Keerthana is the most beautiful girl in their engineering class. She has lot of fanfare. However, she always kept to herself and spent time with two other girls.

Ved is the silent genius. Though he never figured top in the class, he always scored when it comes to intelligence and performed pretty well in all exams and competitions. However, Ved felt that he is very ugly.

Ever since their graduation started, Ved wanted to befriend Keerthana. He started developing feelings for her and wanted to become her boy friend. He knew that it was difficult. He kept silent about this crush and never told any of his friends.

One day, after the freshers party, he saw Keerthana in traditional attire and was mightily impressed. He wanted her badly in his life. The next day, he woke up early and went to the beach just before sunrise. He focused his energy and mind on the sun and prayed for her during sunrise. Ved was not sure how this would work this time. Because, the last time he wanted to secure a seat in the engineering college, he came in the early hours and prayed to the sun at the beach. He had very little chance to get into this college. But, a couple of students did not join the college and he got the seats fortunately. So, he believed in the miracle of heartfelt prayer at the beach every morning.

After praying for Keerthana, he waited for one full day for some miracle to happen. But, nothing really happened. He felt dismayed and went to bed. He lost all hope and gave up the idea of befriending Keerthana. He wanted to start his day afresh the next day by focusing on his classes and improve his rating in the forthcoming exams.

To his surprise, the next day morning, he came across a diary. He could not believe his luck when he realized it was Keerthana’s diary. He read a few pages and understood more about Keerthana.

Though she seemed to be the silent one at college, she was the naughtiest one at school. She always wanted to make more friends. But, she stopped herself because she noticed that people took advantage of her naivete. So, she became very careful and became friends with only few people. She loved sarcastic humor. She wanted people to appreciate her intelligence, and not just her beauty.

In some of the pages, she wrote in detail about the kind of guy she wanted in her life. He felt glad to know that he met most of the criteria. She was not so keen on beauty. She did not want a handsome man as much as she wanted an intelligent man. She had great respect for ambitious men and visionaries. She wanted someone in her life who would change her world with his visionary and broad minded attitude. While love is important, she wanted someone who could focus on the future, development and who believed in dreams and strived hard to make his dreams come true.

She needed someone who could make her laugh always and give her the required space. She loved movies more than cricket. She was very fond of teddy bears. She did not appreciate the idea of secret crushes and silent. If someone liked her, she preferred that person would approach and be straight forward. She did not like the idea of placing roses at her desk and asking her to guess it. She never liked the guessing game in romantic matters.

Taking cue from her preferences in her diary, Ved made it a point to speak his love to her that day.

Ved approached Keerthana and said, “I need to talk with you.”

Keerthana was unsure and said, “Sure. Make it fast. I need to leave early.”

Ved said, “Let me keep it simple and straight forward. Ever since I saw you on the first day in the college, I developed a liking for you. I wanted to express my love for you. But, then, I first wanted to make sure I score well in the exams and reach a point where our future is secure. I feel that I need to focus on the future along with love. So, I used the last few months to learn as much as I can and I will continue to learn. I want to become a top businessman in the silicon valley before I reach thirty. My dream is to create a virtual world of success and opportunities for young people across the globe. I have an entire project laid out in my head. I’m planning everything in that direction. And, you fit perfectly in that picture for me. You have  never been a distraction for me. Whenever I think of you, I seem to get better ideas and there seems to better progress when it comes to my dreams. So, I thought I needed to take this forward and speak my heart out with you. Trust me. I’m pretty sure we can make wonders together.”

Though she was very impressed with his banter, she said, “How are you so sure we can make wonders together? You know very little about me. Aren’t you sure this is just an infatuation? I know people try to come up with various ideas just to get near to me as I am very beautiful.”

Ved realized that it was time for him to take advantage of the on par tat his disposal. He said, “I took time to propose you because I wanted to know more about you. I learnt that you are more intelligent than you are beautiful. However, people often get lost and ignore your intelligence. You perform pretty well in our exams. I also learnt that you were a champion in all spelling bee contests in school. You have a wonderful flair for language. Your communication skills are far better than most of the other people in our class. All these reasons are more important to me than the fact that you are beautiful. I know that I am not recruiting someone for a job. But, I am talking about compatibility. I’d prefer someone whose intelligence level is on par with mine. I took my time to learn about you. Now, it is left to you to take your time. I’ll wait as long as you want. But, let us not drag this. If you like me or would want to consider a relationship with me, let me know. If you think otherwise, we can part our ways and act as if this discussion never happened.”

Keerthana was flattered, impressed, and excited. She said, “Give me some time. I need to think about this.”

Ved was pretty confident that she would reply in the affirmative. However, he was not sure when she would reply.

Keerthana thought about her discussion with Ved the whole evening and slept over it. She was very excited because she always wanted someone with the same thought process and she was very glad she already found someone like that in Ved. She thanked God so much the next morning and decided to accept his proposal that day.

While Ved was anxious about her response, he also felt some guilt for having read her diary and orchestrating his proposal on the basis of her desires.

Keerthana met Ved that day at college. She said, “You really made my day yesterday. There is so much common between us. I want to consider. Let us be friends and see how things go forward.”

Ved was the happiest man on the earth for a few moments. But, he could not control his guilt and said, “I’m sorry. Though most of what I said is true yesterday, I orchestrated my proposal on the basis of your desires. I should not have done that.”

Keerthana was surprised and asked, “How did you know what I wanted? How did you know my desires? I’m missing something here.”

Ved replied, “I have to admit. I read your diary. I found out everything about you and your desires in your diary. I found the diary just yesterday.”

Keerthana was heavily confused. She said, “But, I don’t use a diary. I never write my feelings or desires anywhere. I don’t know what you are talking about. Is this some kind of joke?”

Ved was silent for a few moments. He realized his mistake and converted his earlier statements into a joke. He said, “I used my analysis abilities and guessed what your diary would contain. That’s how I prepared a framework for your desires and matched it with my situation. I hope it is alright.”

Keerthana said, “That makes things better. Very soon, that imaginary diary might get bigger list of items that I would need as gifts.”

They both laughed and spent time together.

That evening, Ved went home and searched for that diary at home. There was no diary. Ved, then, realized that a diary appeared in his dreams every morning and told him everything about her. H realized that this was because of his prayer at the beach. Ved thanked God for helping him this way.