Vinay was tense and worried. His wife, Preethi, noticed it and asked him, “Is everything alright?”

“Can you leave me alone for some time? Everything is fine,” he snapped at her and left the room.

Preethi realized that something was troubling Vinay. Things were pretty perked up until a couple of weeks ago. She has not seen him be so depressed recently. Earlier, he was very depressed because of his work. He never liked his job and felt the pain everyday. Finally, they both had a discussion and he quit his job and started freelancing. Vinay started earning more than his regular job because of his freelancing assignments and was happier to do some creative work. He started freelancing an year ago and things only got better with time in the last one year.

However, the past two weeks reminded Preethi of those old days when he was working for some company.

Preethi waited for one more week and asked him again, “Are you sure everything is alright? You are so stressed out these days. I can see the dismay in your eyes.”

Vinay was silent for a few minutes. He said, “I’ve tried to expand my operations recently. I want to take my passion to the next level. As I have been telling you, I want to start a company of my own that develops Android applications. I have been getting proposals from some big projects. The pipeline seems to be strong and positive, thanks to my earlier projects and existing clients. However, I’m having trouble with a coordinator, Jennifer, I hired a couple of weeks ago to manage my projects and interact with prospective clients. It has been nightmarish to work with her. Why am I even troubling you by telling all these things? You already have enough pressure at work and home. I’m pretty sure these issues will only bog you down if I explain in detail.”

Preethi said, “Why do you always ignore me? Why can’t you share your problems with me? Do you think I wouldn’t support you when things go wrong? And, why do you underestimate my abilities so much?”

Vinay could sense the anger in her tone.

He said, “I did not mean to insult you or underestimate you. I did not want to trouble you with my issues when you already have a bunch of issues at hand.”

Preethi replied, “Isn’t this your way of telling me that I should first sort out my problems before trying to help you? You always try to be polite. But, your message comes across as a very mean and rude one. You have always been sarcastic in your jibes against me.”

Vinay already got tired of this discussion and said, “Now, you know why I mind my own business. You want to help me, and, instead say things to ruin my peace of mind.”

Preethi started grinding her teeth and Vinay could sense that he made a terrible mistake. However, he had had enough in the last few weeks because of one person. He did not want to take nonsense from any other person. So, he left the house to grab some beer. He returned only in the evening when he was sure Preethi would have been lost in the soap opera on television.

To his surprise, Preethi was all silent even after her television show. Normally, she would wait until the show is over to continue the argument from where it ended in the previous session.

Vinay noticed that things got better when he received a call from Jennifer, his assistant and project coordinator, after some time.

Jennifer said, “I’m sorry I did not get proper details earlier. Now that you sent me the exact details, I know how to take things forward. And, the good news is that two of the clients responded after I emailed them our latest approach ideas. Your presentation helped a lot. Thanks for sending it across.”

Vinay was confused with Jennifer. He did not understand anything about the details or presentation she was talking about. He immediately checked his sent mail and noticed that at least five mails went from his mail box to Jennifer. There were at least three mails. He wondered if someone hacked his email account. For some time, he was confused and nervous. He, then, realized that there was someone else who had access to his mail account. It was, Preethi, his wife.

Vinay was angry all of a sudden, because, Preethi, took the liberty of meddling with his work. He felt he needed some strong reason to fight with Preethi for this mistake. He checked his mails and the presentations she made to find if she made any blunders.

As he went through the mails and the presentations, he realized that Preethi did a wonderful job and she actually saved him by suggesting some really useful ideas to deal with the current situation. He was never good at communicating with people. So, he had issues with Jennifer. However, Preethi wrote a cordial email to Jennifer explaining her all the details and the reasons for the confusion. For a moment, he thanked God for giving such a wonderful wife.

He thought to himself. Isn’t it true love that steps in during testing times and helps you? He felt so glad he found true love in his spouse. Though she might get angry suddenly at times, she is the one who would sort things out, better, later.

Vinay said, “Thanks, Preethi, for saving the issue. I’m sorry about earlier. I should have sought your help in the first place. And, the presentation that you made – it is excellent. You are very good at making presentations. You deserve loads and loads of appreciation for that. You are a genius.”

Preethi smiled and basked in glory for a few minutes. And, she said, “Can you remember who trained this genius? Six months ago, I had a tough time with one of my presentations at work. You taught me so many tricks, hacks, and tips to make my presentations better. I won so many accolades at work for those presentations. I used the same ideas now. I realized that your focus is more on developing apps these days. You do not have the energy to focus on trifles such as designing new presentations. I checked your mail and understood the issue between you and Jennifer. I decided to intervene with your name. I notice that it has succeeded. She replied positively to your mail and also called you. If you remember, when I had some people issues, you helped me out by teaching me how to handle relationships. I am just using those skills I learnt then.”

Vinay felt so happy for so many things. He thanked her again and again many times. He realized that he should make it a point to share his tensions with his wife frequently, as necessary. They both decided to continue to help each other and share their knowledge and tensions with each other from now on.