Janet and Patrick looked at the fast approaching waves and plunged into the beach at 3 in the midnight.

They left their sorrows at the shore. They had no inhibitions. They had no apprehensions. They both played with each other in the dark cold waters and shouted in disbelief. They could not believe the fact that they come this far.

The first time they wanted to get married, their parents objected. The second they wanted to get married, their friends discouraged them. Finally, they both decided to get married without letting anyone know.

“It all happened long ago. And, you know I did not do it intentionally. Why would I kill your father when I love you so much?” asked Patrick despite knowing the fact that the police and authorities have proved him to be the murderer of her father.

“May be, you did not like him. Trust me, he can be such a douche bag sometimes. I always loved him and I miss him. But, if he deserved it, he got it,” said Janet.

“Stop bullying me already. You know how sensitive I get when we talk about the murder episode,” clarified Patrick with innocence in his eyes.

Five years ago, Janet’s father died suspiciously. All the clues clearly pointed out to Patrick. More than anything, the CCTV cameras clearly showed how Patrick killed her father. Janet did not talk to Patrick for the next three months.

However, four months after the murder, they both met accidentally in a shopping mall and fell for each other badly. Without telling anyone, they rushed to a vacation spot outside the city and spent a week there together.

When his parents came to know about this, they warned him that this might be her revenge plan. Her mother and friends told her that he is a murdered and would not hesitate to commit a murder again. And, similar to the last murder, his father would deal with the authorities and get him free of any charges.

When they met four months after her father’s murder, she said, “Why did you not tell me about your plans? If you really wanted to kill him, you should have told me. There must be a third way of dealing with this entire episode. I miss him badly. I know you must have gone through hell with remarks from people – known and unknown.”

Patrick replied, “Do we want to live in the past or move on to create a new future? You know I would never kill anyone. I never wanted to kill him. It all happened. I don’t know how.”

They spent a lot of time together for the next three months.

Janet’s mother warned her to stay away from him. Patrick’s parents warned him too.

Just when everyone thought that they both have moved on from the past, an unexpected thing happened.

During one of their weekend vacations, one midnight, Janet woke up suddenly and started stabbing Patrick badly. She fainted after that. One of the servants rushed him to the hospital in time. The next morning, Janet could not believe what happened. She apologized to Patrick saying that she never wanted to kill him. Initially, he thought that she was seeking revenge and plotting to kill him. But, when he looked at the CCTV footage, he realized that she was not the murderer. History repeated. He thought to himself.

It took four months for Patrick to fully recuperated. When Patrick announced to his family that he wanted to marry Janet, they stopped him. The same sequence of events unfolded at Janet’s house.

Both their parents made sure that their marriage got cancelled.

Patrick and Janet did not stop dating each other. They never met anyone else. They continued their journey of love as though nothing happened.

Patrick came up with the idea of seeking their friends’ help to get married to each other. Their friends were more than excited to help them get married.

However, a couple of weeks before their alleged marriage, Patrick and Janet fought badly at one of the pubs. They blamed each other for everything and almost tried to kill each other. Their best friends got freaked out and made sure that the marriage got cancelled.

Three months of this episode, Patrick collected the CCTV footage of both the murder and the fight incident and presented it to a psychiatrist, Doug.

Patrick said, “Please have a look at these videos. I never wanted to kill her father. And, she never wanted to kill me. But, why did we act so strange. If we get married, can we remain happy together after all the incidents.”

Doug talked to Patrick, Jane, and both of them and came up with a logic behind their activities.

Doug told them after further counseling and investigation that they were being hynotized to harm each other. They did not know who deal with these people.

Finally, got married and ended up on the beach in each others. As expected, some people came and tried to kill both of them, in vain.

With the help of Doug and the cops they found out that a mutual friend of both of them has been planning and implementing all these activities since the beginning. Percy, the mutual friend got exposed when she tried to hypnotize Patrick to kill Janet. Instead of relying on CCTV cameras alone, they installed hidden cameras in unknown places. These cameras captured how Percy would turn off the CCTV before she hypnotized one of them. She has been doing this for more than an year to both of them.

She wanted them to get separated as she was madly in love with Patrick, but Patrick was already in love with Janet and wanted to marry her.

Percy chose the psychological method to create the most untoward disturbances between them.

But, all the while, Patrick and Janet loved each other blindly. Patrick’s gut instincts always told him that there was someone else involved in all these heinous acts. And, Janet always did trust Patrick. She forgave Patrick for killing her father, because she knew a secret that nobody knew.

Just a day before the accident, Janet’s father told Patrick and her that he was happy they were getting married. And, Patrick saved him from a very dangerous road accident. So, she could not believe when everyone told her that Patrick killed her father.

It took so long for them to find the real reason. Percy got convicted for life sentence. Patrick and Janet got married and lived happily.