Karen attended his show for the first time. He was quite popular in these circles for his mind-reading abilities. In fact, he helped many people with their problems. Unlike other mind-readers, he has a knack for bringing in peace into people’s lives.

Karen watched the show and was surprised at his acumen. Until the end of the show, she thought that this was all pre-orchestrated and he did some research about some of the people who attended the show. But, she knew there was no chance for him to know about her. But, during the last part of his anonymous mind-reading exercise, he said something to her, about her.

It’s alright to have trust issues. But, you are being way too paranoid about men in general. Your father is not a role model for this entire generation of men. Don’t judge all men to be as hopeless as you father. Think fresh. Each person is unique. Try to understand that person. K. You are here to help others by exposing the truth. But, what you see is true. There is nothing hidden here. 

Unlike other shows, Chris enjoyed this show better as though it was an exam he knew he would definitely ace. A few minutes after the show began and he quickly started reading people’s minds, he came across Karen in the audience. She was sitting there to expose him and prove to the world that the entire act is orchestrated and Chris has not clairvoyant abilities. Chris made it a point to entertain her and prove to her that he is genuinely clairvoyant.

It took some time for Karen to regain her senses. Apart from Karen and her mother, nobody knew about the trouble they had with their father. To the world outside, he seemed to be a normal person. But, he had too many quirks and so many troubles. Because of the problems at home, Karen could never believe any man she has ever met. She never told this to anyone or let them know. She always acted as though she focused on her career as an investigator and avoided dating. Deep inside, though, she longed for that love and affection of a man and she wanted to be embraced by a man. After a long time, someone listened to her heart and gave her the right advice that she needed.

Karen met Chris after the show. She asked him, “How did you know all that about me?’

Chris smiled confidently and said, “I know more than that. You are worried about a murder case that you are solving. This topic came twice during my show as I was constantly tapping your thoughts. I wouldn’t do that normally. I just try to read someone’s mind once and offer some advice. But, in your case, I got too curious and carried away. I’m sorry. The fact that you came to expose my act made me more curious and intensified the desire to prove my worth to you. I know you continue to have your doubts regardless of the truth I told you. I’m ready for your exams. And, once proved, please give me a chance. I want to be a part of that mystery murder case.”

Karen got frustrated as he was overdoing his research and the information about the murder case proved that he did ample research about prospective audience. Else, she thought he might have hypnotized her or her mother and got the required information. She saw this happen in some movie earlier. She told this to him and said that he needs to say something more to make her believe him and use his assistance for solving the mystery murder case.

Chris took up the challenge. He said, “Let us play a game. I call it – Repeat your history. Recollect a day in your college. It can be about a person or a happy moment. I will tell it out for you. Take your own time and relive that moment in your mind. Try to recollect those weirdest experiences that nobody knows of.”

Karen wanted to give him another chance as he seemed to be trying too hard. She thought about an incident in college that she never wanted to recollect in her life again. She was pretty confident that nobody other than she and George knew about it.

Chris shrieked out loud. He said, “That’s so bad. How could you guys do something so bad? How can you destroy something so valuable and replace it with a plastic replica? How could you even think of doing something like that in the conference hall at midnight? I’m glad that is your first and last trial of adventure. You are way too wild in your spirit of adventure. Never try anything like that again. I’m sorry I’m being judgmental. I have known stories of weird things couples do in college. But, this sets a new standard. How can you break the emblem of your college for the sake of your fantasy?”

Karen started blushing and felt embarrassed. She said, “Stop it already. I give it. You can read minds. There is no way you can know it. As George passed away a few years ago in a road accident. His love for adventure killed him. So, I’m the only one to know about it. Thanks for your exercise. Now, let us not waste our time. Will you come with me and watch the videos of all the witnessed in the murder case?”

Chris felt proud for two reasons. He felt glad he could prove himself. Second, he could know something about a person he was very interested in. He wanted to know more about her. Her recollection of that weird incident helped him want her more.

Karen and Chris reached the investigation headquarters. It took some time for Karen to convince her boss to get formal approval for Chris to be able to see those videos and talk to the witnesses.

A week ago, the wife of a rich business tycoon was murdered in her bedroom. Her husband was not in town. The murderer left no traces or proofs at all. As there was ample security in her house, it was very difficult to take this case forward. None of the people knew anything about the incident. The witness videos covered the investigations conducted on the security personnel, friends, and other family members.

Karen sat with Chris while he watched the videos. She said, “I’m not sure if you can read their minds from the videos. But, let us give it a try.”

During the second video, Chris said, “Can we meet this guy? I don’t want to meet him. Can you meet him and ask him the same questions? I want to read his mind while he answers your questions.”

After the investigation, Karen came out. Chris was perplexed at the complexity of the case. He said, “Do you know Phil? This guy was paid by Phil to portray her suicide as a murder. Phil never interacted with this guy directly. He used his friend Maggi to deal with this case. Phil wants this family to be mired in continuous criminal conspiracies. He is using hypnosis to make these people commit suicide and then portray them as murders without any proof. Doing so, he wants to waste the time of Peter who has been extremely successful in running his company. Obviously, Phil has been successful so far. You can check the share prices of Peter’s company ever since the news of his wife’s murder came out. Phil has dangerous plans ahead. Let me gather the proofs for you.”

Karen sighed in disbelief. Though it all seemed surreal, she felt glad she could solve the case, finally, with the help of Chris. She realized that she started liking Chris more than she is ought to.