“Do you intend to live here?” asked Sarah. The sarcastic tone in her voice was too obvious and unbearable for Jason.

Jason, controlling his fury said, “Do we have another option? I mean, look at us. We’re new to this place. We’ve searched at least fifty places and you did not like any of them. Unfortunately, most of them are already taken. And, the hotel bill is mounting by the day. I’m not sure if the company is going to reimburse for all these extra weeks we’ve been staying in the hotel. We have to move in to a house, already, to save some money.”

Sarah understood the situation and smiled. She said, “I’m sorry. It’s just that we need to lower our standards for a while before we find our dream home. I’m ready to do that for you.”

Jason heaved a sigh of relief. He said, “Thank you. I’ll talk to the landlord and complete the formalities. Let’s get here in a day or two.”

When Jason approached the landlord saying he liked the house and wanted it immediately, the landlord looked at him in suspicion. For a moment, Jason wondered if something was wrong with him. The landlord said, “I’m not sure if it helps. But, I have to tell you why the earlier tenants vacated this place. They said that this house is haunted. I don’t believe in all such stories. But, if you believe and will be frightened, take your decision after careful thought. Do not blame me later for not informing about it in advance.”

Jason ignored it and took the keys of the house after making the payment to the landlord. The landlord was happy the house finally got leased after two years.

Within two days, Jason and family shifted to the new house.

Jason’s elder son, Phillip, is in the army practicing as a doctor. When he came to know that his parents moved into a house, he decided to pay them a visit and stay with them for a week. It has been more than five years since he stayed with them. Thanks to the wars and assignments, he has always been on the move.

Jason, Sarah, and Alice were excited to see Phillip.

As always, Sarah brought up the topic of Phillip’s marriage during dinner. Phillip, without uttering any word, left for his room. He left the food midway. Jason was angry on Sarah.

It normally took a good night’s sleep for Phillip to get over the depression of his long lost girl friend. So, Jason and Sarah decided not to disturb him.

In the middle of the night, Jason heard someone screaming. It was Phillip. Jason rushed to his room.

Phillip continued shouting to the wall, “Get away from me. I don’t want you, Nancy. You left me. And, now, you blame me for that. How could you do that to me?”

Jason could not see anyone else in the room. Nancy as Phillip’s ex-girlfriend who ditched him because he joined in the army. She never liked the idea of him joining the army. Phillip could not come to terms with that break up even after two years.

Jason wondered if Phillip talked in his sleep every night. Jason turned on the lights and walked to Phillip. He said, “Hey Phil. It’s alright. I can understand. It is not easier to forget the love of your life.”

Phillip replied, “I forgot her long ago. But, she came here a few minutes ago and blamed me for joining the army. She stood there near the wall. I saw her, Dad. She was pale and tired. But, she was the same girl, Nancy.”

Jason realized that his son was hallucinating. He decided to talk to his son the next morning. He suddenly heard Sarah screaming upstairs. He wondered what was wrong with everyone. He ran up to their room.

Sarah said, “Nancy was here. She was blaming us for encouraging him to join the army. She said that we should have stopped him the first place. She is very angry on both of us, she said.”

Jason wondered why his wife was also hallucinating.

After Sarah slept, Jason went through the property documents to gather any more information about the previous tenants. According to the documents, Gary and his family lived in this house until two years ago.

When he searched on the Internet, he found that Nancy was Gary’s daughter and she committed suicide in the same house two years ago. She killed herself in the same room where Phillip was sleeping for the night.

For a moment, Jason wondered if ghosts really existed. Though the tried hard to get back to sleep, he started getting nightmares where his son and wife were badly hurt by a ghost. He was jolted awake in his sleep after some time again by Phillip’s screams.

Jason rushed to Phillip’s room again. He was shocked to see Phillip badly bruised. It appeared as though someone hit Phillip with golf sticks. Jason decided to take Phillip immediately to the hospital. He went upstairs to call Sarah.

To his utter shock and dismay, even Sarah was hit on the head. Jason wondered if there were any intruders in the house and they were hurting the other people.

Without wasting any further time, Jason took Sarah, Phillip, and his younger daughter, Alice to the hospital.

While Sarah and Phillip were being treated, Jason and Alice waited. Alice was his twelve year old daughter. She asked Jaosn what happened and he could not explain her everything.

Within a matter a few minutes, Alice’s voice changed. It became shrill like that of a man’s voice. Alice said, “Why don’t you tell your daughter that there is a ghost in the house? Tell her that it was all your mistake. Else, the ghost would have been alive as a normal person and be your daughter in law. Remember that I will seek my vengeance. Tell your daughter that you have troubled times ahead.”

After saying this, Alice fainted. It took a couple of days for all three of them to recuperate and go home.

Phillip requested for an extension of his leave as he was badly hurt. The cops came to their house to know more about the accidents that happened in the midnight. Before the cops came, Jason told the family members to tell that they all fell off the stairs and suffered from those injuries. Phil told to the cops as Jason suggested.

When the cops questioned Sarah, she said, “It’s not the stairs. He is lying. My husband, Jason, is the one who hurt me and my son. But, you cannot blame him for that. He is possessed.”

Jason was furious on his wife. The cops could not get any proof and as Sarah did not want to file a compliant against him, they could not do much about the case.

After the cops left, Jason asked Sarah, “Did you realize what you did now? You could have gotten me arrested? Why did you say that about me? Why would I ever harm you or Phil?”

Sarah said, “I’m tired of this game of yours. You have been torturing us one moment and act very innocent and caring the other moment. Why don’t you tell us you have someone else in your life? This is the not the right way to deal with situations.”

Jaosn laughed off her words.

Sarah could not take it anymore. She took Jason and Phil to their bedroom. She turned on her laptop and connected to the CCTV cameras in the home.

Sarah played a couple of videos. Jason was seen hitting Phillip with a gold stick in the video. She showed him the other video, as well, where he badly hit Sarah.

Sarah, after watching the videos, said, “That’s not you. This is you. When you are possessed, you trouble us so much.”

Jason was shocked to know that he was really possessed.

Phillip took his father to a psychiatrist the next day. They were told that Jason suffered from twin personality disorder. But, Sarah strongly believed that Nancy was the ghost that possessed Jason.

That night, she apologized to Nancy for having sent Phil to the Army. But, things did not change. Jason continued to exhibit aggressive  and abusive Lost traits.