“It’s more than a song and dance competition,” said Kyle proudly.

He added, “The participants need to live together for two months in a distant location together. They are many games and singing and dancing are just part of the overall reality show. The participants would not have any contact with the outside world or their families. They can just watch television when this show is telecasted.”

Sarah, Andy, Tyler, Brian, Cassie, and Ramona were chosen to participate in this multifaceted reality game show.

There are various aspects where each participant is supposed to prove to be better than the remaining participants. Singing and dancing are just the first two easy parts of the competition. Brian is the only weak person when it comes to dancing.

The third part involves camaraderie. Each participant needs to mingle well with the others and bond over the period of time. They are rated on the basis of their amicability. Cassie and Tyler are introverts and are not so confident about this part of the competition.

The fourth part is the most trickiest part. The members know about this fourth part but are not supposed to talk to each other about this. Each one of them is told that there are two criminals in the group. Each one has to find out who the two criminals are who are escaping from the law. They are told that these two criminals got into the show to escape trial. It is the duty of each participant to team up with other participants, find the criminal participants and make them accept their crimes on national television in front of the world.

Sarah and Ramona became best friends within a short span of time. Andy and Brian were also good at spending time together in various games and having fun. Though they were not comfortable with the other participants and preferred lonely time, Cassie and Tyler became good friends as the weeks progressed.

“Who could it be?” asked Sarah.

“I wonder if it is Cassie and Tyler. They talk too less and act as if they always something to hide,” said Ramona.

“They are just introverts. They are usually into their own business. We cannot be so judgmental about them so soon,” said Andy who has a soft corner for Cassie.

Brian did not take part in this discussion as he thought he should not contributing to any discussion related to this topic. But, Sarah and Ramona started doubting him.

During the course of the second week, the team was divided into two groups. Each group was supposed to work together to come up with a dance and song item for the competition. This part of the event ruined the friendship between Sarah and Ramona. Sarah did not approve of the fact that Ramona was very inquisitive about their theme, their progress and she wanted to know everything about this other team.

Just a couple of days before the song competition, Sarah and Ramona have a big fight. During this fight, Ramona threatens to kill Sarah if she continues to act so pricey. All the other participants start believing that Ramona is one of the criminals.

The next team, the whole team and the audience are in for a shock when they come to know that Ramona is dead. It is unsure if that death is a suicide or homicide. Everyone starts doubting Sarah, but, in the absence of evidence against anyone in the house, no action has been taken against anyone.

The very next day, people come to know that Cassie is pregnant. She accepted the fact that a member of the house is responsible for it, but did not want to divulge the name of the responsible person.

All these chain of events lead to fear and a good number of fights between the people of the house. Meanwhile, the game reaches the next stage where each member is told secretly that Ramona was not a criminal and they have only three weeks time to find out the two real criminals in the house.

Suddenly, on one day, people see a notice crawled on the wall that reads as follows:

“I know you guys want to expose me. Some of you even guessed already. Remember, if you even try to take my name, I will kill you.”

Cassie and Sarah cry and request the game organizers that they want to leave the show immediately even if it meant that they have to pay more money than they received till now to be a part of this game show. They are ready to break the contract and leave the show immediately. The organizers request them and assure them of their safety. Two cops are added to the house for the safety of the inmates.

Within a couple of days, the cops disappear and the members are informed that the cops have been murdered.

All the participants become extremely worried and request the organizers to cancel the show immediately. Meanwhile, on the other end, audience seem to be really encouraging the recent set of events as the ratings of the show have skyrocketed. Audience participation for audience polls has increased to a great degree. The organizers share these details to the participants and ask them to continue the game and that their safety will be assured at any cost. All weapons and sharp items will be removed from the house.

The next day, Brian falls from the first floor and is badly injured. While the organizers claim it is just an accident, the participants start doubting each other.

All the participants have a big fight with each other and try to fight with the organizers to get out of the show. When the fear has reached its peak point, the participants are ready to file case against the organizers for detaining them within the house even after repeated requests. The families of the participants also file police complaints against the organizers of the show for troubling the participants to such a great degree.

Finally, the organizers announce that the members can leave this game show after two days.

Just a day before the exit of the participants, another announcement is made. The organizers inform the participants that there are no criminals in the group and it has just been a part of the overall game strategy to inculcate a sense of fear among the candidates. As expected, these fears led to the decline of camaraderie between the participants. They are now given time to decide if they want to continue being a part of the show or quit the next day.

Andy and Tyler have a big fight that night and Andy kills Tyler in front of the other participants. They both fight for Cassie. While Andy is in love with Cassie, it is Tyler who made Cassie pregnant. They both fight for Cassie and this leads to this murder.

To everybody’s surprise, all the remaining participants decide to quit the show as it has turned out to be sour for all of them with two deaths.

Two weeks after the show, other media channels expose the fact that Brian and Sarah have criminal records and that this media house manipulated with the facts to let the game show continue.

Within a few days, Sarah and Brian are also killed in separate events. Andy and Cassie are the only two participants alive. The state police department tracks all the murders related to this game show and, finally, unearth the fact that all the murders have been planned by Andy and Cassie together. In fact, it was Andy and Cassie who provided false information stating that Brian and Sarah are criminals. By the time the cops come to know the truth, Andy and Cassie are known to be absconding. The other interesting twist is that Andy and Cassie were not criminals before the show. They became friends and fell in love with each other during the show. They planned all the murders and chain of events together so that can win the show and take away all the money.