Having a girl friend is one thing. Having a beautiful girl friend and getting to live with her is an achievement for an average looking Indian guy. Vishesh felt proud of his achievement. It has been only three days and he is not sure if Swetha is going to live with him. But, he felt glad for the present. He hated his lonely past. He did not want to think about his uncertain future. He wanted to live in the moment.

Every morning has been pleasant. Not that there has been much happening between them, though. She wanted to take things slow. So, he was willing to wait for her. He did not want anything to stop this dream of his. And, all of a sudden, Vishesh stumbled upon something.

Everything changed from a dream come true to a nightmare. But, after finding out some truth, he was terrified and the nightmare was running in his mind. He could not share it with anyone. He wish he could tell his father about his dilemma. But, he could not as his father would never approve this idea of living in a with girl before marriage.

He spent the evening wondering what would happen to him. Many fears started troubling him.

Swetha asked him if everything was alright. He replied saying that everything was fine. But, she could sense this discomfort. She said she would leave the house if he had any problem with her staying with him. He told her that it has nothing to do with her. He knew, however, deep inside that she was the main problem. And, she was frightened if he came to know about her reality.

Two hours later, Swetha said, “I cannot take this anymore. You were happy and excited till yesterday. What happened to you this morning? Why have you become so dull and silent all of a sudden? Did I do something? Or, did you already lose interest in me? I think I should leave. I will arrange for a cab and leave later in the evening.”

Though he liked the idea of her leaving the house, he did not want her to leave immediately until he addressed his fears and did something.

He said, “God, please. It has nothing to do with you. I’ve not been feeling well. May be, it’s because of what we ate yesterday. I have a sensitive digestive system. I go through these situations whenever I order food from a new place. Please do not take any decision.’

Swetha was insistent. She said, “Whatever. I’m tired of all this. I’ll come back when you feel nice. You cannot stop me any more. I will go in the evening. If you really love me, let me go for now. I will definitely come back. I think we both need some time and space.”

Vishesh could not stop her any more. He prayed to God to send someone to make her stop till late in the night. His plan would have been implemented by then.

She started packing her clothes. Vishesh prayed to God again.

Vishesh’s prayers got answered. The doorbell rang.

It was a surprise. It was a shock. He did not know whether to feel happy, frightened, or sad.

His parents came to visit him from their home town. It was a surprise visit. They just wanted to surprise him.

Vishesh’s father said, “We thought we’d come without letting you know and surprise. I’m pretty sure you’d be alone. So, we thought we’ll give you company for this long weekend.”

Meanwhile, his mother scanned the house and realized that there is someone else in the house and it is a girl and she has been here for some time.

Swetha was in the bathroom.

She said, “Who is it? You are living with a girl. I did not expect this from you. What has happened to you. We are such a conservative and orthodox family and you end up living with a girl. How did your landlord allow? How can you do such things before marriage?”

Vishesh is usually frightened of his mother. His fears got multiplied today. He was pretty sure she would get angry when she come to know that there is a girl who lived with him.

He said, “Maa, please listen. Just give me a couple of hours. She is leaving. She is just a friend of mine. She had no place to stay. So, I let her stay here. She will be leaving in some time, anyway. Meanwhile, please do not get angry on me. Please try to understand the situation. There is a bigger problem at hand. I cannot tell you anything now. I just want you to be nice to her for the next few hours. I will tell you everything after that.”

His father said, “You are talking like those suspicious people in the movies. Is everything alright?”

His mother continued, “You are into drugs. Aren’t you? You are sedated already, aren’t you? Where did you learn all these things? I told you, Prakash, to not let him go to the city. This is what happens to the innocent guys who come from small towns. They get addicted to bad habits and ruin their careers and life. I always had a doubt about him in the past few months. He has been hiding so many things from us. I don’t know what to do to this guy. May God bless our family.”

Vishesh did not know what to do, “Dad, please tell maa to understand the situation. I just need three hours. Ask her to be calm until then.”

Prakash said, “Kaveri, listen to him. He’s never been under so much pressure. Look at his forehead. He is sweating when it is so cold. Let’s give him a few hours. You can get all angry on him if he does not come up with a good reason after that.”

Vishesh’s mother became silent.

Swetha came into the hall. She was surprised to see his parents.

After the initial introductions, Swetha was surprised how his parents could be so understanding. However, she thought that it should not matter to her as she would be leaving in some time.

After some discussions, the house became silent. It was obvious that the people in the room were not comfortable with each other.

Vishesh asked Swetha to go and grab some sleep as she has to travel in some time. Swetha went to sleep.

The doorbell rang again.

A tall man appeared and asked for Vishesh. After greeting each other, the tall man asked, “Where is she?”

Vishesh gestured towards the bed room.

The tall man indicated with his hands to someone outside. Suddenly, six people entered the house. All of them stormed to the bed room. Swetha was asleep in the room. They tried to wake her up. But, she was fast asleep.

Vishesh said, “I mixed some sleeping pills in her coffee, so that she should not escape.”

The tall man who is a cop said, “Good job. We will take care of things from here. Thanks for acting at the right time and informing us. But, you be careful.”

The cops took Swetha and her luggage with them.

Once the cop drama got over, Vishesh came into the house.

His mother looked at him as though she needed all the answers immediately.

Vishesh explained, “Three days ago, I had to go to the pub in the city to drive Karthik home. He called me saying he was badly drunk and needed help to drive him home. By the time I reached the pub, I came to know that he called at least four more people with the same pretext. One of them already drove him home.

So, I decided to return home. Just then, a girl, Swetha came running with her bag towards me. She said that she is being chased by some hooligans and sought my help. She asked me to drive her to the train station so that she can go to her village. I thought it would not be a harm to drive her. So, I took her to the train station. She got down the car and tried to go inside. Just as I was about to leave the train station, she came running again and said that some of the hooligans have already reached the train station and she cannot be there. She asked my help. She asked me to take her somewhere.

Without thinking twice, I tried to help her. I asked her if she is alright if I took her to my house. She said she had no problems.

Everything was alright until this morning. She knew that I am a software engineering. She did not know, however, that I am passionate about ethical hacking. So, when she was asleep. I hacked her phone just to know more about her. That’s when I came to know that she is part of a terrorist group. In one of the secret calendars, I noticed that they planned something major next week in the city. I got freaked out. She noticed the change in my behavior and wanted to leave. According to their plan, she was anyway supposed to leave after staying with an unsuspecting, innocent stranger for three days. Meanwhile, I called the cops and shared all the information I came across in her mobile phone when I hacked it. But, I was worried if they would arrive after she left. Both of you came at that time and helped me buy some more time. When she was talking with you, I could mix sleeping pills in her coffee. You saw what happened after that.”

His mother was overwhelmed by the story and she did not have anything to say.

After his mother went to sleep, his father asked, “Is the story completely true? I feel something is missing there.”

Vishesh replied, “Most of it is true. It is just that she never sought my help. She chose me as her target in the pub when I went to give company to Karthik. I was happy I got a girl friend. I was proud this morning that I could live with a girl, until I logged into her phone and saw the encrypted messages.”

His father smiled.