Seven years ago, Sarath promised Hemant that he would help him whenever he had so much money. The last four years really helped Sarath to get his finances in place. He worked over time and contributed more to savings to save a lot of money. He badly needed that money to save his friend and make him free.

Sarath was happily married and had two children. Seven years ago when Sarath’s son met with an accident, Hemant saved the situation in the last minute by lending some money for the emergency surgery that had to be performed to save Sarath’s son. After the successful completion of the surgery, Sarath came to know that Hemant took money from one shrewd moneylender. According to the agreement, Hemant needed to work for the businessman until he is able to pay back all the money. Hemant agreed and signed the brutal agreement because he wanted to save his friend’s son.

Across the country, Hemant was working as a hard labor in the factory of his enemy Brajesh. Hemant knew from the beginning that Brajesh prepared the agreement to make Hemant work for him. He left no chance to trouble Hemant in the last seven years. Brajesh, Hemant, and Sarath were classmates in college. They were also the best of friends. During the last year of college, both Hemant and Brajesh fell in love with the same girl. But, Brajesh could somehow convince her parents and made arrangements to get married to her. The girl committed suicide a day before the marriage. She wanted to marry Hemant as she was madly in love with him. This irked Brajesh badly and he had a grudge against Hemant since that day.

When Hemant approached him for money, Brajesh took advantage of his situation and made him sign the agreement.

Hemant and Sarath have tried many ways to persuade Brajesh to change the agreement and let Hemant free. But, Brajesh did not budge. Over the years, Brajesh did everything he could to wreak havoc in the life of Hemant in every possible way.

Hemant prayed everyday to God to set him free. It took seven years for Sarath to get the money.

Sarath called Hemant and told him that he will reach their town the next day and pay Brajesh the money. Hemant was very happy. He felt glad that his friend lived up to his word. He wanted to wait for one more day to go away from this place and become a free bird. He never got married. He had no family. His parents passed away long ago.

Hemant thought to himself.

I lived up to my word. I could have run away long ago. But, I knew that Brajesh would somehow find me. And, I did not want to run away from my word. I’m glad I suffered to live up to my word. Things are going to change. Tomorrow is a beginning. Life is going to be better. After more than seven years, I can be a happy and free bird. I will do all the things that I ever dreamed about.

Hemant shared his happiness with two other people in the factory. One of them informed Brajesh about this. Brajesh did not want this to happen. He devised a plan to change the course of history. He decided to call Hemant for dinner and apologize to him for all these years. After the dinner, he would mix some sedative in his drink. And, then, the next morning he would get Hemant arrested for stealing money from his safe. Brajesh would then make sure that Hemant would languish in the jail for the rest of his life. He had contacts in the police department and he would seek their help.

That evening, Brajesh invited Hemant for dinner to his house.

Brajesh said, “I’m so sorry for all these years. I should not have troubled you so much. It was not your mistake that she committed suicide. I should have understood the fact that you both were madly in love with each other and sorted out in the first instance. And, then, I don’t know what happened to me. I built this grudge in my head against you. What did I benefit all these years by being so unkind to you? I hate myself when I look back. I want to commit suicide. I feel like a moron. I don’t deserve this life when I took away so many years of your life from you. I cannot undo what has happened. But, please accept my apologies. Let me die with a clean conscience.”

Brajesh made sure his body language was in sync with his words to make his apology sound so real.

Hemant could not believe his luck.

Hemant said, “Things are only getting better. You helped us at the right time. You gave us the money. Now, I feel glad you realized your mistake. But, I’m going to pay you back. Sarath is coming tomorrow with the money.”

Brajesh replied, “Let us not worry about the money. Let us all celebrate the way we used to do in college.”

Brajesh and Hemant had a great evening together with sumptuous food and drinks. Hemant felt extremely happy that things changed for him. He felt glad that his patience paid off. He learnt that people can change.

Brajesh mixed a sedative in Hemant’s drink, as planned.

But, someone changed the drinks in the last minute without Brajesh’s knowledge. And, instead of a sedative, poison was included in the drink and Brajesh drank it without realizing.

Hemant woke up the next morning with hope in his eyes. He wanted to meet Sarath after all these years. He looked forward to a happy life. He has been waiting for this day for so many years.

Suddenly, he heard someone shouting. He ran out to find out. He was informed that Brajesh tried to commit suicide. He wrote a suicide letter. According to the suicide letter, he bequeathed his entire property to Hemant as a token of his apology. The doctors arrived and said that Brajesh is not dead. They told that he was paralyzed completely and need to rushed to the hospital.

Hemant felt very sad for Brajesh. Sarath came after a few hours and was surprised by the turn of events. Regardless, he felt glad that Hemant is a free man, finally. He gave the money to Hemant and asked him to come to the city with him.

Later that evening, Hemant got a phone call from his friend who worked with him in the factory.

His friend said, “I’m sorry I did not tell you before leaving. I am indebted to Brajesh would have had to work for at least five more years. And, there is no one who is going to help me pay the money back. So, I had no other go other than to escape. I was pretty sure Brajesh would find me. So, I killed him. I used his handwriting to bequeath his property in your name. I’m sorry for all this. I could not bear his torturous way of dealing with people. He has become a sadist over the years. He would lend money to people and then make them labor in his factory. He enjoyed seeing them suffering. There are at least forty other people in our factory who are victims of these agreements. I knew from the beginning that you are an honest man. So, I waited until your time has come to take this drastic step. Please accept his property and release all the people and set them free. Please stop all the atrocities done by him and his team. Please save them all. And, please do not tell the police that I poisoned him. If I had not poisoned him, he would have mixed sedatives in your drink and got you arrested. He had his own vicious plans.”

Hemant was extremely troubled after hearing his friend’s account.

Hemant took over the reins and saved the lives of all the people as told by his friend. Brajesh was discharged from the hospital. But, he continued to remain paralyzed and could not take care of himself. Despite everything that Brajesh did to him, Hemant took care of him and made sure he got all the required medical attention. By the time Brajesh realized his mistake, it was too late. He could not act or apologize to Hemant.