Alice and Jack knew that they stood no chance. They wanted to try, nevertheless. If they believed in anything, it was only their love.

Life has not been so favorable for either of them. They found each other at a time when they lost all hope and needed their lives to end. However, as they found each other, they also came to know something. Both of them had cancer. They had only one year or so to live.

Alice was helping a local charitable organization when she met Paul, a three year old kid in the orphanage. She became his good friend and he also got very fond of her. One day, she said to Paul, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I like you too much, munchkin. Do you like me?”

Paul, innocently, replied, “I like you and Jack the most. You are my best friends.” With the help of the orphanage administrative desk, she got in touch with Jack.

It took hardly a few days and a couple of meetings for them to fall in love with each other. They loved each other madly and they would spend most of their weekends together with the orphanage. Paul helped them get closer as both of them were very fond of each other.

After few weeks of meeting each other, Jack announced to Alice that he had cancer and it would be better of her not to build hopes about having a relationship with him.

Alice started crying. All this while, she never cried when she came to know that she had cancer. She could not digest the fact that someone so nice and affable like Jack would have cancer. She cried for a long time and said, ” I also have cancer.’

Jack was taken aback, too. He did not like it. He told her that he is very rich and would do everything he can to help her get rid of cancer and live. There have been many cases of celebrity people making their way through cancer, he told her. But, when he took her to the doctor, he came to know that her cancer is also in the advanced stages and little can be done at this time.

Lost in depression, they did not meet each other for nearly three days.

One day, Alice got a call from the orphanage saying that Paul met with a small accident while playing in the orphanage. He wanted to meet Alice and Jack. They both immediately rushed to meet Paul. They spent some time with him. Both of them realized that they forgot everything when they spent time with him, together. They had so much fun.

At the end of the day, just as they were about to leave, Paul said something that really troubled them.

Paul said, “Are you both married? Can you take me home with you? I want to be with you. I’m afraid is someone strange will adopt me.”

Paul learnt about adoption when one of the kids in the orphanage was adopted. Paul wondered if he could go with Alice and Jack. He knew that they loved each other and they loved him more. He was pretty sure he could be happy if he went with him.

Alice and Jack told him that they will think about it and diverted his attention for that evening.

As they were driving home, Jack started crying. He drove the car to the beach and shouted, “Why do you do this? We want to live. We want to have Paul in our lives. What can we do now? Is it a game? God, please stop this game.”

Alice could not control her grief, too.

After discussing the topic of adoption, they thought that they should at least consider the idea of adoption. An executive from the adoption agency came to meet them and explained the procedures for adoption.

The executive told them something that they did not like. He said, “Your medical records say that you both are suffering from cancer. I’m pretty sure your application for adoption will be rejected on these ground. I’m sorry we cannot proceed further.”

Alice and Jack felt sad again and could not explain this to Paul. He kept asking them to take him home whenever they met him. This added to their depression.

With the increasing depression and deteriorating health, Alice was bedridden and admitted to the hospital. Jack brought Paul along with him to cheer her up. To everyone’s surprise, Alice started recuperating after spending more time with Paul.

This sparked off an idea in the mind of Jack.

Jack immediately explained his plan to Alice and asked her to marry him.

Alice agreed immediately and they were the happiest people. They wanted to be together, as long as possible or as long as life would allow them to live.

Jack sought the help of his friend Peter, who did not have any kids. Paul was adopted, legally, by Peter and his wife. But, he lived with Alice and Jack as their son. Those were the happiest days in their lives.

Initially, Jack was told that he would live for only one year. But, after the wedding and Peter’s adoption of Paul, Jack lived happily and healthily for more than an year. Alice too extended her lifetime by a few months.

However, the cancer started taking its course. To avoid problems later, Jack and Alice moved in with Peter and his wife. Jack and Alice made sure that Paul spent more time with Peter and his wife.

Slowly and steadily, Alice and Jack started spending time away from Paul. They panned their trips so that Paul would get to spend time with Peter and his wife and get to know them better and build a relationship.

After a few months, they felt glad that Paul got closer to Peter and his wife.

Alice’s health started deteriorating further. She was admitted in the hospital. They told Paul that she went out of town and would return after some years. Paul started getting used to the absence of Alice.

Alice passed away after struggling a couple of weeks. Jack was counting his days and his health started deteriorating, too.

Jack planned his stay away from Paul. Two days before his plan to get admitted to the hospital, he spent an entire day with Paul. To his surprise, Paul said, “I will miss you. Will you also go away?”

Jack assured Paul that Peter and his wife are awesome people and he should learn to live with them. He told Paul that he will also have to go away within a few days.

Jack died after one week.

Paul continued to live with Peter and his wife. He would initially ask about Jack and Alice. As months and years passed by, he would slowly stop asking about them.

One day, after reaching high school, Paul rushed home and asked Peter about Jack and Alice. He learnt about cancer at school that day. He recollected the fact that he heard Jack and Alice talk about cancer long ago.

Peter explained him the entire story. Paul felt sad and told Peter that he missed them badly.