Ved has been waiting for this day for a long time. It has always been his dream to join this big company. Finally, he got a chance to attend the interview today. The interview is scheduled at 10 in the morning. He decided to start early and reach the company’s campus at least thirty minutes before the scheduled time.

Ved felt positive since the morning and is very hopeful that he will crack the interview. He finished two rounds of telephonic interviews. He is supposed to be interviewed by a manager named Mr.Chandran today. Ved’s confidence is heightened by the fact that he already impressed Chandran with his skills and knowledge in the last telephonic interview.

At eight in the morning, he walked to the bus stand with enthusiasm and nervousness. The bus is expected to arrive within the next fifteen minutes. He started imagining his interview and the idea that he might get selected really boosted his spirit.

He could see images of himself joining the company and befriending good number of girls there. While his career is on an upswing, he could also foresee his ability to select a beautiful girl from the gang of new colleagues. He went into a trance-like state imagining a colorful future while standing alone in the bus stand. It seemed as if no one could disturb him at that moment. He did not want to be disturbed or his attention to get diverted from those beautiful images.

Suddenly, someone disturbed him. A girl was calling him and he did not realize until she called him for the third time. He could not believe his eyes as he was happy for being disturbed. The girl in front of his eyes looked a lot better than the girls he was imagining in his dreams standing in the bus stand.

As he gained consciousness and blurted out a ‘Yes’ to the girl, she smiled at him. She said, “Did the bus to Bhagmane Tech Park leave already?” Ved did not want to get caught staring at the girl. So, he replied, “Sorry. Yes. Sorry. No. The bus did not come yet. I’m waiting for the same bus.” She smiled again and walked to stand in the other corner of the bus stand.

Ved is alarmed at such a beautiful coming and speaking to him. It has been years since he talked directly with such a beautiful girl. After he completed his college three years ago, he joined a small company. There were hardly any girls in that company. Ved often wondered if the company recruited women from old age homes across the city. Ved wanted to make friends with this girl and was desperately trying to figure out a reason to talk to her.

Ved implemented his immediate plan by speaking, “What time does this bus come every day? I don’t take this route every day. I have a meeting today at Bhagmane Tech Park. I’m sorry. My name is Ved.”

He did not appreciate the idea of telling his name to her and did not expect her to tell her name or respond to this question.

To his surprise, she starts, “Supriya. It usually comes at 8.10 in the morning. It might get late for five or ten minutes often. You know these buses. I work at Bhagmane Tech Park.”

Ved gets excited at the response of the girl and thanks for the information. As his processor is still in a state of excitement, it took some time for him to come up with new ideas to continue the conversation. However, her mobile rang before he could utter another word. He eagerly listened to her conversation as she spoke loud enough.

Supriya answers the call, “Yes, Raj. Tell me.”

She continues talking with a little surprise, “Today? What happened? Is everything alright?”

After a brief pause, she excitedly says, “Oh, wow! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations to you and Prathima. You know what? You owe me a treat. Tomorrow right?”

The voice on the other end spoke for a minute before she spoke again, “You don’t worry about that. Don’t tell me. Are you sure you want me to do that? I mean, I have not done even one before.”

After a sense of confirmation from the other end, “If Shalini is ok with it, I’ll be more than happy to go ahead. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for giving me a chance. And, I’m not sure if Tanvi will be alright with it. Yes. Let’s see.”

With a sense of happiness and achievement, she disconnects the call.

Ved gathers courage to talk to her and plans to talk about her phone conversation. However, he decides not to talk about it as it might be too personal.”

Before he considers alternative plans to talk to Supriya, he gets a call. He is not happy with the idea of getting a call at this point in time. As he reaches for his mobile phone, he realizes that it is from the company where he is being interviewed today.

Ved answers, “Hello. Yes, this is Ved.”

He gets informed that he should not call Chandran for the interview as Chandran is out of office today due to personal reasons. The girl on the call informs him that he has to meet the front desk and ask for Chandran. They will then lead him to the new interviewer.

Ved is not happy with this change as he has to implement his interview impression plan all over again. It needs some amount of focus. However, he lost his focus to this girl in the bus stand. He was confused for a few moments. Because, for the first time in the last few years, something else other than the job in this company became his first priority. He just wants to look at Supriya, think about her, talk to her. His imagination about his future with this girl is now on top of his mind.

He imagines talking with this girl. He is having coffee with this girl. He goes to a movie with this girl. He can see himself proposing to this girl. She accepts and he celebrates. He gets into a trance-like state again for the second time.

The bus comes and disturbs his imagination this time. He follows Supriya and sits across to get a view during the trip. He decides to just look at her during the entire trip for the next one hour. In fact, he keeps staring at her. She notices after a few minutes that he is looking at her. He smiles at her. She sports a weird look. He diverts his sight for a few seconds to give her time to look out the window.

He continues staring at her. She takes out her mobile and checks in the reflection on the screen if Ved is looking at her. She notices that he is checking out on her continuously and she gets uncomfortable after a certain amount of time. She gets irritated and decides to give him a piece of her mind after getting down the bus.

Ved does not realize that she is checking if he is looking at her. Ved gets a call and looks out the window for a brief while. Supriya checks again. Even though she is happy that he is not looking at her now, she also feels bad that he stopped looking at her. She suddenly starts rating him in her mind. He looks smart enough and sports a cute smile. He is well-built enough and fits in her consideration set.

