Ishika and Grace are two good friends who graduated from the same university and joined the same company during campus interviews. Fortunately, they worked together in the same team after joining the company. They earned good reputation as team members after joining this company and their performance is always appreciated. Radhika, their manager, likes both of them for their attitude, energy levels, and performance. However, they are frightened of her.

Ishika is fair complexioned and good looking. However, she is a very angry. Grace, on the other hand, is always happy and laughing. Grace is married and has a cute little two-year old daughter. These days, Grace has only one mission. It is to find a suitable guy for Ishika. As Ishika does not appreciate the concept of arranged marriages, Grace has to motivate Ishika to fall in love with some guy. She tried a couple of times, but, both the guys were cheesed off with Ishika’s anger. Grace is looking for a calm, patient guy who can deal with Ishika’s antics.

Usually, Grace and Ishika have lunch at Ishika’s desk. When most of the team members go out for lunch, they talk about them and have fun. Jaspreeth, one of their ex-team mates complained to Radhika that Grace and Ishika make a lot of noise and they should not be seated in the same cubicle. Radhika changed their places and they now sit in two different corners in the same floor. They sit together at Ishika’s desk only during the lunch hour.

Today, Grace and Ishika discuss about their manager Radhika. Though they appreciate her for being understanding and helping people when they need, they feel that she is biased towards some people. Just when they talk about Radhika’s biased management style, they see a man entering into her cubicle.

Grace says, “Guess what? I found his name. I heard Abdul talking about him the other day. His name is Shiv and he is Radhika’s friend. You can be-friend him and check if things can go forward.”

Adds Ishika, “I too got to know recently. He is so funny. Isn’t he? He does not talk to anyone except Radhika. He does not lift his head while walking in the corridor and you can hardly see him smiling. But, he looks good enough. I’m not sure if he’ll fall into my consideration set.”

Says Grace, “Abdul told that this guy is from the testing team. Radhika and Shiv joined at the same time. They are family friends. In fact, Shiv is a good friend of Radhika’s son too, it seems.”
Ishika interrupts, “Come on, he cannot be from the testing team. I got to know that he is from the development team in a different project. The truth, that I heard, is that they both worked in the same team in their previous company and she was his manager there, too.”

Grace objects, “No way. Abdul knows everything about everyone. He cannot be from development team.”

Grace and Ishika argue for a few minutes and they complete their lunch after laughing at everything. Grace goes back to her desk and tries to take a nap at her desk. Meanwhile, Ishika does further research about Shiv and succeeds after some time. She tries to inform Grace over the internal chat network, but Grace does not appear online. So, she plans to send an e-mail to Grace by pointing Shiv’s credentials in the internal system. She finds that Shiv is also from a development team and Shiv’s boss reports to Radhika. Ishika sends the e-mail to Grace accidentally marking a copy to Shiv.

The e-mail reads as follows:Hey Grace, Here is the fellow. I told you…He is the one yaa…I told you naa…You owe me a treat now.

Ishika goes away from her desk for some work after sending the e-mail. Grace wakes up after thirty minutes and sees the e-mail. She is surprised to see Shiv copied in the e-mail. She runs to Ishika’s desk to inform her. Ishika and Grace get tensed for a few minutes. On Grace’s advice, Ishika sends an e-mail to Shiv apologizing and tells him that the e-mail is not intended to him. Shiv replies in a few minutes saying, “No problem.” Grace and Ishika walk out of their floor towards the cafetaria and have a hearty laugh at what has happened.

Radhika frequently visits Shiv’s floor though she is stationed on the first floor. Shiv works in the ninth floor. Shiv informs Radhika casually and shows her the e-mail. Radhika teases him for some time.

Radhika says, “It means that you are the one for Ishika. You are such a dangerous fellow. You look so calm and quite. But, you do everything behind the scenes.”

Interrupts Shiv, “Please ma’am. Stop it now. She means something else now. Whatever. I’m not bothered as she apologized in her reply.”

Radhika teases Ishika badly after returning from Shiv’s floor. They have a team meeting and Radhika announces to everyone, “Nowadays, we have ladies chasing guys. I came to know about a lady warrior chasing her knight. Sounds so funny. Doesn’t it?” Though few people understand what Radhika refers to, everyone has a laugh at the last statement. Most of them begin to doubt it is Ishika as she sports an angry expression on her face.

As soon as the meeting is over, Radhika walks out of the conference room. One after the other, the team members come to Ishika and ask her who the new bait is. Ishika gets really agitated and Grace remains silent.

Ishika decides to blast Shiv. She rushes to the ninth floor and calls Jaspreeth. She does not tell Jaspreeth as to what happened but requests access to the floor. Jaspreeth provides her access, but goes out to take a call from his girl friend. Jaspreeth’s call with his girl friend usually lasts for an hour or more than that. So, he tells Ishika to call him after her work on the floor is over. He adds, “Please call me. I can cut the call at least that way saying my manager is calling.” Ishika is angry and in no mood to laugh at Jaspreeth’s jokes.

