“Be careful with the installation. Nobody should be able to find out about the hidden cameras,” said Shekhar to his sister.

“It’s my office. And, I’m bugging my husband’s and his employees cabins. And, you ask me to be careful. Are you being sarcastic? I just want the truth to be out. So, I’m going with your plan to bug their offices, ” said Keerthana to her brother, Shekhar.

Keerthana and her brother reached the office building early in the morning at 4 am to install hidden cameras. A couple of days ago, Aravind, Keerthana’s husband suspended the chief architect, Shekhar, from work based on some complaints of workplace harassment by a couple of girls. Keerthana strongly believed that her husband suspended her brother from work so that he can have fun with his assistant at the office. She has been worried about his behavior at the workplace. While Shekhar denied any such thing and believed his brother in law, he wanted to know who was behind all these series of events that aimed create issues in Aravind’s family. So, Keerthana and he decided to use their investigative abilities to find out the truth. Installing hidden cameras is the first part of their agenda.

After finishing the installation, they left the campus. Once they were sure Aravind and all the employees reached work, they both came again to visit Aravind.

“What are you doing here? And, why did you get Shekhar with you? You know, I cannot support if he is involved in misbehaving with girls,” said Aravind to his wife, Keerthana.

Shekhar was silent as he was tired of defending himself all this while.

“You have known him since childhood. How can you believe some girls? I wonder if this is what you wanted?” asked Keerthana.

“Seriously. What’s wrong with you? How can you think like that? There are complaints against your brother and you doubt me? Stop doubting me already. You have been troubling me with your doubts for the last two months. I’m sick tired of your baseless allegations. I have proved myself once and again, ” said Aravind.

“Anyway, I have come here to talk about my brother. We need to start an investigation process before suspending him. How can you blindly trust two girls who have joined recently?” asked Keerthana.

“The investigation process is in place. According to our bye-laws, I’m not supposed to dismiss him until he is proved guilty. But, I cannot let him work when the girls are feelings so threatened. So, I had to suspend him after consulting with the board of directors, ” explained Aravind.

Aravind and Keerthana continued arguing for a while and it turned out to be a big quarrel. Araving asked them to leave immediately.

As they were stepping out the building, Shekhar told her, “The cameras are working. While you people were fighting and I was out in the lobby, I could watch the fight on my mobile. All the videos are getting saved in a database. I have some more videos from different cabins in the last few minutes. Let me check them as we go to the car.”

Aravind did not like the turn of events in the last few weeks. He was very fond of Shekhar. He always knew that Shekhar was a highly talented and hard working architect. But, wondered what happened to Shekhar all of a sudden. Why would those girls complain if they were troubled.

Nisha, one the managers, wanted to meet him. Though he liked her for her work, he did not like the way her communication was flirtatious.

Nisha and Aravind talked about some of the projects and it was all fine. All of a sudden, Nisha started shouting and screaming. Aravind was caught off-guard. He did not know what was happening. He could not relate to the sudden change in her behavior.

Nisha started shouting, “Help me. Help me.” She tore her clothes and ran out of his office. She started crying outside that Aravind tried to molest her. Aravind did not understand . He tried to defend himself, but was completely embarrassed with what was happening.

People started shouting at Aravind and said that he and his brother in law need to learn to behave properly with the woman.

Keerthana and Shekhar came back to the floor. Keerthana stopped everyone from shouting. She asked all the employees to assemble in the conference room. The conference room was big enough to accommodate most of the people. She also asked people from other floors to come to the conference room. Aravind was unsure why she wanted people to come to the conference room. He wondered if Keerthana and Shekhar was seeking revenge and using this as their best opportunity to humiliate him.

As everyone came to the conference room, Keerthana started addressing the team. She said, “We have had a series of unfortunate incidents in the campus in the last few weeks. First, there were allegations against our chief architect, and today, against our CEO.”

While everyone listened to her, Aravind noticed that Shekhar was busy copying something to a laptop. Aravind wondered what he was trying to copy. Shekhar, suddenly, sighed to Keerthana saying that it is all ready in his trademark gesture involving an upright thumb and a smile to accompany with it. Though, he did not like Shekhar recently, he always felt that things were fine whenever Shekhar smiled that way and gestured with his thumb.

Keerthana said, “Before judging these two people, I want you all to look at some facts.”

People had no clue why she was hell bent on presenting something when they had a serious issue at hand.

A video started playing. After a few seconds, everybody recognized it to be Nisha’s cabin and it was Nisha talking to someone on her mobile phone.

Nisha said, “Today is the D-day. We will implement the final step in defaming the main boss. I know it has been late. The chief architect was such a thorn in our way. Whenever I tried to flirt with the boss and make a video of it, Shekhar would come and spoil it. And, this man, Aravind would not fall for any of my advances. It was very difficult to convince his wife that Aravind and I have an affair. She almost believed it one time. But, Shekhar assured her that there is nothing like that. Unfortunately for me, that night, Aravind spent time with Shekhar. There is so much trust between Aravind, Shekhar, and Keerthana because of their relationships. I need to curb these layers of trust in one go. It took me more than six months to understand this place, the people, and then plan these activities.

The first task at hand was to deal with Shekhar. I had to hire two new freshers to get this Shekhar out. They filed complaints against him and he is suspended. These two girls will also resign in some time. Nobody will know more about them or that I hired them to get this work done. With today’s molesting drama, Aravind will be hated by all his team members. And, I do not want to take a chance. So, I will play the victim. I am prepared for this. You will hear some good news in some time. When their shares go downhill, we can celebrate. I have already kept my friend ready for a media report immediately. The plan should be implemented without any problem. I will just wait until Keerthana and Shekhar leave the campus. Shekhar is too smart and he will somehow convince his sister and the people that nothing wrong happened using his skills. So, I can implement my plan only after Shekhar is out of the picture. ”

The video stopped.

And Shekhar spoke, “Unfortunately for Nisha, Shekhar has never been out of the picture. This time he stayed in the picture using hidden cameras.”

Another video played. It showed whatever happened in Aravind’s cubicle. It showed how Nisha started acting crazy all of a sudden and tore her clothes on her own and left Aravind clueless.

Keerthana apologized to her husband. Aravind apologized to Shekhar. Nisha was terminated immediately along with the two girls. A criminal case has been filed against Nisha for conspiring with the competitors. When they traced the calls on her mobile, it was found out that she was talking to the top manager of a competitor company.