Wow! It also has my thoughts during my last vacation. It was more than eight years ago. I think I will be overwhelmed if I go to my career goals.”

Vedant continued his tone as the host of the show, “With all the information available with you, can you please decide and let us know if there is any information that you can share with the viewers and explain them how accurate of inefficient this application is?”

She decided to share her birthday party thoughts and told the viewers that she celebrated her birthday six months ago and she forgot about most of the topics that ran through her mind then. She was surprised how all the thoughts resurfaced through the app. She asked Vedant, “Can you please tell our viewers why this application is so exhaustive? Or, rather, how can it be so exhaustive?”

Vedant explained, “When I connected your finger tips to the application and you thought about those moments, the application noted the synapses related to the moments. And, then using these synapses, the application retrieved the information from all related synapses and organized them for you. It’s as simple as that.”

Sheela continued with her questions, “I understand this is a revolutionary idea. Where do you think it can be applied to take full advantage of its features?”

Vedant smiled proudly and said, “Security intelligence or criminal intelligence, to be precise. I wanted to do something for the country. Instead of torturing criminals and interrogating them, this application can be used to gather information from them.”

Sheela said, “That is really inspiring. Does it include any specific features that cater to this part?”

Vedant asked her to connect her fingers again to the aperture and click on Submit.

After she did, she immediately got another email.

Vedant read out the subject of the mail, “Interesting Facts About You.”

He said, “Though the subject line sounds simple and boring, the information within it is really controversial. Let us check it in your case.”

This time, without seeking her permission, he read out the contents of the mail. This mail says, “You have a crush on Ranbir Kapoor, your ex-boss, and your senior at college. I’m not reading out the names of the last two for your safety. It says you are in love with someone called Anand. Is it true? Can you please confirm it to the audience?

Sheela was astounded. She said, “Nobody knows about my crushes. No background check will ever help anyone find out those details. Because, they are jus tin my mind. I was a shy girl back then and never shared those details with my friends or family. ”

Vedant explained, “All your thoughts are interconnected. They are stored in the form of neural pulses in your brain. But, some of the most important ones are reinforced in the form of stronger pulses. This applications minces each thought separately. When it comes across many thoughts with the same central topic, it will reorganize them and the algorithm will efficiently deduct the answers to all the questions that we might ever have. So, this way, it would be easier to find out everything about a criminal using his mind.”

Vedant asked, “You did not confirm about your love for Anand. The viewers want to know.”

Sheela sheepishly replied, “I loved him until a few months ago. When my parents rejected the idea of our marriage, we decided to part ways. So, I don’t love him anymore.”

Vedant replied, “You are lying. Though you say that you do not love him, your heart still wants him. Your mind cannot get it wrong. This is not about the ability of my application. It is about the audacity of your love. Go for it. Do not give up the idea of convincing your parents.”

Sheela could not control her tears, even though she realized she was in front of the camera.