Though Jaspreeth is confused at Ishika’s reaction, he does not have time to think about anything now other than talking to his girlfriend.

Ishika walks angrily to Shiv’s cubicle and shouts, “Hello Shiv Sir. What do you think about yourself? I told you that it was an accident and I apologized.”

For a moment, Shiv is mesmerized by the woman standing in front of him and shouting at him. Though his mind is aware that the woman is shouting at him, he is not able to relate to the anger. In fact, it is the anger which makes her more attractive according to him. He always wanted to find a girl friend like the character of Ramya Krishnan in the Tamil film Padaiappa.

Ishika continues, “Why did you have to tell Radhika? Why are you guys always like this? I don’t understand. Radhika pulled my leg so badly and people in my floor are talking about me only.”
Shiv is liking the way she is speaking. He wants to listen more of her angry voice. In fact, he is not able to disclose his happiness towards her outbursts. However, he realizes that she has been shouting at him in front of his colleagues. So, he gains his senses and tries to divert his attention. He tries to interrupt again, “But, I did not …”

Ishika breaks his conversation, “Don’t tell me you did not tell her. I know you tell everything. I have no words. You are the like the son who has to tell everything to his mother. You are grown up enough. Go. Get your life.”

Sandhya, Shilpa, Raghav, and Keerthi watch this entire dialogue as it is very loud. Though Shiv is insulted, he tries to remain calm and clarify to Ishika. But, she is in no mood to listen to him.

She shouts at Shiv finally, “You better not talk about me again. Tell Radhika the truth. Don’t try to use a girl’s name like that.”

Shiv thinks to himself. “I want to talk only about you. I want to think only about you. I don’t want to think of anyone else.” He stops himself from speaking these words out and tries to be nice to Ishika and make friends with her.

Even before Shiv tries to clarify, Ishika picks her phone and dials Jaspreeth’s number. Glad that he can end the conversation with his girl friend earlier, Jaspreeth rushes to give access to Ishika so that she can go out of the floor. Ishika rushes to the stairs to return to her floor. Normally, Ishika waits and talks to Jaspreeth. He is confused and decides to ask Keerthi what happened.
Jaspreeth asks, “Hey Keerthi. Why is Ishika so angry? What happened?”

Even before Keerthi responds with anxiety to tell what happened, Shiv shouts and calls Jaspreeth to his desk. Shiv knows that Jaspreeth and Ishika are good friends. So, he decides not to talk to Jaspreeth about the e-mail and the following incidents. Shiv is frightened he might speak his heart out to Jaspreeth that he has a liking for Ishika.

Shiv says, “Hey. What were you telling before you got the call from your girl friend?”

Jaspreeth, owing to his passion for jeeps, gets diverted and says, “Yes. I was talking about your jeep. How can you leave your jeep at your home town and use a small bike here. Why don’t you get it here?”

Shiv responds, “Come on. It is so expensive to maintain that jeep. And, my bike is good enough. I stay very close to our office. ”

Interrupts Jaspreeth, “Think about it. You have your jeep. You come on your jeep to work. Everyone on the road looks at you and your jeep. Imagine the respect you get. Yours will be the only jeep in the campus. Your life will change and you will have a lot of girl friends because of your jeep.”

The phrase ‘girl friend’ reminds Shiv of Ishika and her tantrums and he says, “I’m better off without a girl friend. These girls are so moody, wild, and funny.” He tries not to think of Ishika after looking at the reaction of his colleauges.

Adds Jaspreeth, “Whose focusing on girl friends now? I want you to imagine the respect you get if you come on your own jeep.”

Shiv thinks for a while and decides to go to his home town. He feels it better to take a break from work for some time to forget about what happened today. Shiv goes to his home town to get his jeep. He immediately informs Radhika and leaves from the workplace. He decides to catch the next bus to his home town and rushes to the parking to take his bike.

Once Ishika returns to the floor, she informs Grace about the scene in the ninth floor. Grace asks her to ignore the entire episode. Grace says goodbye to Ishika as she plans to leave early for the day. She goes to the parking lot and notices Shiv rushing to the parking lot and taking his bike.

She immediately calls up Ishika on her mobile phone and says, “Hey what did you do?”

Ishika on the other end says, “What happened? What did I do?”

Grace continues, “This guy, Shiv, is leaving. He seems to be very angry. He rode very fast on his bike from the parking lot towards the gate. I thought he would hit someone down.”

Ishika is perplexed for a moment and says, “What a big deal? What can I do now? He did the mistake and now he has to repent. Wait a moment. I’ll call Jaspreeth. You carry on. I’ll update you tomorrow. Your princess is waiting for you at home.”

Grace says, “Sure then. You take it easy. I have to go. Yuvika will be waiting for me.”

Ishika calls up Jaspreeth and says, “Hey, Where are you?” Jaspreeth answers without a pause, “Chandigarh. Where else?”

