Everyday, on his way to home from work, Michael walks for a few minutes after parking his car. He thinks about the day at work and tries to get off the images – good or bad – about work from his mind. Michael always preferred to go home with complete peace and be nice to his family. His idea, indeed, has worked out in his favor and he fought less with his wife and got time to listen to his son and his school stories. Earlier, he would be emotionally drained and stressed out and shout at them for no odd reason.

This day was no different for Michael. He walked along the park with his laptop bag on his shoulder. He looked at the elder kids playing. The younger kids must have already gone inside as it was about to rain. It was windy and the weatherman predicted it to be a thunderstorm.

Micheal enjoyed watching the reflection of clouds in the water. As he reached the water, he felt it suddenly overwhelmingly bright and a white light everywhere. He did not realize it was a lightning that struck the place until a sound followed it. It occurred it was a thunder and he could not run. He felt as though he was electrocuted for a minute. He could not move. He was almost paralyzed. Michael wondered if this was the end of his life. After a few minutes, he fainted. He had hazy view of people rushing him to the hospital.

Michael’s wife, Sarah, came to the hospital with their son, Sylvan. The doctor told her that Michael was fine and there was no major damage despite being struck by a thunder on the head. The doctors told that his laptop bag had some rubber in it along with leather and that saved him. Sarah felt glad she bought it for him and forced him to take it to work everyday.

After a couple of hours, the doctors told Sarah that she could go in as Michael gained consciousness. As she walked into the room, she prayed to God, “Please let him be normal. I cannot think of him handicapped in any way. He is the best thing in my life. I don’t want him to be hurt in any way. I hope his memory is fine. I hope he can recognize me and Sylvan.”

Her thoughts were running so fast.

As soon as she reached the bed, Michael said, “My memory is fine. I can recognize you and Sylvan. And, trust me, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, too.”

Sylvan shouted, “What about me?”

Michael grinned and said, “You are the cutest and sweetest thing that ever happened to me.”

Sarah was confused how Michael could read her thoughts and answer them exactly. She did not want to trouble him by asking him all those questions. She thought, “Let me give him some time. Did he really read my mind? Is he really able to get into my mind? Is it some kind of superpower? I just hope he does not turn into a psychopath.”

Michael said, “I need to talk to you. Can you ask your someone to take care of Sylvan for a few minutes?”

Sarah’s sister, Lucy, took Sylvan out.

Having confirmed that there is no one else in the room, Michael said, “It is a new power that I got. I can read your mind. I can read everybody’s mind. I see it as though it is aired on television.”

Sarah was bewildered, “You must be kidding me. Please stop playing pranks at this moment. I’m worried of you.”

Inside her mind, she was thinking, “I hope you paid the insurance premium last month. Else, we will have to shell out money for this hospital visit.”

Michael said, “Trust me. This is not a prank. And, yes, I paid the insurance premium last month. We are covered here. Do not worry about the finances.”

Sarah was dumbstruck. She thought about the insurance thing just to check if he was saying the truth. She thought, “I’m done. I can never have any secret in my life. I thought one danger is out. This seems to be a bigger problem. How can I live with this man? God, why do you do this to me?”

Michael said, “Listen. Please do not entertain such thoughts. I will not trouble. I have this power of ignoring your thoughts. In such a case, I can choose not to hear your thoughts until you want me to. So, please be assured that your liberty is not at stake.”

Sarah said, “Thanks for understanding.”

Inside her head, she was thinking, “As though I have another relationship and I’m trying to hide from this guy. My life is so much about house work, career, and responsibilities. I do not have time to watch a movie also. Forget it.”

Michael said, “Let me get discharged. I’ll take you to a movie. But, promise me one thing. You will not tell anyone about my newly acquired skill. Sylvan is too young to understand anything. I’m pretty sure he will be overwhelmed. We can use this skill to deal with him effectively. Wait a minute. Go. Run. Get him immediately. He plans to go and play near the escalator. He wants to climb up an escalator going down. It is too dangerous for a young kid like him. He thinks that this is the right time as Lucy is arguing with her boy friend about something.”

Sarah ran for her son. Lucy was busy on the phone. And, Sylvan was running towards the escalator. Within a minute, she caught hold of her five year old son before he could experiment with the escalator.

Sarah rushed back to Michael’s room to thank him. She took Sylvan along with her. Before she could say anything, Michael said, “Talk to Lucy. She is depressed. George does not want the baby. But, Lucy wants to keep the baby.”

Sarah was astounded. She said, “Is Lucy pregnant? I did not know. That explains a lot about her repeated bouts of illness. She blamed it on hangover. Let me go talk to her.”

While walking out, Sarah thought to herself, “I’m glad his new skill is helping all of us in some way. I hope he does not use it to irritate or dominate me. May God bless us all.”

Michael smiled to himself. Sylvan asked him, “Why are you laughing Dad?”

Michael started playing with Sylvan. Suddenly, he thought about his work colleagues and decided to call his boss. As he was taking his boss number on the phone, he could read his boss mind. Michael was not happy with what he heard.

Michael’s boss was thinking to himself, “I can continue to motivate Michael to over perform this month, too, and get all the perks in his name. I can forward a few to him to make him happy. This equation is working out fine for me. I just have to be careful neither Michael nor Steve gets to know the way I’m dealing with the entire sales volume thing every month. I’m glad I reduce the chances of them meeting to a great extent. Michael thinks that Steve is a bad manager. So, it works out fine for me.”

Micheal realized why he has not been happy at work all this while and could not tell anyone about this. He has been slogging all this while and his boss took all the credit for his hard work. Michael decided to call up Steve. Suddenly, he could read Steve’s mind.

Steve was thinking, “The award for this quarter should go to Richard. Despite having a lazy team member like Michael, he turned the tables and is doing wonders with the sales. I should be careful as to not get influenced by anyone in this process. These people can be tricky.”

Michael thought about Steve’s boss for a moment. He heard him thinking, “I should sell this company immediately. It cannot go on like this.”

Michael immediately called his ex-boss who kept on offering him a new job for a long time.

When Sarah came back into the room after counselling her sister, Michael said, “I have quit my job. I’m joining a new job from Monday with Alex’s company. And, we are not buying that house on Windsor Street that you did not like.”

It was too much for Sarah to handle.