Adam is a happy-go-lucky person with too many friends. He always had little time to worry about trifles. Wherever he went, he met happy people and befriended them. He wanted to be happy and spread happiness and laughter to the maximum possible extent. He avoided people with a negative streak.

He told his friend Harris once, “Life is too short. We need to enjoy every minute. I do not like to spend time with people who obsess over everything and always whine. If you are happy, share it with the world. If you have problems, keep them with yo. Forget them while we are together. That way, you can unload that emotional baggage and we can have as much fun as possible. You will feel better that way. And, all of us will have a great time. Perhaps, if there are things that need help, I’d love to do my best to help you and improve. Never hesitate to seek my help. There are situations that have no answers and cannot be improved. Do not share any such details. Keep your dark secrets with yourselves. We are friends here. We are not psychological counselors.”

Harris understood Adam’s spirit of friendship and dealt with Adam in the same way. They both were good friends from the college days and had a great time together. It has been almost seven years and they have been together. Even after their weddings, they managed to meet, almost daily.

Suddenly, Adam did not hear from Harris for more than ten days. Adam could not reach Harris on his phone. Worried about Harris, Adam went to his house. It is only then he found out that Harris was implicated in a murder attempt and was arrested a week ago.

Harris’ wife told him, “Harris has been depressed for more than three weeks. It was, as though, he was frightened of something. He never told me anything. He asked me to spend some happy moments with him. And, on Friday last week, the cops came and arrested him on murder charges. They told me that he murdered a woman three weeks ago. They say that it was a planned murder. But, I cannot believe Harris committing a murder. There is something more to the story. But, Harris is adamant and he is not speaking to me about it. The lawyer is finding it extremely difficult to deal with this case as Harris has been very silent.”

Adam was devastated at the sudden turn of events. He went to visit Harris at the police station. He asked Harris, “When did all this happen? Why didn’t you tell me anything? What happened? Please tell me.”

Harris smiled and said, “Nothing happened. I can deal with it. Please stop talking about it. Let us talk about our regular stuff. I badly need a laughter or two. I have been under so much stress.”

Adam was so angry on Harris. He said, “If you do not share the details with me, I cannot help you with anything.”

Harris replied, “I don’t need your help. I’m not angry on you. Trust me. Things are in order. This problem will be solved shortly.”

Adam realized that he cannot get any further information Harris about the murder mystery. He needed to do his bit of research to find out about the mystery. He sought the help of a professional detective, Mathew, to understand the intricacies of this case.

After a great amount of investigation, Mathew came back to Adam. He told him, “Harris did not commit the crime. It is another guy called Patrick. Harris is stepping in for him to save him. We do not know the exact reason.”

Adam is shocked to hear about Patrick. Adam, Harris, and Patrick were the best of friends in college. Adam did not like to spend time with Patrick as he always whined about something or the other. And, he always had problems with his life. Adam loathed the idea of spending time with him. Slowly, Adam started avoiding Patrick. Now, Adam is confused as to what Patrick has to do with this situation.

Mathew continued, “Patrick was badly drunk and he killed a woman in an accident. Harris was not there with him in the car at that time. But, Harris, somehow managed to convince people using his abilities that he is the actual murderer. There is no proof pointing to Patrick, now. However, Patrick confessed it to his girl friend. We got the information from her. This cannot be used in the court as a proof against Patrick. We need more proof.”

Adam was furious and went to Harris, “I told you five years ago to stop talking to Patrick. How can you be friends with him till date? What’s wrong with you? Did you know that Patrick is always troubled and he can get some of those troubles into your life? You never listened to me. And, now, you are standing up for him. Why? I don’t understand why you are doing this.”

Harris was silent. Instead of being frightened about the court hearing the next, Harris was confident that things would become better. He told the same to his wife and asked her not to get worried.

Meanwhile, Adam, wanted to do something to get Harris out of this case. Adam took Mathew to Harris’ lawyer and the three of them discussed about the further course of action.

The lawyer said, “Harris is not forthcoming at all. I wonder what he is up to. Is he waiting for a life long sentence? What does he want? He needs to share his motives with me, his lawyer. I need the details to deal with the situation. But, he tells me to remain calm and that everything will be sorted shortly.”

Mathew said, “There is something more to the story. We need to find that out. I am not able to unearth more than what we know through my investigation. Harris is too confident. We cannot expect any more information from him. Patrick is too frightened to speak anything. Give me a couple of days. I will try to follow Patrick and his girl friend to learn more about what is happening.”

After a couple of days, Mathew came up with some strange observations.

Mathew met Adam and told him, “Contrary to our initial observations, Patrick is a different person. He is a rich and successful businessman. He has a troubled relationship with his girl. They plan to get married soon. We came to know from Harris’ wife that Harris does not want Patrick to get married to this girl. Harris does not trust this girl. I’m not sure if any of these details will help us with the case.”

Adam and Mathew try to dig deeper and learn more about this case, in vain.

Just four days before the court hearing, the cops get a confession from someone else that they are responsible for planning and executing the murder. The cops are told that some clues about the case can be found at Patrick’s girl friend’s apartment. The cops raided her apartment to learn that she was the one who planned the entire murder. She was the one who was driving that night.

Harris knew about this whole incident. He could not convince Patrick against his girl friend. So, he was waiting for an opportunity. Instead of getting Patrick arrested, Harris stood up for him and confused Patrick’s girl friend. She wanted to get Patrick arrested and get his property and elope with her other boy friend. So, when Harris got arrested, her other boy friend did not like the turn of events. Harris with the help of some cops, got hold of her other boy friend and made him confess to the cops.

Finally, Harris walked free of any charges. Patrick got saved from his cheating girl friend.

Adam said, “Why didn’t you tell me anything? We could have dealt with this easier.”

Harris replied, “You always wanted to listen to happy things and have fun. You never wanted to listen about dark secrets or problems. So, I thought it’d be better to keep this away from you.”

Adam said, “I’m sorry. I misunderstood the true meaning of friendship.”

Harris said, “Why are you sorry? There is no true meaning of friendship. There are no rules. Just follow your heart.”

Adam realized his mistake and relaxed on the rules while dealing with his friends.