Patrick and Christine traded greetings; they traded farewell greetings after spending the best night of their lives together.

They met each other at a pub the previous night and ended up having a great time together. This morning, they were mutual about not meeting each other again.

Patrick was the child of a loveless marriage. His parents always fought in front of him and that killed his ideas of marriage. As he grew up, he saw his favorite uncle and aunt get separated. Later, he witnessed his friends breakup after marriage. All these events reinforced the impression in his mind that marriages are hell and they are not meant to last. He thought that they wreak only havoc while they last.

Christine’s mother was cheated by her father. Christine never got to see her father or know who he is as her mother died at an early age when Christine was five. Later, Christine lived with her grandparents. They were cheated by their foster son and they lost all their wealth. Christine hated her uncle. Later in her life, she got into depression when one of her friends was cheated by a man and abandoned. Her friend committed suicide and this shattered all the trust Christine ever had for men in her mind. Through all the chain of events in her life, she realized she could never trust a man in her life. She had difficulty with  friends, too, if they were male.

Patrick and Christine never talked about their backgrounds the whole night.

Christine did not ask him about his future plans. But, Patrick said, “I’m moving to Spain in a week or two. These are my last few days in New York.”

Christine was not bothered by this as she never looked forward to have a relationship with him. She said, “I’m taking up an assignment in California as an investigative journalist. So, let us have fun while it lasts.”

It all lasted only for a night, they thought.

After a few week, Christine joined a news agency in Manhattan as an investigative journalist. After a few hours of orientation sessions and introductions to the top management, her boss, Paul introduced her to the cameraman who would team up with her for all her assignments.

Paul said, “Hey Christine. Meet Patrick. Our senior photographer. From today, you both make up a team. You must work together to handle the cases.”

Christine and Patrick were dumbfounded and did not know what to say. They feigned ignorance and acted as if they were meeting each other for the first time.

At the end of the work day, Christine met Patrick and told him, “Hey Patrick. About the other day. I would not want to know why you lied to me. Let us not discuss our past. Let us just keep going with our job as we met here for the first time.”

Patrick said, “Does it mean that we get to forget the great time we spent together that night? I had a great night and I’m not sure if I can ever forget it.”

Christine stopped smiling and said, “Listen. We are colleagues now. We need to maintain the decorum. Let us not get involved in a relationship. It might trouble both of us and our jobs. So, let us forget that something like that ever happened.”

Though Patrick did not like the idea, he said, “Are you sure? Because, I just wanted to have some good time with you, just once, and nothing more than that.”

They both decided to meet the next day at work and begin their assignments.

Later that evening, Christine called Patrick on his phone, and said, “Alright. Since you brought it up first, we will meet one more time for dinner and have some fun together. It is just a one time event as a closure to the other side of our relationship. Beginning tomorrow, we will just be colleagues.”

Patrick and Christine met for dinner and had a great time together. They both agreed upon the fact that they had more fun than the previous time they met each other.

Neither of them brought up the topic of the last night experience the whole of the next day. They worked as two professionals who did not know each other earlier and got along well as professionals, too.

Towards the end of the day, Patrick called Christine on her phone and said, “Hey, I have a water problem here. There’s water everywhere in my apartment. Looks like the douche bag who lives upstairs forgot the close the water taps. Now, my house is flooded with water. My best friend is not in town. Can I crash at your place for tonight, please?’

Christine had to agree as he really needed help.

The stay continued for over a week as Patrick’s apartment needed that much time to get fully renovated.

The evening before he was supposed to go back to his flat, they decided to spend some time together watching a horror movie.

Later that night, Christine called Patrick on his phone and told him that she is seeing some paranormal activity happening in her bedroom and she is frightened to sleep alone in the house. Patrick drove over.

Christine’s fear continued for three more days. After these three days, Patrick decided to spend the weekend at her house with her on the pretext of discussing a project assignment for their workplace. They prepared a video presentation together for the next week.

Finally, one afternoon, during the course of next week, Christine realized that they were almost living together. She said, “Let us stop this. We both are trying to find reasons to stay together. I know I am at mistake, too. I can’t blame you totally for this. I have an idea to end this. Let us both get out of this. I want you to not tell me where you are going. I will also not disclose any details about my new job. Let us quit this job, move out of this town, and start a fresh life without telling each other. We can disconnect our social networks, too, for some time, until we get to forget each other. Or, better, let us not update anything on the social networks about our location and profession in the near future.”

Though Patrick did not appreciate the idea, he agreed upon and they decided to part ways to avoid any further heartbreak.

Christine decided to take a two month break. Patrick went to Boston for a new job as a cameraman in a charitable organization. He was pretty sure that this idea is far from the conventional approach.

Patrick started enjoying his job. With much difficulty, he started getting used to the idea of forgetting Christine.

The break she took helped Christine focus on happier things in life. But, she could not stop thinking about Patrick. She realized she fell in love with him. Unbeknownst to her, she started developing trust on him. Unlike any of her earlier desires, she wanted him back in her life. However, as she decided she would not search for him, she continued to feel sad as she missed him badly. Finally, she decided to spend the rest of life cherishing those wonderful moments they spent together.

Christine decided to go to work again after her break.

On the first day of her work, she was introduced to the entire team. She felt a sense of deja vu that whole day as she had a similar beginning in her previous organization. However, this day, she did not meet Patrick as she was wondering if history would repeat.

The next day, a hurricane struck some of the states and she was asked to go to that place to report the incident. She was told that her cameraman would join her at the airport to receive her once she lands. Unexpectedly, Patrick was the cameraman and they both were working for the same charitable organization. They both thought about breaking free from the corporate world and contribute to the world.

They both could not believe how fate got them together again and again.

She said, “I’ll give up the idea of running away. Shall we try it out?”

Patrick replied, “I’d love to. I don’t think I can live without you.”

Patrick and Christine got married after four months in a grand ceremony and they tried to live happily ever after.