Janice was supposed to be happy because her dream came true. But, there was some unknown fear that bothered her. She could not define the fear that troubled her. It was more of a gut instinct that made her feel that things are not going to be fine with Andrew.

Andrew is a world-famous rock star. Any girl would die to go for a date with him. But, Janice was the luckiest. She was a hard core fan of his music for the last few years and attended all his rock events. She participated in all contests, though she never hoped to win any of them. Finally, she participated in this little quiz about Andrew’s music and won a date with him. In an interview with the press, Andrew told everyone that he was mightily impressed by this girl and her knowledge of his music. He never believed someone could be such a huge fan.

Andrew and Janice went on their first date. It was meant to be a one time affair for the media. But, as they both liked each other, they started meeting again without gathering public attention. Media thought that this affair ended after the first date. But, only Janice, her parents, and few of her friends knew that she continued dating Andrew.

After every date, it appeared as though Andrew was falling in love with her badly. They spent more time together and they seemed to enjoy more of it. But, of late, Janice started feeling something odd about the relationship. This had nothing to do with the fact that Andrew did not want to make their relationship public. He kept on saying that he would announce it to the world once they decide to get married or if things move positively forward.

One day, Andrew asked Janice if she could spend a week with him in his private estate in Boston. He said that he would take care of all travel and stay expenses. He also said that she could get her friends with her if she was frightened. But, he asked her not to tell her parents or other friends who might not accompany them. He wanted a break from his regular business, he said. If her parents or anyone knew where he would be, the media would somehow get that information from them, he said.

Janice asked her cousin Krysten to accompany. She asked Krysten to keep it a secret. Janice knew that Krysten has always been jealous of her and wanted to lead the life that Janice lived since childhood. Janice thought that this one opportunity to make Krysten feel equal. Krysten was more than happy to accept the request. They both packed their bags and told their parents that they or on a college expedition. When her father asked if it had something to do with Andrew, Janice rubbished his doubts.

On the day of the trip, Janice called up Andrew and told him, “Hey, my cousin Krysten is accompanying. Can we do something to make her feel special? She has always been jealous of me all her life. And, our dating helped worsen things for her.”

Andrew said, “Sure munchkin. You say it. We get it done. You will be surprised how royally she will be treated. It will be an experience of a lifetime for her.”

Though Andrew said it on a normal note, Janice felt something very odd about his words. In fact, she did not like the idea of this trip. That was the main reason why she chose Krysten to accompany her. Krysten had this uncanny ability to sniff out danger and problem even before it occurred.

Andrew arranged for a private jet that would carry Janice and Krysten to Boston. He already reached Boston a couple of days ago without letting the media or the shutterbugs know.

A few minutes after they got into the plane, Krysten said, “He is trying to kill us. I can’t go. He has been planning to kill you. Now he will kill us both. Don’t ask me how. But, I can sense it already.”

Janice was not comfortable at what she heard. But, she always knew that something was not right with Andrew and his business.

They discussed for the next one hour that they had as to how they should escape from him and this dangerous trip. After almost a decade, this was the first time Janice felt at ease with Krysten as she could discuss with her and do something with her. They almost always had this cold war happening between them ever since high school when Krysten’s crush proposed to Janice.

Together, they devised an escape plan. Krysten would feign air sickness after landing and seek immediate medical attention. They would then be rushed to a hospital. It would be easier for them to escape from a public place like hospital.

As soon as the jet landed, Krysten started puking and feigned air motion sickness. The officer who came to receive them made a quick call to Andrew and updated him about the situation. After the call, he assured Krysten and Janice that they will immediately be rushed for proper medical attention.

They were driven in a modern car to an isolated place. Janice wondered if this was the route to the hospital. To their surprise, however, they were rushed to the personal medical care unit of Andrew. They had no clue about Andrew having a private medical care unit just for himself and his family.

They thought that they had to come up with a new plan to escape.

After the doctor attended to them, they were frightened about their immediate future. A sense of panic gripped both of them.

Andrew walked in to the room and said, “Why are you people doing this? I am not hear to harm you. Why are you faking illness? Why are you trying to escape? You can go if you want.”

For a moment, Janice and Krysten wondered how he came to know about their intentions. The doctor might have told him the illness was fake.

Even before they could respond, Andrew continued, “Alright. You can go now if you want. I don’t want to spend my break week with these terrified faces. And, Janice, you can come back to me when you learn to trust me.”

Saying that he escorted them to the car that would take them back to the private jet. The jet would fly them back to Kansas.

Janice and Krysten did not know what happened afterwards.

Krysten woke up after a few hours and noticed that she was kidnapped. Her hands and legs were tied to the bed and Janice lay motionless in another bed beside her. Her prediction and nightmare came true. Andrew did not let them go. It was all according to his plan. He had them intoxicated. Krysten was not sure how many hours they were like this.

Janice woke up after a few minutes. They both greeted each other. They smiled despite the dangerous situation they were in.

They both waited for a couple of hours. They heard some voices outside the room. They shouted for help, but no one responded. Krysten tried hard to break free of her clutches. But, she could not do anything with normal force. She immediately got her leg upwards and retrieved a hidden knife from her shoe. Using that small knife, she got free and freed Janice too. They both tried looking around for a way to escape. They saw three people outside the room.

Krysten stealthily took a mobile phone from one of them while they were busy drinking. She immediately dialed her friend, Juan and told him about the situation.

Within a few minutes, few more people came and re-tied both of them. Krysten did not notice that they were on surveillance camera all this while. They were tied to the beds again. This time, they had no chance of escape.

As Krysten already made a call to someone, Andrew thought it would be better to flee from the scene. Andrew left the location and called up the cops. He told them that he doubted his manager at the Boston estate and asked the cops to check the place out.

Taking cue from both the calls, the cops reached in time and saved the girls. But, Krysten and Janice could not prove to the cops or the media that Andrew was the one who planned and executed it all.