January 30, 2016

Solitude and Loneliness

Harris looked around. He was sitting alone sipping his coffee while everyone else was laughing with the people at their tables. He felt bad about his state of affairs. He felt worse as he thought more about it. He has never felt so lonely. Though he did not have too many friends, he always had […]

A Mysterious Probe

“If I remember it right, you told me that we have nothing more to talk. You also said you never want to talk to me again,” said Ray to his ex-wife Debra. Debra said, “Ray, listen. I need your help as a detective. And, yes, as a friend too. I know I have been harsh […]


The Resurrection

Five brothers and a murder is all it took to change the course of politics of an entire country. An inspiring leader, Sadashivam, who was born among the masses ambitiously tried to save the people by getting into politics. Within no time, he┬ábecame very famous for his ideals and his vision of an equal and […]


Lost Love

“Do you intend to live here?” asked Sarah. The sarcastic tone in her voice was too obvious and unbearable for Jason. Jason, controlling his fury said, “Do we have another option? I mean, look at us. We’re new to this place. We’ve searched at least fifty places and you did not like any of them. […]