Apoorva won the match. While everyone else appreciated her for winning the tennis match, two people were worried about her. Aakash was worried because he could see the aggression in her match and could feel some negative vibes about it. Apoorva’s mother was worried about her because she knew what Apoorva was going through.

An hour later, Aakash approached her to congratulate her. He said, “Congratulations on winning the match. But, is something really bothering you? I mean. Is everything alright? Are you troubled by something?”

For a moment, Apoorva wondered if Aakash knew it all. Then, she dismissed any such notion and thought that Aakash was flirting with a different approach.

Apoorva grinned and said, “Is this some new kind of flirting? I told you I need some more time to think about us. Until then, I asked you not to flirt with me.”

Aakash said, “This is not about me. It’s not about us. I’m talking about you. The way you played the game. You were way too aggressive than the opponent required. Your opponent was frightened of you. While it was not so obvious to most of them, I could sense a lot of trouble and panic in your mind. Are you running towards some deadline? Is it something dreadful for you? Your mother wasn’t smiling either.”

Apoorva, then, understood that Aakash started his deductions after looking at her mother. She hardly knew that Aakash could really sense the negative vibes.

Apoorva decided to end this discussion. She said, “My mother was so tired. I told her not to attend this match. But, she was insistent. She already knew that I would win this match. She just wanted to be there when I win. So, she was not so proud because she felt that the competition is too easy. Let’s talk about this later. I have to rush now. I have some urgent work.”

Apoorva thought to herself while she was leaving.

I wish I could tell him everything. I wish I could seek his help to solve the problems at home. I wish I could flirt with him, too, and enjoy the pleasures of youth like every other girl. I wish life was different. I wish life was normal for me. He has always been nice to me. He is so charming and understanding. I wish I could take this relationship forward. Only a miracle can change my life.

Aakash could again sense some negative vibes from her. These vibes were not aggressive. He could sense some longing in her thoughts. But, he was not finding it easy to decipher her thoughts.

Aakash met his spiritual teacher, Shambhuji, that evening. Aakash said, “I know she is in trouble. I want to use my healing powers. But, I’m not even able to know her thoughts. Please guide me.”

Shambhuji said, “Listen carefully. The power to spiritually heal others is always within all of us. It is not something you acquire after reading some books or listening to people like me. It starts from within. If you really care for someone and you want to solve their problem without expecting anything in return, you will definitely be able to heal them spiritually. In your case, I see that you want to solve her problems, because you want her. I’d suggest trying it differently. Think of her as any other girl. Empathize with her situation. Imagine you were never part of her life or will never be part of life. Under such situation, try to be honest in helping her out. If you can do that, you will get so many answers to all the questions. You will become a true spiritual healer the day you look at everyone from a spiritual perspective. Whether it is your friend or foe, you should be able to empathize with them and help them solve their problems. To achieve that level of maturity, you need a great amount of effort or a true spiritual awakening because of pure love. Try it out and let me know.”

Aakash listened carefully and tried to assimilate everything. He could not ask any more questions as there were more people waiting for Shambhuji’s advice.

After reaching home that evening, he tried to put in practice the idea suggested by his spiritual teacher. He could not think of Apoorva as a stranger. So, he thought he would experiment with another idea. He decided to help some person that he really despised. Pat came the name. He always loathed Apoorva’s friend Hema.

Aakash and Hema always fought with each other. Hema never helped Aakash in getting nearer to Apoorva. Aakash never knew why. He did not try to know. So, he thought he will try to think about Hema and try to heal her spiritual. Initially, he hated the idea of sympathizing with a snob like her. But, later, he thought about Hema as a little girl and tried to look at her from a different perspective. He let his mind do the processing of his thoughts. It dawned to him after few minutes as to why she hated him. During the initial days of college, Hema indirectly sought his help to get closer to Abhijit. But, Aakash was not interested to help her as he was lost in his own world of chasing Apoorva. Though Hema never told it directly, she tried indirectly but Aakash never got the cues. Hema hated him for being so insensitive. After all those attempts, Hema decided that Apoorva deserved a better and understanding man in her life. Aakash realized his mistake. He tried to think about Abhijit. To his surprise, his mind showed him images of Abhijit also having a crush on Hema. Aakash decided to help them out.

Using his spiritual powers, he apologized to Hema and Abhijit in his mind. He apologized for two grand years of their life. Later, he called Hema on her phone and asked her to come to the cafe urgently. He called Abhijit and asked him also to come to the cafe. He met them and said, “Here is a story I wanted to tell you both. A girl likes a guy but she is not sure if the guy likes him. A guy likes a girl but is frightened to lose her friendship. So, he is afraid to express his love. What should we do in such a situation? They are our friends. How can we help them out?”

Hema could not relate to the situation.

Abhijit replied, “If we know both of them, we should call both of them together and tell them what they think about each other. Force them to speak it out.”

Aakash said, “Good that you said. Now, both of you please talk with each other. I wasted two years without understanding the longing you people have for each other.”

Abhijit and Hema were silent and speechless. Tears started rolling down Hema’s cheeks. She thanked Aakash as he left them to talk about it. As he went to the parking lot, he could see their hands together and a big smile on both their faces. He felt glad for uniting two longing hearts. He prayed to God to unite him, too, with his love.

As his second experiment succeeded, he decided to try thinking of his love Apoorva as a stranger and help her problem.

Aakash meditated for nearly an hour before the experiment. He started thinking about Apoorva and tried to read her thoughts and heal her spiritually. Aakash was startled to read her thoughts. He never knew she was going through so much pain and trouble in her life. He could relate the negative vibes during the match to the situation in her life. He read her mother’s thoughts, her father’s thoughts and had to read the thoughts of another woman, Amina. He realized that her father is leaving her mother to get married to this other woman, Amina. This woman wanted Apoorva’s father only for his money. Instead of hating her for wreaking the lives of so many people, Aakash tried to heal her.

Aakash could read her tough childhood and the way money has always been lacking in her life. Aakash sympathized the way in which her ex-husband stole all the money away from her and the way she was cheated by her own relatives. She was under the impression that it was how the world worked and she also decided to break someone else’s home and get all the money.

Aakash communicated with her spiritually and explained her that it is not worth it. He explained to her that she should not do to Apoorva’s parents what someone else did to her and her husband. After a great amount of spiritual dialogue, he could resolve her inner tension.

Aakash communicated with Apoorva’s father and mother too.

Apoorva’s father came home after six months. He told his wife, “She left. She cheated me. I deserved all this. I have been a really bad husband. Will you take me back? I want to become a better husband and better father once again. Will you give me a chance?”

Apoorva got a call from Amina. Though Apoorva was happy at the turn of events, she did not want to talk. But, she took the call. Amina said, “Don’t tell your father that I called you. He thinks that I ran away with all his money. I stole the money and transferred it to your account. I called you to tell you how lucky it is to find someone like Aakash in your life. He has the maturity to even love his enemies.”

Apoorva did not understand the call or Amina.

Aakash met Apoorva later. She surprised him by reciprocating his love.