“The DJ is looking at you, again,” said Samantha to her friend Chelsea. They both noticed and started giggling talking something about the DJ and the nightclub. This was not the first time that Chelsea came to this nightclub. She has been here regularly for the past weeks. The DJ, Karl, kept ogling at her all this while. Chelsea used to blush in the beginning. Slowly, she got used to the attention she got from Karl. She has been waiting for the day when Karl would walk to her and ask her for a dance or a date.

Karl has been waiting for a day when Chelsea would wait until the show is over. Karl tried many times earlier to step out of the podium and walk to her. But, he had to abide by some rules as framed by the owner of the nightclub. No other nightclub had such weird rules for the DJs. It all happened because of the earlier DJ Paul who sold drugs within the club and got caught by the cops. The owner assumed that all DJs sold drugs and hence prohibited them from getting down the podium and socializing with the guests on the floor.

The club was crowded more this evening. The owner ran a special offer for couples and wannabe couples. There were many special events arranged for the evening. The club was always packed with people on Saturday evenings. But, this evening the crowed seemed to be more than the usual. It appeared as though the club was understaffed.

After waiting for a couple of hours, Chelsea decided that it was time to take things forward and walked towards the DJ. For a moment, Karl could not believe his eyes as Chelsea stood in front of him.

Chelsea leaned forward to say something.

Just as she was about to speak, they heard some gunshots in the nightclub. They heard some more gunshots and the lights went out. Nobody knew what was happening in the club. There was utter chaos everywhere as people were trying to run away to safety.

Karl immediately pulled Chelsea towards his podium and made her sit beside him under the DJ table. They both felt glad that they were safe. The gun shots continued to trouble the place.

Chelsea looked at Karl and said, “I think someone has decided to kill everyone in the club. I think we will die.”

Karl tried to comfort her saying he could take care of her. Before he could say any further word, Chelsea leaned forward and kissed him.

Later, she said, “I’m sorry I thought I should fulfill my wish before I die. I always wanted you. I did not know how to get closer to you. Now, when I know that I’m going to die, I wanted to spend the last moments with you.”

Karl was seething with pain and pleasure at the same time. He could not believe the gun shots. More than that, he could not believe the sudden intimacy he got from Chelsea.

Karl decided that it was time to take action. He immediately grabbed Chelsea’s hand and sighed to her to follow him. The gunshots continued to pound the place. Karl and Chelsea quickly crawled their way to a chamber behind the main dance floor. Nobody other than the staff knew that there was another room for the staff. Karl asked Chelsea to stay in the room. She asked him also to stay until the place is safe. But, Karl said that he had to help other people on the dance floor as this was his workplace and he could not just sit idle in such a situation.

The gunshots stopped for a moment. But, as soon as some people started getting up the gun shots were fired again. The painful shrieks made it obvious that some people got injured badly. Karl had to do something immediately. Though he was pretty sure that someone would call the cops, he asked Chelsea to call 911 and inform the cops and also ask for an ambulance.

Going by the sounds of the gun shots, Karl realized that someone is placed comfortably at the billing desk. This should give them a vantage point of the entire dance floor and shoot people if there is any movement. As expected, Karl saw some tall, swanky person standing at the billing counter.

As Karl tried to wade through the injured people to the billing counter, he noticed a couple of his colleagues also badly injured. Even before he could deal with the shooter, he decided it was better to drag these people to safety. With Chelsea’s help, in the darkness, he stealthily dragged as many as possible to the staff dressing room.

Karl, finally, crawled to the billing desk. He had to dodge a couple of bullets when they were fired at him as soon as the shooter saw some movement. However, Karl, slowly crawled sideways and made his way to the back to the billing desk. He thought about his approach. He had to disarm the shooter before he did anything else. As decided, he hit the shooter from behind and disarmed him. He grabbed the handheld gun from him and threw it far away out the window into the other room. Before the shooter could respond, Karl hit him hard on his face and shoulders.

Karl thought that this should end the ordeal. However, he heard some more gunshots being fired in his direction. The shooter who was with Karl got injured because of these new gunshots. Karl then realized that there was another shooter who was aiming at people from the first floor.

Karl crawled to the other room and grabbed the gun from the first shooter. He quickly moved to the place where he could aim the first floor. After some effort, he learnt how to handle the gun. Though this was the first time he was operating it, he was pretty confident thanks to the video games he has been playing since childhood. With careful aim, precision, and planning, he could fire some shots at the second shooter on the first floor. As expected, the second shooter was smart enough to escape the bullets and fire back at Karl.

It took some amount of time for Karl to coordinate his activity and avoid direct bullets from the second shooter. Karl had to plan his movement in such a way that he should be safe and also ensure the safety of the other people in the club.

Karl immediately changed his position and ducked under the desk at the billing counter. He was finally confident that he would not get hurt even if the second shooter chose to fire shots at him. Karl continued to fire shots at the second shooter. After repeated attempts, he saw that the second shooter also got hurt and fell from the stairs.

The cops arrived immediately and took charge of the situation. At least three people died on the spot. Ambulances rushed the injured people immediately to the hospital. The owner of the nightclub along with the clubs watch the videos as recorded by the surveillance cameras. These cameras could record movement in the dark and display with clarity. The owner was impressed by the way in which Karl saved the lives of many people by dragging them into the staff room and then combating with the shooters.

Chelsea came out of the staff dressing room and was about to thank Karl for saving her. She came running towards Karl. Just as Karl was about to hug her, she ran into the arms of the owner of the nightclub. It was only then that Karl came to know that she was a close friend of the owner. The club owner thanked Karl for saving all the people and his best friend.

Chelsea then came forward and hugged Karl tight. Karl could not believe his luck. She shared her phone number with Karl and asked him out for dinner the next day.

The owner of the club told Karl that the rules have changed and DJs could now step out and socialize with the people on the floor. He thanked Karl for saving his best friend.