September 5, 2016

My Uncle and Aunt Are Here

“Hey Jack, Thanks for this idea. It’s nice to break the ice and mingle with the team,” said George to his manager Jack. Jack┬ásmiled with pride and said, “I’m glad you understood my intentions and did not misinterpret my decision. You’ll thank me more in an year or so. Please understand that interpersonal communication is […]

A Noxious Approach

Sadashivam leads a happy life in his farmhouse in the outskirts of the city with his wives and children. When his first wife was bed-ridden, he had to marry her sister to take care of their daughter. Later, he had a son with his second wife. They all lived happily together without any hassles. Sadashivam’s […]


The Return of Love

“It’s time to party,” shouted Simon to everyone in the classroom. It is the last day of their final semester. They are all done with their college. They made adequate preparations to get wasted that night. Rachel walked toward Simon and asked, “What about me? What about us? Are you saying there’s nothing between us? […]


Friday Night Murders

“Each one of us got threatening calls from a stranger. He has been warning us that he will kill us. He claims that we have killed his brother when we went on vacation a few months ago during the summer. But, we did not kill his brother. He was completely all right until the day […]