Sridhar and his team from the investigation department learnt about a bio-warfare attack in the country. He interrogated four suspicious people and learnt that public events such as cricket matches are being targeted. He sought the help and intervention of Home Ministry to contain the threat at hand.

As he was waiting for the Home Minister’s meeting, Sridhar got a call from his wife. She said, “Hey. I got a call from Rohan’s school. They said that Rohan is not well. He has been nauseous since morning. Can you go pick him up and drive him home? I need a couple of hours to finish my work.”

Sridhar replied, “But I have a meeting with the Home Minister shortly. It is an important meeting. It has been a very busy day and I expect it to only get busier later. Please find an alternative plan to take him home.”

His wife agreed that she will take care of their son.

Meanwhile, on the television, there is a flash news that caught the attention of Sridhar.

Bismil is one of the topmost musicians in the country. He was supposed to play in a major musical night in the city this evening. Yet, he cancelled his plans in the last minute as he was not feeling well. Doctors informed that he was feeling nauseous since morning.

It did not occur to Sridhar that there might be a similarity between these two incidents – his son not feeling well and the musician not feeling well.

It occurred to Sridhar only when the correspondent on live television started puking all of sudden in front of the camera. It all happened so fast that the cameraman took some time to divert the vantage point of the camera.

Sridhar immediately tried to contact the cops to learn if there were any other similar incidents. He was particularly interested in any case where there are more people who have a similar problem.

After a few minutes, the cops informed him that there was a large scale problem at the Stadium Grounds. One of the top leaders in the country was holding an agitation against the government in those grounds. Since afternoon, many people complained sudden health problems after drinking water there. The leader had to cancel his agitation because of the sudden outburst of this epidemic in the grounds.

Sridhar realized that the terror is spreading its wings faster than the anticipated it to. There are more channels that have been used to spread the terror. He immediately called the investigation department and asked them to get statistics about sudden health problems like this in schools and public places. Within a matter of few minutes, Sridhar and team learnt that at least three to four schools in each city had this sudden problem where many students felt nauseous and kept throwing up since morning. It could not be a mere coincidence.

Meanwhile, Sridhar contacted the forensic team that analyzed the bio-weapon used earlier. They said that they have some new findings.

Unlike what they assumed earlier, the bio-weapon can spread through most air along with water. It has been very difficult to find an antidote to this. It was earlier expected to cause problems such as weakening the immunity of a person. The only catch is that not everyone who is exposed is affected by this.

Sridhar realized that is too late and containment did not seem to be possible any more.

He wanted to discuss with the Home Minister and work on this on a war footing. He thought that he could not wait any more.

He got a call from the Home Minister’s secretary saying that the meeting is cancelled as the Home Minister is not well.He has been feeling nauseous since the last two hours.

Sridhar’s worst fears got confirmed. They are already attacked. He was unsure of the next steps. Just then, he felt like throwing up. He started feeling very weak.