People fall in love again and again. They don’t stay in love. They go through the crests and troughs of love and contempt. These are some of the postulates of love. Harris cracked the love code, or he thought that he did. Using his programming language skills and data analysis abilities, he prepared an algorithm that successfully predicted whether a couple would live together or part ways.

Harris got this idea when his girl friend broke up with me. He thought that they were meant for each other for this life. He could not imagine his life without her. Just when he realized that he was living his dream life, she broke up with him saying that he is boring and their love has lost its charm. Unlike others, he did not spend too much time lamenting over the loss of love. He quickly jotted the timeline of their love. He took timeline details of all love stories that he could come across. For the next two years, he made it a mission to plot the longevity of the love based on the nature of the people in love and their life situations. It was a complex algorithm that he developed that traces the history of a couple and predicts the future. However, the algorithm traces the future if the both the people in love continue to live in the same conditions – their economic and health conditions should remain the same as they are now. It is not possible to predict a person’s future economic state or his health. Apart from these two major conditions, his algorithm never failed in his experiments.

Harris decided to run his algorithm for testing purposes before uploading it online as his new company. Once his tests become successful, he decided to patent the algorithm and install adequate safety measures on this application and website to prevent others from copying his idea and implement it.

Harris carefully planned a three phase testing strategy. In the first phase, he would visit a college and track the love stories of all the students. If the app was correct, he should be able to predicts breakups within a range of three months. So, he decided to spend some time of six months in a college.

Seeking the help of his friends, he got into the college as a football coach. He had good experience in this field as he worked as a football coach for a few years before he got into the job of a software programmer. He decided that he would continue to do some freelancing jobs.

As expected, it took only a few days to identify the most prominent couples in the campus. John and Alice were the most famous people in the college. They have been dating since the first year. Harris entered their details into his application after gathering enough information about their history and their nature. The software predicted that John would cheat on Alice and get caught.

Meanwhile, the captain of the football team, Karl, had a crush on one of the cheerleaders, Janice. Harris befriended Karl and learned more about him and Janice. He entered their details on his app and found out they would love each other for the rest of their loves. According to his algorithm, theirs would be one of the most successful college love stories. So, Harris made it a point to become a love guru. He talked to Karl and taught him how to impress Janice and they both made plans to make Karl win her heart. It took some effort and a month’s time to unite Karl and Janice. They went on their first date.

Harris expected that they would spend the rest of the night together. He felt very proud of his app. But, a few hours after the date, Karl called him and told him that he fought with Janice at the dinner date and that they broke up even before they got together.

Karl came to Harris place.

Harris asked, “What happened exactly?”

Karl said, “I could not wait anymore. So, I told her that I love her and I told her everything I did to win her. At the end, I told her that your advice really helped me. She did not like the fact that you did most of the planning. She said that she felt manipulated and cheated and walked out.”

Harris said, “Why did you tell my name? I told you to be honest, right. But, why did you have to be honest to this extent?”

They discussed more about for the next few hours but did not know what to do.

Harris felt bad that his app failed even before it took off.

The next morning, Harris decided to give their story another try.

Harris met Janice and told her, “Listen, I have just been a friend to Karl. When I first met him, he told me that he wanted you badly. So, I did my bit to help him. You need to give him credit for his honesty and true love. I wonder if there is anything wrong with seeking my help.”

Janice sported a surprised look and said, “Are you sure? All these weeks, I thought that you were in love with me. I thought that the dinner date was a way to remove Karl from the picture.”

Karl was overhearing their conversation from outside and he was surprised.

Harris did not expect this twist in the tale. He said, “Alright. I think there is some confusion. I never fell for you. I’m way too old for you. And, you are not the kind of girl I would date. I talked with you in the last few weeks only to help Karl out.”

Janice said, “But, I fell for you. I really like you. Please give us a chance. I know that I’m too young for you. But, I always liked middle-aged men. I thought I would settle for one.”

Harris shouted at her and said, “You are going through a stage of infatuation. It is just a form of attraction. Very soon, you will realize that it would be better to have someone of your age fall in love with you. But, for me, I’m already engaged. My fiance and I are getting married this summer.”

Harris showed the photo of his ex-girlfriend to her.

Janice did not utter any word and left the room crying.

Karl stormed inside and started shouting at Harris. He said, “I should have known it when you came out to help me. You wanted her. You always wanted her. Now, you told her that you are engaged. And, tomorrow you’ll tell her that you broke up with your fiance. If you had this plan all this while, why did you get me into the picture? Why did you have to make her break my heart? I get it now. You wanted to proved yourself to be better by letting her compare me with you. Congratulations, you won. You are hopeless, coach.”

Unable to control his anger, Karl shouted loudly and stepped out of the room.

Later that night, Harris checked Karl’s and Janice’s love line once again on his app. It continued to say that they will fall in love with each other and live together for the rest of their lives.

Harris did not know how to deal with the situation. He checked his and Janice’s love line to find out if her feelings made any sense. To his horror, his algorithm told him that they would make a great couple and live together. Though the love index was lesser than that of Karl and Janice, this one was strong enough.

Harris got freaked out because of these predictions. He decided to quit this algorithm as it turned out to be trickier than ever.

Harris immediately left the city that night. He saved his algorithm in a safe place and decided not to use it any further. Harris went and joined another software company as a programmer.

Harris found another girl, Christine, and got married to her after a couple of years.

After five years from his college experiment, he met Karl again. He met Karl in a conference. Karl gave up his dream to become a sportsman and joined a software company.

Harris wondered if Karl would talk to him, so he avoided meeting him.

Karl came to Harris and invited him for coffee.

During coffee, Karl said, “Thanks for leaving the town that night. It really did wonders for me. She realized her mistake and understood that you were there to just help both of us. Though it took a couple of months for her to get over you, she immediately came to me. We got married last year. I’m sorry I was furious on you that evening. I thought you had sinister intentions. But, when she came back to me, I realized I made a mistake. I tried to get in touch with you and checked all colleges in universities in the country. I could not figure you out as a coach anywhere. I’m glad I found you here. Thanks again for uniting us.”

Harris and Karl talked for a couple of hours. Harris felt proud of his algorithm.

That evening, he took out his algorithm. He spent the next couple of weeks updating with latest programming techniques.

He tested the love line of his and his wife and it showed that their love line is strong and they would live together for the rest of their lives.

Harris checked Karl and Janice once again. When he entered the fact that Karl is a software engineer, the app showed that their relationship will break sooner or later. But, if Karl had been a sportsperson, they would live together for the rest of their lives.

Harris wondered if he had to go and help Karl change his career for the sake of his love.