She thinks about him for almost ten minutes and now gets agitated that he is not looking at her. However, the call ends and he starts looking at her.

The bus stops and Supriya’s colleague Preethi gets into the bus and sits beside Supriya. They catch up for a while before becoming silent. Preethi, after some time, notices that the guy across the bus is staring continuously at Supriya.

Preethi asks Supriya, “Did you check out that guy who is staring at you?”

Supriya answers, “He got into the bus at my stop and we had a quick word about the bus. He’ll travel only today. So, it’s alright if he is too desperate.” They both laugh it out.

Preethi later notices that two other people look wierdly at Ved for staring at Supriya. She tells Supriya, “Now, this is crossing limits. What will those people think about you? If you continue laughing while he is staring, it’ll appear as though you are also desperate.”

Supriya begins appreciating Preethi’s logic and sports an angry look.

Within a few minutes, the bus reaches the Tech Park and all three of them get down the bus.

Ved decides to follow Supriya and is now not worried about his interview as he is determined to find out more about Supriya. He plans to tell his friends and room mates about what happened this morning and how he tried for a girl. He felt as though it was an achievement.

Preethi notices that Ved is following them and asks Supriya to give him a warning.

Supriya gets agitated and turns around to address Ved, “Hello Mr. Why are you following us? What are you thinking about yourself?”

All the people stop to listen to this conversation. Ved is puzzled at the sudden outburst and does not have time to respond. He is, in fact, lost at admiring the beautiful angry face talking to him.

Supriya continues, “I’ve been noticing the way you were staring at me in the bus. Why don’t you guys change? Come on. You need to respect women. This is not the way in which you get a girl’s attention. A girl should like you for your knowledge and wisdom, not for your desperate attitude.”

Ved feels insulted but does not utter a word.

Supriya concludes by saying, “You better be careful. I’ll have to call the security of my company if you continue stalking me like this.”

Supriya and Preethi walk towards their company. Ved stops there for a few moments while the people around talk in whispering tones about what happened just now. Some of them giggle loud enought to disappoint Ved.

Suddenly, Ved decides to forget about this girl and focus on his interview. He, then, realizes that Supriya is also working for the same company. However, he waits until Supriya and Preethi get into the edifice.

Ved waits for fifteen more minutes and enters the company campus. Not so pleased with the turn of events, he reaches the front desk and tells about his interview with Chandran. They ask him to be seated and that someone will come to escort him to the interview room.

Ved tries in different ways to divert his attention from what happened a few minutes ago. He decides to focus on the interview and plans for his answers. Ved prays to God that he should not meet Supriya or Preethi again in his life. “Never again”, he tells to himself.

To his shock, Preethi comes out and calls for Mr. Krishnan. Ved gets up and shows his resume to Preethi which tells that he is Mr.Krishnan. Both Preethi and Ved remain silent for a few minutes. The silence seems to be painful for both of them. Neither of them is happy to face each other and the contempt is visible on their faces. With a sense of guilt, Preethi asks him to accompany her to the interview room.

After passing through two floors in a confused state of hurt and achievement at the same time, Ved follows Preethi. She opens the door for a conference room and requests him to be seated inside while she will call the interviewer. Ved and Preethi try to act as if they have not seen each other before and nothing happened outside the campus a few minutes ago.

Preethi runs towards Supriya and announces, “Guess what? I have some bad news for you. You are going to interview the bus starer – Ved. He is Ved Krishnan. The V in the profile is Ved.”

Supriya, who was earlier excited to take her first interview, is frustrated at the turn of events and sits down exhausted in her chair. She feels guilty in the way in which she treated Ved a few minutes ago.

Supriya does not want to take the interview. But, she has to take as Chandran is not available on the phone and she has to report to Shalini in the next one hour about the candidate.

Finally, she decides to conduct the interview.

Ved is shocked for the second time when Supriya enters the room to take his interview. Supriya decides not to talk about the earlier episode and remain formal during the course of the interview.

Even though Ved loses hope of securing a job in this company, he decides to give his best shot and answers all the questions perfectly. From his experience and research in interviews, he understands that he is successful in impressing Supriya as far as the job is concerned.

They look into each others’ eyes during the course of interview, but, remain very uncomfortable. Both of them eagerly wait for the interview to be over at the earliest.

Supriya concludes after she is satisfied with the list of questions she needed to ask.

She informs Ved, “You can now leave for the day. We’ll get back to you.”

Ved thinks to himself, “I know that it is not going to happen. Let me forget it.”

Just as he is about to leave the room, Supriya blurts out, “Sorry for what happened earlier. I did not know that you were coming for the same company.”

As Ved is sure that he is not getting the job, he answers, “You need not be sorry. I really wanted to follow you to know more about you. I liked everything about you including your anger. May be, I deserved it. It’s alright. Have a great day.”

He does not look back and leaves the room. Supriya is left confused all alone in the room.

After one week, Ved gets a courier – the appointment order from his dream company and he is amazed. He begins respecting Supriya once again for her judgement.

On the first day at his new company, Ved meets Supriya first. The first words that she tells him are as follows, “I liked you too. You performed well in the test. I thought I might give it a try with you.”

All of Ved’s dreams come true.