Keith hated his colleagues. He found them all boring. However, he had to work with them as he loved the work. He loved his job and his father always told him to find a job that he would love to do.

As always, the team went to lunch after a major product launch. They decided to go to a Chinese restaurant this one time. Sandra, one of the ladies, asked Keith, “Do you believe in astrology – sun signs, predictions?”

Keith laughed and said, “Nope. I think some people fool others using these various methods.”

Sandra said, “Here is a challenge. Open the fortune cookie in front of you. Read it out. Let us see if it will become true. You have to start believing in astrology if your fortune cookie prediction comes true.”

Keith accepted the challenge and opened his fortune cookie. It read as follows: Look around. Love is entering your world.

Keith was pleasantly surprised when he saw an attractive blonde walked into the restaurant. The girl and Keith looked at each other for a few seconds and they could feel the heat.

By the time, he finished his lunch, Keith already exchanged numbers with the girl.

After one week, Keith came to Sandra’s desk and said, “I have to accept defeat. I think I believe in astrology and predictions now. I dated Ursula twice and she is amazing. We see some bright future ahead of us.”

Sandra said that she is happy for him.

Over the weekend, Keith visited the Chinese restaurant again as he considered the place lucky for him. He opened a fortune cookie and it read as follows: Go as far as possible. This world is not safe for you.

Keith did not understand the danger the fortune cookie was talking about. Initially, he did not want to act upon the advice of the fortune cookie. But, when Ursula brought up the topic of holidaying in Switzerland the next week, he immediately packed his bags to travel with her.

The day after he reached Switzerland, Keith felt bad he acted in haste. He called up Sandra and told her about the recent fortune cookie and his sudden trip to Switzerland. Sandra was terrified and angry on her for not letting her know in advance.

A day later, Sandra called him and said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’m not getting tickets to travel out of the country now. They have predicted a huge hurricane on this east coast. I hate to be around during hurricanes. They say that this hurricane is bigger than Katrina. I wonder how it is going to be for me and my family for the next few weeks.”

Keith felt bad for being so selfish. He was devastated when he saw the footage of the hurricane on television. When he called his neighbors and his parents, they told that their homes were badly damaged and this hurricane ruined many lives and homes.

Unknown to him, Ursula planned a lunch for him in a Chinese restaurant as she thought that he loved Chinese food. When he went to the restaurant, he was frightened to open the fortune cookie. On Ursula’s insistence, he opened the fortune cookie. It read, “Beware of your stalkers.”

When Keith looked around, he did not find anyone suspicious. But, he made it a point to remember all the faces he has seen then. After having lunch, Ursula and Keith went around for some sight-seeing. To his utter shock and bewilderment, he realized that two men have been stalking him. They seemed to be local people. He did not know the reason why they were stalking him. He did not know how to deal with them. It was a new country and he wondered what they had in mind. He was not so rich, either, he thought.

For the next two days, Keith noticed that these people have been stalking him everywhere.

Keith went to the Chinese restaurant once again. He opened another fortune cookie to learn that: Your life will change forever, today.

Keith did not know how to consider this latest piece. On the other hand, he has become increasingly suspicious of the two stalkers. He started keeping an eye on them using his glasses as a reflection. Just as he was about to finish his lunch, he noticed one of the men taking out a gun to shoot him. Keith escaped the gun shot and ran away from that place.

Keith went to the local police station and informed the police about the stalkers and the attack.

Instead of registering his complaint, the police officers were surprised to see him there. One of the senior officers asked him to produce his passport for identification purposes. Keith did not understand why he was asked to share his details. But, he had to oblige.

The senior police officer asked Keith to go with him to some secret place. Keith did not understand what this deal was all about. The senior officer drove him to a huge palace. Keith was overwhelmed by the place. He was brought up in a small farmer’s house and did not know anything about these luxuries.

After a few minutes, he was taken into a large hall with a dining table. An old man who looked like a king came into the room with aristocratic aura around him. The old man introduced himself as Henry and told him that he belonged to a Royal family. Keith did not understand why he was brought here.

Henry asked Keith for his parents’ details. Keith shared the details about his parents. Henry immediately dialed his parents’ phone number and put the phone on speaker mode.  When Keith’s father Jason picked the call, Henry introduced himself.

After initial introductions, he asked Jason, “Is Keith your son?”

Jason said, “Yes. He is. Why did you get that doubt?”

Henry’s voice became angrier. He shouted this time, “Tell the truth. It has an effect on so many people’s lives. Is Keith your son? Is he your biological son?”

Jason was silent for a moment. To Keith, it appeared as though his father was looking at his mother to get her approval before saying something. Finally, after a few moments of awkward silence, Jason said, “We adopted Keith. We never told him this. Please do not tell him.”

Henry said, “It’s too late. Keith is listening to this conversation while we are talking.”

Keith was flabbergasted and felt like his entire life shattered in front of his eyes. All his life, he was told that he resembled his father. Keith stopped himself from crying.

Henry said something that surprised Keith, “Good, you are not crying. Your royal blood will always keep you bold.”

Keith did not have a clue about what Henry said.

Henry shouted, “Richard. You can come now.”

Henry’s son, Richard, walked into the room. Everybody in the room was surprised. Keith was shocked and left with utter disbelief. Richard was Keith’s identical twin.

Henry said, “We lost you in America when we visited there in your childhood. You were eight months old. Your mother was bedridden after that. She passed away when Richard was five years old.”

Henry came forward and hugged Keith. The police officer took permission and left the palace.

Keith did not know anything about his life. He had a lot to talk to Richard and his new father, Henry.

But, Keith chose to call his parents. He called them and said, “I miss you Dad and mom. You will always be my parents. I will always love you.  I will always be your son.  Tell me now. I’ll come down to you. Mom, you know that you are the most important thing in the world. And, after you both, I can only think of Ursula. I need time to get to know Henry and Richard. It is very weird when Richard is around me. I want to tell you mom about how I feel about having a new twin brother. Do you remember the times I used to tease you saying you misplaced my twin brother? “

Despite the distance, they felt closer to each other.

Henry overheard his conversation and was proud of his son. Keith stayed in the palace that night. He could not believe how his life changed. He called up Sandra and thanked her for the fortune cookie thing.

Keith just wanted to be with his mother at this happiest moment.

The next morning, Keith woke up to see his parents – Jason and Maria. He was pleasantly surprised. Maria was also surprised to see Richard. Henry told that he got them here because Keith missed them badly. Henry requested them to live here with the royal family.