Ishika gets annoyed at his sense of humor and continues, “Cut the crap, now. Listen to me. Why did your team mate Shiv leave early today?”

Jaspreeth thinks for a moment before answering the question. He did not want to tell her that Shiv left to his home town to get his jeep as Ishika will be angry on him for his fascination towards jeeps. Instead, he comes up with an idea, “Shiv has quit. He put down his papers just now. He gave them to Radhika just now and left.” Jaspreeth felt that his statements went overboard.

Ishika is frustrated and says, “Stop kidding with me. How can that happen? Do you know the reason?”

Answers Jaspreeth, “I have no clue. In fact, he was very angry. He does not want to take his experience letter, too.”

Ishika disconnects the call all of a sudden and leaves for the day after informing Radhika. The next day, Ishika informs Grace about what Jaspreeth told her. Grace suggests Ishika to ignore Jaspreeth’s words as he is good at cooking last minute stories. They both wait for two more days. But, Shiv does not report to work on Thursday or Friday.

Ishika finds Shiv’s number and decides to apologize to him over the phone. Ishika calls up Shiv on his mobile phone.

Ishika begins, “Hello. Can I talk to Shiv?”

Shiv recognizes that this is Ishika’s voice as it has been ringing in his ears and mind for the last few days. Shiv answers the call, “Hello. Yes. Who is this?”

Ishika continues, “Hi Shiv. This is Ishika. How are you? I just wanted to call and apologize to you for what happened day before yesterday. I’m really sorry. I should not have reacted so much.”

Shiv is at complete loss of words on the other end of the call. He is unable to believe his ears. He blurts out, “Yes. Ish. Ishika. No problem. Thank you.”

Ishika continues, “Jaspreeth told me everything. I feel that I should not be the reason for your not coming to work. Please get back to work. I’ll give you a treat to offset what happened on Wednesday.”

Shiv is confused at the reference to Jaspreeth. He responds, “Sure. I’ll be back to work on Monday. You can treat me for lunch at the executive restaurant.”

Jaspreeth is on leave that Monday. So, Shiv does not get a chance to know what Jaspreeth told Ishika. They both go for a lunch that afternoon. They have a pleasant conversation talking about work-related things and about Jaspreeth and his girl friend. Shiv is once again mesmerized by the way in which Ishika talks and everything about her seems to be interesting to him. Ishika also seems to develop a liking towards him. After talking for nearly an hour, both of them remain silent while focusing on their food. Shiv wonders how great it would be if he could make Ishika his girl friend. He wants to do everything to get her. He wants to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful woman. So, he decides to be always truthful to her. This reminds him that he has lied to her that he is quitting. He understands that she stopped him from quitting by apologizing. He decides to tell her the truth. The luncheon goes all well until Shiv tells her that he never wanted to quit and he just went to his home town to get his car.

Ishika gets furious once again. She gets so angry that she forgets the fact that they are in a restaurant and there are some people around them. She shouts at Shiv, “So, this was your plan. How can you guys get so cheap? I never expected this from Jaspreeth, too. Trust me. You cannot have me as your girl friend by just being nice to me over a lunch. You need to have some qualities. You are a misfit when it comes to these things.”

Though Ishika’s words hurt Shiv’s ego, he decides to remain calm and try to make her understand.

Even before Shiv wants to speak, Ishika gets agitated and says, “You are so shameless. How can you think about a woman like this?”

She goes on and on and Shiv suddenly starts enjoying her angry face. He is mesmerized by her angry expression and is lost in that. A faint smile appears on his face.

Ishika gets frustrated at his smile and says, “Heights, man. You are a freaking pervert. Here, I am angry on you for your ghastly ideas and you are smiling. You people are hopeless.” She immediately rushes out of the restaurant.

Shiv pays the bill though it was supposed to be a treat from Ishika. He is confused and leaves the place silently.

Ishika explains the entire thing to Grace who consoles her. Grace makes it a point to fight with Jaspreeth after he returns to work the next day.

Grace meets Jaspreeth when is having his breakfast and says, “How can you do this to Ishika? Isn’t she your good friend?”

Jaspreeth is confused at Grace’s words and answers, “Holy Cow! What did I do? I just encouraged Shiv to get his jeep to Bangalore. How did Ishika come into the picture?”

After a good amount of intense discussion, Grace and Jaspreeth understand all the confusion that began with the e-mail and ended with the jeep. Grace immediately calls Ishika to the restaurant and explains her everything. Ishika is devastated and feels guilty at her own words and deeds. Grace suggests Ishika to meet Shiv and apologize to him.

Ishika meets Shiv to ask for an apology. Ishika goes to his cubicle and drags a chair to sit beside him.

Shiv is surprised to see Ishika sitting next to him. Ishika begins, “Jaspreeth told me the truth just now. I’m sorry. I know…”

Before she continues her conversation, Shiv interrupts and says, “I love you.”