Almost everyone left the theater after the movie ended. Two kids who have not yet reached their teens were still seated. They did not want the movie to end and did not want to leave the theater. As the janitor started cleaning, the brother looked at his sister and signaled. Without uttering any word and without looking up, she got up along with him and they both left the auditorium.

While everyone else was discussing about the movie, the siblings had tears in their eyes and did not speak anything until they reached the parking lot.

A cab was waiting for them. They silently got into the cab.

“I don’t want to go home. It is so frightening. Please do something.”, said Keerthana to her brother, Karthik.

“I’m afraid too. There is nothing more that we can do. Let’s just pray to God to change things for us this one time. I can’t think of anything else. I have been praying to God during the entire movie time to help us. I did not get any call. I was hopeful that either of them will call. There is time until we go home. Let us hope some miracle happens.”, said Karthik, though he believed that no miracle can change things at this juncture.

Till two months ago, life was all different and pleasant for both of them. Keerthana felt very ill at school one day. She walked over to Karthik’s classroom and told him that she was not well. They both tried to reach their father, Mahesh, over phone. But, it was switched off. Then they called their mother, Sarika. She immediately rushed to the school and drove them to the hospital and home thereafter.

Nobody realized that anything was wrong until that fateful hour when the three of them reached home at noon.  As he could not be reached on phone, they thought that Mahesh must have been busy in some meeting. But, they were surprised to see his car. The watchman had a confused look when they reached the house.

After unlocking the house, Sarika walked towards her bed room to check if Mahesh was there and everything was fine with him. He would not turn off his phone unless is very sick.

Keerthana and Karthik went to their room. Suddenly, they heard people shouting from the other room. Karthik immediately rushed out to see a scantily clad young woman come out of his parents’ bed room. She was shouting at his mother and left the house immediately. After a few minutes, Karthik understood from his parents’ heated conversation that the woman was his father’s colleague. It took some time for him to realize that his mother was angry on his father for something.

Things were never the same. Their parents hardly talked with each other. Whenever they talked, they argued and shouted. Keerthana and Karthik were also ignored during this time. Sarika’s parents came to help Keerthana and Karthik as Sarika did not have the patience to deal with them. She would either be seen crying or fighting with Mahesh most of the time.

It has been a ritual for them to send the kids to some movie whenever they wanted to take some major decision or fight for a few hours. The kids watched at least six movies in the last one month.

“I should have not fallen sick that day.”, said Keerthana in a very depressing tone.

Karthik did not how to react to Keerthana’s words. He tried to muster some courage and said, “We both did what we had to do. We did not fake illness or lie to our parents. It all just happened.”

Theirs was a very close-knit family. Karthik has high regards for his father despite all the things that happened. He could not be judgmental about his own father. He has always known him to be a gentleman. He has been a very nice and kind person to everyone. He treated all women with respect. Karthik’s mind was too young and naive to even know what happened and what was happening. Keerthana was too far from all this. She just wanted the bickering at home to stop. She could not think of her parents getting divorced. Her grandmother recently explained her the meaning of the word divorce. She wanted to be with both of her parents. Karthik wanted the same thing.

Keerthana started crying again as the cab moved past her favorite entertainment park. The family would go to the entire park at least once every month as both the kids loved that place. As Keethana cried unconsolably, Karthik also could not control his tears. They both held their hands together and prayed to God.

There was a huge noise outside as the car is badly hit by a big truck coming in the wrong direction from the opposite side.

Even before they realized what happened around them, they lost consciousness.

After two days, Karthik regained consciousness to see his mother sitting beside his bed in the hospital. He noticed Keerthana in another bed beside his bed. She was not as badly injured as him.

Karthik looked around to find his father. He could not find him. So, he asked his mother, “Where is Dad?”

Sarika immediately called Mahesh inside. He was sitting outside the patient ward. For a moment, Karthik was happy that they both were there.

Though he never said anything to both of them until now on the strange topic, he could not control himself and uttered, “We want both of you. Will you both be there? Can we all go home?”

He could hear Keerthana cyring on her bed as he said these words.

Sarika tried to calm him down by saying, “Nothing is going to change. We both will be there. Everything is going to be fine.”

A week after the accident, the kids got discharged and left for their home. They never heard their parents fight again. It appeared as if all the happy days were back.

Karthik and Keerthana never tried to ask them the reason how things changed for better suddenly. But, deep inside they had their own fears that this is just temporary and they might fight again.

Karthik had all fears until he overheard his mother talk to his father, “This is our second chance. At least for them, let us try to forget what happened earlier.”

His father replied, “Please trust me. I will change and make things for all of us.”

Karthik ran to the kids room and told Keerthana that there is nothing to fear anymore. It is all going to be fine. She believed in him because she thought that God made that accident happen to reunite their parents while Karthik and Keerthana prayed for it.


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