August 16, 2015

The Culmination Point

Ramesh works as the inspector in the police station of a remote village in the hinterlands of this coastal state. He loved his job very much as there was not much activity because of the peaceful people living there. Legend has it that many freedom fighters contributed to the pre-independence era from this place. The […]

Cracking the Love Code

People fall in love again and again. They don’t stay in love. They go through the crests and troughs of love and contempt. These are some of the postulates of love. Harris cracked the love code, or he thought that he did. Using his programming language skills and data analysis abilities, he prepared an algorithm that successfully […]


Minced Thoughts

“After finishing my doctorate in technology, I wanted to study further. I had this desire to learn something new. I was already on the verge of releasing an application. Just like all other applications being developed at that time, my software application was also processing information, storing it in a database, organizing it, and reproducing it. […]


Longitude of Fear 1

Sridhar said, “Trust me. I can handle this.” Though Anand was confident of Sridhar’s abilities to deal with dangerous criminals, Anand tried to prevent Sridhar from handling this case due to some unknown fear. The terrorist outfit has targeted the airport this time. Anand’s team received information from reliable sources that a terrorist group has […]