Aditya Mahanta is a celebrated veteran in the film industry. He is respected and revered by everyone in the country. He is considered the god father of the industry in this country. He has acted in more than 500 films, most of which are blockbusters. He rose to fame when he first acted as a cab driver in a film. The film gained cult following and he became a super start over night.

After completing thirty five years in the film industry, Aditya Mahanta is the most successful man. He did not have any qualms about anything in his life, except for some small things he wished he could change. He had no children. He and his wife were always busy in films and did not consider the idea of adopting any kids. He did not miss kids, either. After crossing seventy years of age, he feels he needs just some alone time with his wife, which is very hard to come in a cinema obsessed country like India.

While other actors of his age have retired and have no films in their kitty, Aditya has always been busy with more than three films releasing every year. He has been accepting respectable roles of a father, grandfather, and freedom fighter. He has been experimenting all his life in various roles and he has been fortunate enough to get all these roles.

One of the things that bothered Aditya was the number of people who claimed to be his fans. Every weekend, he never gets to spend time with his wife or go out anywhere without being flocked by his fans. He hated stardom for this reason.

The crowd has increased and become very noisy this week as a new film of Aditya released in which he played a detective and people really loved the film and his acting in it. But, Aditya already suffered from migraine and their noise actually added to his woes.

With the help of his manager, he tried in various ways to reduce the number coming to his house to get his autograph and to have a glance at him. He would come out and wave his hand at them. But, when he is not well he hated to even step out of his bed. He blamed his aging for that reason.

Aditya lived in a posh bungalow in the center of the city. His house sprawled over a huge campus of at least six acres. The house and the entire vicinity was so huge that they could shoot a couple of films in his house easily. Some of the film studios were smaller in comparison.

Charandeep is an old time producer who lost most of his money in some films. He hated Aditya and his flamboyance. He always tried to prove to the world that Aditya is a crook. He always wanted to do something to harm the reputation of Aditya. They both often fought wars on various social media platforms. But, Aditya did not reckon him as a strong force. He always ignored him as a little troublemaker.

Finally, Charandeep made a plan to do something that would completely ruin the image of Aditya. He started implementing his plan.

Richard, a travel agent, came to meet Aditya and told him about this new lucrative tourist spot near Switzerland where there were hardly any people. Tourists had all the freedom to spend a lazy time and relish the bounties of mother nature. Aditya always wanted to go to a place like that.

Within two weeks, Richard arranged the trip of Aditya and his wife.

On a day before the trip, there were too many fans at Aditya’s doorstep. He had migraine again and did not have the energy and patience to see them. But, since he was going out of country for a month, he had to go and meet them. The noise suddenly increased when he stepped out. And, some of them climbed on the electric poles and the wire snapped out and it hurt some of the fans. The entire place was deprived of electricity for a few minutes. Aditya did not appreciate this and he lashed out at his fans to be more disciplined. He was very rude to all his fans. In his career spanning four decades, he has never been like this to any of his fans. He was known for being nice and humble to his fans. Media channels started showing his tantrums repeatedly as the highlights of the day.

Vishwa was the president of Aditya’s worldwide fans association. He could not believe that his favorite actor behaved his way to his fans.

Meanwhile, Charandeep was glad that the first two steps of his plan were implemented without any glitch.

A few hours before the trip, Aditya called Vishwa and told him the entire story. Vishwa felt glad that his favorite actor continued to remain as humble as he has always been.

Richard went along with Aditya and his wife for the trip. He said that he would drop them at the tourist resort and would meet them again on the last day of the trip. As they reached the tourist spot, Aditya realized that he lost his mobile phone.

Aditya and his wife started vacationing and they had a great time together.

Charandeep sent a video to the media as an anonymous person. The video made sensation across the country. It showed Aditya and a top politician discussing about some billions of money and a scandal involving some other country. People were aghast after watching that video.

Charandeep forwarded a couple of other videos that showed how Aditya worked against the interests of the country. His fans were confused and Aditya was not in the country to answer these questions and prove his innocence.

But, Vishwa knew what he had to do.

Vishwa immediately met the President of the country and told him about the situation. The President announced to the media that he cannot get Aditya arrested or file case against him until there is more evidence and until the scandal is proved to be real.

Meanwhile, Charandeep started creating fake profiles and pages on various social media platforms to instigate people against Aditya. There were many pages and many people started believing that Aditya was indeed an anti-national force.

Aditya’s wife got a call from her friends and she was informed about these developments in the country in their absence. She told to Aditya about all these allegations.

Aditya said, “Vishwa and my fans will take care of it.” He continued to enjoy his holiday. His wife was worried, though, and could not enjoy her holiday with complete peace of mind.

Vishwa started creating pages in support of Aditya and gathering more information about the scandal. A few top profile businessmen came forward to support Vishwa and they with the help of the cops found out about the fake video tapes. As Vishwa already guessed, the tapes all lead to Charandeep.

Vishwa and some more fans of Aditya spent weeks of sleepless nights to know more about the scandal and save Aditya from this scandal.

Finally, Vishwa installed some surveillance cameras in Charandeep’s house and work location without his knowledge. Vishwa just waited for a couple of days.

After the two days, Vishwa started broadcasting videos of Charandeep plotting about further damaging Aditya’s reputation and how he sought the help of some corrupted politicians and officers to get Aditya arrested.

With all the videos and news in favor of Aditya and truth, the public came to know that Aditya was innocent. Cases were registered against Charandeep for scandalizing people unnecessary. Police arrested Charandeep.

Even though he was arrested, Charandeep was glad that he had another plan in place which would take care of Aditya.

While he was returning to the airport in Switzerland, Aditya’s car meets with an accident. He and his wife get badly hurt. Luckily, Aditya chose not to sit in the front seat as he always did. He had to sit with his wife in the back because she was not feeling well. This decision saved him his life. Richard sat in the front and he died on the spot because of the overhead collision of a fast approaching truck.

Fans in India came to know about this accident and they were all worried about Aditya. He returned after one more week and thanked his fans for all the support and the prayers that saved him and his wife.