Jagadish was tracking the market anxiously. If his anticipation came true, he would make a lot of money today and prove his wife wrong.

A couple of months ago, Jagadish had a discussion with his wife Ramani.

“Don’t invest money in that company’s stocks. It is extremely risky. They haven’t proved their credibility yet. We have been closely monitoring the trends for a long time. It isn’t financially feasible to put all your eggs in that basket,” said Ramani.

“I feel very hopeful in this company. I have done my research about the company and its development through the years. You can’t stop me now. I want to invest in the shares of this company and within a couple of months make great profits. We can plan our finances better once we make a breakthrough of that sort,” said Jagadish.

They had a huge argument and she said she would leave him if he invested the money they saved for their second house. She wanted to buy her dream house. Though they lived in their house, she never liked it because it did not meet her taste. She wanted to buy or build a house according to her taste. So, they started saving money for that over the last seven years.

The fight started when Jagadish told her he planned to invest half of their savings in buying the shares of this new company, which is touted to be the next big thing in the Indian markets.

After the fight, Jagadish ignored her threats and went ahead and invested the entire amount of their savings in this company.

According to some sources, he came to know that there will be some announcement made by the company today. He is hopeful that such an announcement would bolster the market equity of this company. People expect that this company is announcing a partnership with another international company (Company B) of good reputation.

The time came for announcement. While keeping a tab on the market fluctuations, Jagadish was eager to know about the announcement.

Instead of announcing their partnership with Company B, they announced that this company is being acquired by Company C which is not respected widely in the international markets. Moreover, the top executives of this company were involved in some mismanagement and had to go through some corporate governance scandals.

Jagadish was devastated after hearing this news. He knew that this is going to be very detrimental to the market equity of this company. As expected, the market rate game down by half and investors were busy selling off the shares.

Jagadish was left in a state of shock. His wife would leave him. His life is shattered. All his goals have been destroyed in one go. He had nowhere to go.

Unable to decided what to do, Jagadish panicked a lot. The best option was for him to go away from this place. He could either commit suicide or join some spiritual organization.

He realized that we was not courageous enough to consider suicide. So, he decided to leave this place, leave his family, and leave everything to become a saint. He wanted to give up all the worldly pleasures as he cannot take any more of this pain associated with regular life.

Within an hour or so, he packed a few of things in a haversack and boarded a bus to Varanasi. He decided to join any organization there would take him. The religion, group, or any other classification would not matter to him.

After a day of travel on the bus, he reached Varanasi. He roamed on the roads for a few hours. He asked some people about the various places that could accommodate him and train him to become a saint. He liked one of the suggestions. He reached that place and it all looked awesome immediately. He was happy he was finally becoming a saint.

“You must wake up in the morning at six. You must do your prayers till nine. We all will do some bhajan till eleven for the next two hours. We will all cook together to make some khichdi for lunch. After having lunch, you should help the local kids and be a part of their training. Initially, you cannot train them. But, you can coordinate the classes and help monitor the kids and arrange for their activities. We do a group prayer in the evening for three hours. Finally, we go to the temple again and help the priests towards the end of the day. This schedule is for new people who volunteer to become saints. We are not bothered about your caste, religion, or sect. All we need is commitment from your end to learn more about God and help other people. As a few months pass, you can spend more time doing your prayers. You need to be very motivated to be successful in your meditation exercises,” said the saint who is supposed to train Jagadish.

The first two days were so peaceful and Jagadish loved the dedication to God and he routine very much. During the third day, in one of the school exercises, he came across a girl who reminded him of his daughter. He felt very bad. He wanted to talk to her once. He felt very tired on the fourth and fifth day. All he wanted was to go to a spa and get a rejuvenation package done for himself. The last two days of the week were two troublesome for him. He hated this life. He did not want to spend one more minute here.

He felt ashamed that he did not fit into this life here. He realized his mistake of not listening to his wife in the first place. He realized that he never dreamed of becoming a saint or never wanted to embrace such a life. He just tried to run away from the nightmare that he would have had to go through. He loved his wife and he could not bear the thought of separation from her. As he thought that separation was inevitable, he ran away to Varanasi and assumed that he would forget everything if he became a saint. Unlike what he thought, you cannot become a saint in one day. You must have an inclination towards God and only God to become a saint. It is easier to run away from things that are not so happy. But, you can become a saint only when you are eager to leave a happy family life for the sake of God.

As he could neither lead this life or go back to his family, he thought he had no other option than to commit suicide. He reached one of the banks of the river of the town and sat there contemplating his life once again.

Please excuse me for this time. I will never ever repeat the mistakes I did in this life. I will be wise in my decisions and listen to my spouse. I will not be greedy for quick money. Please give me an opportunity to become a human again in my next birth. And, give me an awesome family like the one I have now. I will be careful and take care of everything. I will take nothing for granted then.

As he reached the corner of the bank, he could not stop himself from thinking about his wife, son, and daughter. He missed them dearly. He wanted to meet them once before his death. But, he understood that it is too late for all that now. He wanted to hear his wife speaking one more time. He longed for his daughter’s naughty smile for one last time. He wanted to run with this son for one last time.

He turned around to look at the temples and say sorry to God for what he is doing to his family. Tears started rolling down his eyes.

Just as he was about to turn and walk into the water, he saw three people coming towards him. They looked like his wife and two kids. He thought he was becoming far too delusional and he should not think anymore.

The three people were running fast towards him. To his astonishment, they were his wife and kids.

Ramani came and told him, “I did not let you invest everything. I have another bank account where I kept all those savings and kept a meager in this account from which you took for investing. I did that the day you fought with  me. I knew you would invest. How can I live without you? So, I did the second best thing as I could not stop you from investing. We are safe. Please come home.”

Jagadish hugged his kids and cried silently. They later told him how they found about him. The organization that he enrolled to become a saint uploaded his name and details as a newly recruited saint. A little amount of research by the right people led them to that website. And, through that website, they came to Varanasi to take him back.

Jagadish vowed not to be greedy again.