Marrying a super star was his dream. But, he had no clue how he could fulfill his dream. Siddharth is a normal guy who works as a mechanic in a big automotive manufacturer’s factory. But, day in and day out, he only dreamt about marrying his favorite film star – Roshini. He was so mad about her that he spent most of his savings to buy the tickets of her movie and watch them repeatedly. He used to get into depression when her movies did not fare well at the box office.

After almost eight five years of being her ardent fan, one day he felt sad and gloomy for a different reason. He felt afraid if he would ever get to meet her. He wanted her very badly in his life. But, he knew no ways to get anyway near her. Siddharth only knew that she was a superstar and that she lived in Mumbai. He did not know anything more about her. Neither did he have enough money to travel to Mumbai, find her address, and meet her.

Siddharth’s friend, Shlok, told him one day. “You better get rid of those dreams. It is nice to have fantasies. But, we need to live in the real world. You are ruining your life by thinking only about her. Look at you. What you have you done in the last five years? You did not plan your life. You did not think about love, marriage, or your future. All you ever wanted to do is to meet her, propose to her, and get married to her. But, give me a break. She is a superstar. We can only fantasize about them. And, then, you need to find a girl of your own life and make her your real super star. That will bring love and happiness in your life. With your current state, even if you get married, you will keep fighting with your wife. Trust me. No girl would be happy to see her husband spend all the hard-earned money on some heroine. So, wake up today. Use your memories to fantasize about Roshini. But, live your life with a real woman. Remember that as far as we are concerned, Roshini is not real.”

These words really disturbed Siddharth like anything. They kept resonating in his ears and mind the whole evening.

Remember that as far as we are concerned, Roshini is not real.

After spending nearly three hours on the same topic, he decided to listen to his friend’s advice, finally.

For two days, he avoided thinking about Roshini completely. He tried watching her songs on the Television and pulled down her posters from his room. He also removed all of the seven photographs of hers from his wallet. He changed his mobile’s ring tone from her song and replaced it with a devotional song. Such restraint lasted only for two days.

He could not lead this life away from her for two days. He reconsidered his options and decided to love Roshini no matter what the world thought. As it was not practically possible to meet her and propose his love, he decided to do that in his fantasy world.

Later that evening, he tried to fantasize about her. Usually, in his regular fantasies, he would dream about Roshini visiting their city for some film shooting and he would get a chance to meet her. But, this day, he tried to do something different. He decided to imagine going and meeting her in Mumbai.

He lied down on the bed and closed his eyes. His imagination journey started.

With his imagination, he felt an out-of-body experience and traveled all the way to Mumbai. He boarded a train and reached Mumbai. He had never seen Mumbai. But, he was overwhelmed by the huge Railway Station. He never thought he could imagine something so majestic. Then, he walked all the way to her house. He knew that the security at the entrance would not allow him inside. So, he jumped the wall and got into the house and somehow managed to sneak into her bed room.

Roshini returned from shooting a few minutes ago. She appeared like an angel. He felt glad he could see her directly, even though it is an imagination. She walked with grace and talked with elegance, he thought. There was some aura around her that pulled him and made him want her badly. He wanted her…not just because of her beauty. But, he wanted to talk to her. He wanted to befriend her. He wanted to take her in his arms and cuddle her. He wanted to make her laugh.

She was talking to someone on the phone.

“I’m tired of all these fake fans. They do not love me. They want to spend all the money in the world for me – only to have me…nobody loves me. I miss my parents. Sometimes, I wish I had someone who loved me for myself. I miss that unconditional love in people. Every man I met is so manipulative and calculative, I hate to get into these relationships anymore. There are superstars who fell for me. But, I’m pretty sure they would leave me the day they realize that my market potential has come down,” said Roshini to her friend on the phone.

As she went on describing her life, Siddharth was perplexed by the complications in her life. Suddenly, he whispered to himself, “I wish I could make it easier for her.”

Roshini heard him speaking. She turned around and noticed him. She shouted, “Who are you? How did you get into my room? Are you a thief?” She started shouting for security.

Siddharth was confused how all of this happened in his imagination. Regardless, he answered, “I’m your fan. I came all the way from Bihar. I’ve been your fan for the last five years.”

Even before he could continue his words, Roshini’s manager and the security people reached her room.

Roshini told them, “Look, here is a thief. He says he is my fine. How did you allow him get inside the house. Take him away.”

Roshini’s manager and the security guys were confused. They could not see anyone else in the room other than Roshini. Only Roshini could see Siddharth.

Her manager gathered courage and said, “Roshini, I understand you are going through a lot of pressure. There is no one in the room. It happens to many actors when they are shooting for horror films. The drama continues to haunt you in your real life. Please, pray to God and get some sleep. You have a hectic schedule tomorrow.”

Roshini was getting angry. She said, “Can’t you see the man beside the cupboard? He is standing there and you deny it.”

Her manager and the security team were silent.

Roshini asked Siddharth, “What’s your name? What are you doing here?”

Siddharth told his name and told her that he came from Bihar to talk to her.

Only Roshini could see him. Only Roshini could hear his words. The other people in the room were confused. After convincing her that this is just a hallucination, her manager and the security team left the room.

Roshini was frightened to stay alone with Siddharth, though. She wanted to request her manager to stay with her. But, she realized that this manager was a boring lady and it would be really sad to spend time with her. So, she let them go.

Siddharth realized that she was getting frightened. He spoke again to reassure her. He said, “Roshini ji. Please listen to me. I will not harm you in any way. I’m your ardent fan. I love you. I just came here to propose my love. Please listen to my love. Please talk to me for a few minutes. All I need is your few minutes of your time. I’ll leave once you listen to me.”

He continued, “All my life I dreamt only about you. All I ever needed is you. I don’t want your money or your fame. I need you. I love you. I planned my life with you. You are my dream. You are my passion. You are everything and anything that I ever wanted in life. Please be mine. I live for you. I can die for you. Any time.”

Though she found the words most soothing, the fear that she might be talking to a ghost started appearing in her mind. After listening to him, she asked him to leave saying she needed more time.

Siddharth ended his imagination and slept for the night. He decided to meet her again in his imagination the next day.

Meanwhile, after Siddharth left, Roshini called up her Guruji to seek his advice on this bizarre incident that happened in her bed room until a few minutes ago. She told him about the entire episode. Her Guruji told her that he will investigate this spiritually and get back to her in some time.

After a few minutes, her Guruji called her back. He said, “The person who came to room is Siddharth and he exists in reality. He thought he was imagining and meeting you in his imagination. He reached you using Astral Projection. His mind left his body and came all the way from Bihar to meet you. It happens only when someone is madly in love. It hasn’t happened in the last few decades, as far as I know. You are lucky you have someone who loves you so much that he can leave his body and use his imagination to meet the real you. It speaks the power of his love. Do not lose him. Go for him. He is going to change your life.”

Roshini had a sleepless night. Siddharth slept peacefully after a long time. Roshini always believed in everything her Guruji had said. And, it always worked for her.

The next morning, Roshini took a flight reached Siddharth’s town. She went to his room according to the address given to her by her Guruji.

Roshini knocked on the door.

Siddharth opened the door. He was excited, shocked, and amused to see Roshini standing at his doorstep. She was shocked to see him here. And, it was the same person who came to her room and proposed to her.

Their journey of love started.