You can finally meet your dream girl. Rohit told to himself. He was going through some mixed emotions. He always wanted to get his love back. He knew Sruthi would come back to him. But, on the other hand, he never wanted to break her marriage. In the last three years since she got married, he was constantly in touch with her trying to help her solve her problems at home. He did his best to let her live all by herself. But, Sruthi and her husband would fight continuously. Rohit never judged her husband or their relationship. He loved Sruthi so unconditionally that he believed everything that she told.

From the information he got from Sruthi, it appeared to Rohit that Sruthi’s husband, Kiran, was not a bad man. However, he had some psychological issues that needed to be sorted.

Rohit planned his day while sitting at the bar counter. He never drank so early in the morning just before lunch. And, there were hardly any other people. He drank in the mornings only when he was worried about the day and was not sure if he was doing the right thing.

According to his plan, he should drive to the train station by seven in the evening. Sruthi would join him there and they both would travel to his home town. He already spoke to his boss and got his job transferred there. He knew he had to face his elder brother when he took Sruthi home with him.

“May be, I should ask her to reconsider her plans. May be, it is safe for her to stay away from her husband. I’m not sure.” Rohit thought to himself.

Just as he was making his plans and introspecting, he heard someone call him from behind.

“Hey Rohit. Did you forget me already?” asked Vamsi.

Vamsi and Rohit were friends in college. They were good friends until Vamsi’s girl friend cheated by going out with Rohit. Vamsi never wanted to talk to him.

After greeting each other using some expletives, Vamsi became philosophical suddenly, “I don’t know why. But, I get to meet you whenever I goof up my relationships. The last time I goofed up with Kavya, you took her away. I was so sad for so many years and I was angry with you. I knew I ill-treated her. She deserved someone better. But, it is a strange coincidence that I meet you now when I am having troubles in my marriage and I’m being very wrong with my wife. My ego is taking over my love for her and I’m being very mean with her.”

Rohit did not know how to react. He felt sad for his old friend.

Vamsi continued, “How is Kavya? Did you get married to her?”

Rohit answered, “We broke up after a few months. I’m not yet married. I’m leading a happy life.”

Vamsi said, “Lucky chap. I wish I had that wisdom. I ran into the tentacles of marriage with so much hope. May be, I do not deserve marriage or any relationship, at all.”

Rohit interrupted, “I wish I could tell you this last time. But, can you just try saying sorry. I know you well. You’d do anything but say sorry to anyone. It might not be of problem in other relations. But, in a marriage, you should learn to say sorry.”

Vamsi thought about it. He smiled and started drinking his beer. After taking a sip, he said, “We have been fighting for the last two years. But, things turned worse last week. I was so angry I started hitting her badly. I know I should have controlled my anger. I know that I need to apologize to her. But, we both end up talking topics that infuriate me to a great extent.”

Rohit knew how to help him. He has been dealing with Sruthi and giving her advice for the last few years. He said, “Let me ask you one thing. Do you really love her? Or, do you hate her? If you love her, you should be ready for anything and not let your ego take over.”

Vamsi got lost in thought.

Rohit continued, “Your silence means that you do not hate her. Else, you would have started your list of complaints against her. There is some love somewhere in there.”

Vamsi said, “In fact, there is love everywhere. I love her. Our fights started when she used to get angry suddenly out of no reason. Now, she has sobered down in the last one year and it has helped solve things to a great extent. But, I’m the one losing control these days. And, I never say sorry, as you said.”

He continued, “Everything is fine with us. But, she is worried I might continue with my abusive behavior and ruin our relationship. And, I never did anything to assure that I’m willing to change. In fact, a few minutes ago, I shouted at her saying that she needs to get used to this life. And, that I hit her yesterday to put her in her rightful place.”

Rohit was shocked.

Vamsi realized his mistake when he saw the shock on Rohit’s face. “I know that I have done and said things that are forbidden completely. Thanks for listening to me. Let me go and do something to fix this.”

Vamsi went to pay his bill. Rohit saw his company ID. His name read as Vamsi Kiran.

Rohit was clueless. He felt guilty. He did not know what to do.

Vamsi and Rohit exchanged their phone numbers. Vamsi left the bar to go home and apologize to his wife.

Rohit immediately called Sruthi. He said, “Hey Sruthi. I’m sorry. We have to cancel our plan. I thought about it and I cannot take you into my life. I feel as though we are committing some sin.”

He could hear Sruthi crying. She said, “You are right. I just wanted to run away from him. I don’t feel sad that you don’t want me in your life. I feel sad that I have to live with Kiran.”

Rohit said, “Please listen to me. Give him one more chance. You know my intuition. It tells me again that everything can again be right with both of you.”

Sruthi was so tired of being hopeful. She said, “Can you do me a favor? Never call me again.”

Even before he could respond, Sruthi disconnected the call.

Sruthi thought about everything and cried to herself. She knew she had to live with this man who is a psychopath. She hoped he would change and at least say a single sorry. She could use the techniques suggested by Rohit to change him after that. She knew that was not going to happen.

As Kiran went to work, she decided to kill herself. She did not know how to do that. She did some research on the Internet and learnt some easy ways. Finally, she decided to mix some juice with cockroach repellent liquid and drink.

The doorbell rang just as she was about to mix the juice with the repellent.

Her eyes were filled with tears. She did not want anyone at that time. She decided to see who it is and then go with her suicide mission.

She was surprised to see her husband, Vamsi Kiran, at the door. She opened the door and went inside.

Kiran said, “Sruthi. Wait. We need to talk.”

Sruthi decided to listen to him for once.

Kiran said, “I’m sorry.”

Sruthi could not believe her ears.

Kiran fell to his knees and sobbed like a child.

“I never cried in my life. I know I made a mistake. I apologize. I’m sorry for my mistakes. Please give me a chance to change. I’m not able to live like this. Like a moron who ill-treats his wife every day. Please help me.” said Kiran.

Sruthi was devastated. “I misunderstood this man. I, too, love this man. How could I think of killing myself when I have such a beautiful life ahead?”

Both Sruthi and Kiran talked for almost an hour and made up for all their bickering.

Sruthi sent a message to Rohit. “Thank you for giving me the right advice. Kiran is turning into a gentleman.”

Vamsi also sent a message to Rohit. “Hey. Thanks for meeting me today. Your advice really helped me. We should catch up some time.”

Rohit replied to Vamsi, “I’m moving out of town today. We’ll catch up again when I come to Bangalore next time. Have a great time ahead!”