Rajesh felt glad he failed in more ways than it was possible for anyone. He failed in his career. He failed in his  marriage. He failed as a brother. Unfortunately, his parents would never agree that he failed as a son. He was very happy of all his failures.

Shanti, his wife, said, “Is everything alright with you? You have been acting strange. You fought with me. You screwed up your job and got fired. You fought with all your friends. You got into trouble with the landlord. You did not pay your taxes in time. You were caught speeding. Despite all this, you look so happy. You look as though you have achieved everything in your life and it is a new beginning. All I can see is that your life has come to an end. I’m glad I’ve severed ties with a psychopath like you. I’m tired of your weird antics.”

Rajesh smiled and did not say anything.

Rajesh’s parents flew from their home town to talk some sense into him. His father said, “Is there anyone else in your life? Is there something that you are hiding from us? Or, are you into drugs?”

Rajesh’s mother rubbished his father and said, “Stop it already. I wonder if he has some big disease and he is trying to get away from all of us. I’m so worried about my kid.”

Rajesh laughed and said, “Not to worry mother. I do not have any disease. I had a plan and am putting it into place now.”

Rajesh’s father asked, “There it is. I knew there was something hidden in that complicated mind. You cannot trust the kids of this generation. They are so manipulative.”

Rajesh said, “It’s far from the truth, father. I’m planning to set up an ashram. I’m tired of this life as a troubled soul. I want to set up an ashram, become a Swamiji and help other people by solving problems in their lives.”

Rajesh’s father angrily shouted saying,”Will you stop kidding with me? If you don’t want us to help you out or want us to go away, let us know. This is not the way you deal with the situation. Stop making fun of us. Look at him Kaantam. He knows that we are always listening to Swamijis on devotional channels. So, he is making fun of us by coming up with a new story.”

Rajesh’s mother said, “Stop it. He would never make fun of me. But, if he wants to really become a Swamiji, I will support him fully. He is so wise that he can become anything he wants. But, Raje, listen. You must not neglect on your food and sleep. Whether you become a Swamiji or astronaut, eat well and sleep well. The next time I come to meet you, I should see some added pounds.”

Rajesh’s mother and father left as suddenly as they came.

Rajesh’s friend, Harish, listened to his conversation with his father. After they left, Harish said, “I know what you are doing. You saved a lot of money over the years and now you want to spend some years holidaying somewhere. You are so tired and you want to chill out in some distant location away from all this. I wish I could come with you. But, I have family and responsibilities. I cannot leave them as you did. I’m not as gutsy as you are.”

Rajesh looked at him for a moment and said, “Stop drinking already. Your wife does not know it. You told me that you gave up drinking. But, you somehow managed to drink a bit every night. Why are you doing this? It’s taking a toll on your life.”

Harish was spellbound. He said, “How do you know about my drinking? Nobody knows about it. I manage it somehow. Was it some kind of guess that came true?”

Rajesh said, “No. I know everything now. Why do you think I wanted to become a Swamiji? I know your past. I know your future. Let me tell you something to prove. If you remember Shalini. She broke up with me because you told her something about me. You never wanted me to know about it and you planned it in such a way that I would never know it. But, I came to know all these things three months ago when realization dawned upon me. I came to know the past, present, and future of me, my parents, you, and everyone.”

Harish wondered if it was true. Harish tried to test his friend once again. He said, “When will the world end?”

Rajesh smiled with a confidence that resonated peace. He said, “The world goes through cycles of creation and destruction. It has no end. It has no beginning. It’s just like life.”

Harish said, “You copied this from the holy book, isn’t it?”

Rajesh said, “If the truth is written in that, yes, I got it from there.”

Harish felt a bit odd and did not want to ask any more questions.

Rajesh said, “I want you to quit your job and help me with my operations here. I want to set up ashram in this house. It is a huge complex. As you are a project manager, I want you to assemble all the required resources to convert this domestic place into a spiritual center where people can come and find some peace.”

Harish chuckled, “I’m a software project manager. I have no clue about any of these aspects.”

Rajesh said, “You always sought adventure. You found your job boring. This is the break you have been looking for. Try it out.”

Harish could not, but agree.

Rajesh continued, “The media is going to come in a few minutes. Can we rearrange this hall? and arrange for some seats. And, I have to get dressed in a saffron robe.”

Harish did not understand what Rajesh was talking about.

Rajesh said, “Turn on the television. You will know about it.”

Harish turned on the television and switched on to news channels. There were flash news all over about a spiritual guru.

A spiritual guru passed away in the morning. Before his death, he announced to the world that the next guru will be found in Bangalore at this location. The senior guru mentioned about Rajesh as a reincarnation of God and the next guru for all the people.

Harish could relate to the enormity of the situation, finally. His friend actually spoke the truth, he thought. It all seemed to occur to him now and everything made sense to him.

Rajesh said, “I’ll go and get dressed. Don’t worry about moving the furniture. My disciples will be here in a few minutes. Just guide them about the arrangement. You plan it and they follow your instructions.”

Rajesh went inside to get dressed. Harish now knew why his friend has been growing that beard over the last five months. It will suit well with the saffron robe, finally, he thought.

Within a few minutes, seven young men dressed in saffron robes walked into the house and asked Harish for directions. They put their luggage in a room that Harish indicated and they began doing the work of redecorating the house to make it look like a true spiritual center.

Media people flogged and they were surprised to see that Rajesh had the place prepared for them.

Media interviews started.

Harish thought Rajesh would proclaim to be a God in this session. He wondered if his friend would meet the fate of other fake Swamijis.

A journalist asked, “Guruji said that you are a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Is it true? Are you a God?”

Rajesh said, “I’m not the only God here. You are a God, too. We are all Gods. We are all reincarnations of God. There is God everywhere in all of us. Only a few of realize the God in us and do some good to the society. For example, you are journalist. But, you spend twenty five percent of your earnings for the education of some children and for some special kids. Isn’t that the God in you? And, you do not want the world to know about it. But, let the world about the God in you.”

The journalist did not have any questions. He was shocked as nobody knew about his principle of spending exactly twenty five percent of his earnings for charity purposes.

Another journalist, an man in his thirties, asked, “Aren’t there enough Swamijis? Why did you become a Swamiji now? Aren’t there enough people to guide the innocent ones?”

Rajesh said, “I was chosen to tread this path. I am not here to guide anyone. I am here to help people. I just want to listen to people and their problems and provide them with some peace. The Narendranath Swamiji never wanted to cheat you and your wife. The fact that you did not have kids did not have anything to do with him. He just wanted to bring some hope and let things happen in your life. But, fate decided otherwise. At least now, stop fighting with your wife about that Swamiji and adopt some children. Life will be better for you and your wife.”

The man was astounded and nobody knew that he wanted kids so badly.

Many other journalists asked many questions. But, the last question changed the perception of people forever.

An old man asked, “Can you help me? I have a problem and I am not able to live peacefully with it.”

Rajesh said, “Have faith in God and pray for a minute. Let us all pray for him for a minute.”

After a minute, the old man shouted, “Thank you Swamiji. He ran out of the meeting hall.”

Rajesh said, “He had sever ulcers and constant stomach pain all his life. This is not a premeditated scene. You can check his history with any doctor. Now, he is a happy man.”