“Participate in this football match. Just be there, as a part of the team. You’ll slowly learn the game and one day you will win the match and become the captain of the team,” said Shekhar to his son, Karthik.

Karthik was silent. After Shekhar left the room, Karthik said, ” I don’t want to participate as I will never learn the game and will not become the captain of the team.”

Karthik’s mother asked, “Why is it is so? Don’t you like football? Do you like cricket instead? Tell it to me. I will speak to your father.”

Karthik said, “It is not about me. It is about the game. It is about the future. I know that it is not going to happen. Father will not allow me to play it soon. Why should I waste my time on it when I know it is not going to happen?”

Karthik’s mother did not understand his logic. She ignored his words.

It took only a couple of months for Karthik’s predictions to come true. Shekhar’s friend, Rajiv, is a national level football player. Rajiv had a very successful stint all these years. But, he lost many matches this year and that lead to depression. Due to depression, Rajiv started taking drugs. And, his addiction to drugs killed his career and family life. After looking at the life graph of Rajiv, Shekhar came to the conclusion that all sports lead to depression and addiction.

So one day, Shekhar came home and shouted at his son to never play football again. Karthik looked at his mother and smiled. She understood the logic of his earlier words, only then.

Karthik started guessing weird things.

During one summer season, they planned to go to a hill station for vacation. Two days before the trip, Karthik told his mother he does not want to go on that vacation because it is going to be really nightmarish. She decided to listen to his prediction and forced her husband to cancel the trip. The next day after their planned trip date, they learn it on news that the hill station suffered from a huge avalanche and many people lost their lives while many others were stranded. She explained the power of Karthik’s predictions to her husband, Shekhar.

It took some time for Shekhar to believe his son’s abilities. But, he decided to put them to test.

Shekhar called Karthik one day and told him that he was planning to invest in some shares in a new software company that has become popular. Karthik asked his father to show the photographs of the top people of the company. Within a few minutes, Karthik said, “Let’s go with some other company. The guy in this picture is a wrong doer. Let’s stay away from such a company. Instead, look at the other oil company that has not been doing well. It shows some prospects in the near future.”

Shekhar found such a prediction to be ridiculous. Despite that, he was forced to buy shares of the oil company by his wife. Within a month, the CEO of the software company was arrested on charges of mis-governance and the company’s shares plummeted. All the people who invested in the company incurred huge losses. At the same time, the oil company suddenly reversed its fortunes because of the changes in the oil policy of some middle east nations. It’s share prices have skyrocketed. Shekhar benefited hugely from these transactions. He decided that he would consult this son for all decisions from that day.

Heeding to Karthik’s advice, Shekhar amassed significant wealth in the next one year. He decided to start his own company and told this to Karthik. He explained the entire strategy as he was a consultant earlier to companies that needed strategies. He was pretty sure Karthik would be confident of his father.

Karthik said, “It seems to be an awesome idea. But, you do not start a company please. Let people think that you started it. Let it be in the name of mom. It will save us all from a lot of trouble.”

Shekhar wondered how it would make any difference. But, as his son suggested, he started a company by letting people that he owns it all, while all the properties are in his wife’s name. The company started generating profits within a very short span. However, a couple of Shekhar’s friends who were given important posts in the company tried to forge Shekhar’s signature and get the property in their name. When the bank informed Shekhar that someone tried to do this, Shekhar was surprised and felt glad once again he listened to his son.

Everything was going better than Shekhar could have ever imagined. But, one day, Karthik came to his room and said, “Dad, please listen to me. Trust me. There is no one who will love you as much as mom does. Please do not fall prey to unnecessary attractions. We cannot live without you.”

Shekhar did not understand his son’s prediction. He tried to ask more questions. Karthik cried and said, “There is a woman who is going to seek your attention. If you fall for her charms, our family will never be the same. Please be careful. It is a ploy and you are being targeted. We cannot live without you.”

Shekhar found it coincidental that Karthik spoke about this right before Shekhar’s month-long trip to another county all alone. Shekhar wondered if something was going to happen during the trip. Going by his son’s words, Shekhar decided to not go for the trip. But, business had to be done and so he had to go. In the last minute, Shekhar decided to take his family also on this month long vacation. This came as a big surprise to everyone else, including the people who were plotting something against Shekhar.

As expected, Shekhar came across a beautiful woman in the trip. He almost fell for her charms. But, Karthik stopped him in the last minute. Meanwhile, Shekhar’s wife assumed that Shekhar was spending time with her and started fighting with him. But, Karthik proved to her that Shekhar spent time with him and they had a good father-son time together in the vacation. Once they were back from the vacation, things seemed to be normal. Shekhar thanked God for giving him a son with supernatural clairvoyant abilities.

After some years, Karthik took over the reins of the company and ran it better than his father and they lived prosperously.

One day, Shekhar called Karthik and asked him to meet Malini. Shekhar told him that Malini was his friend’s daughter and they were planning to get Karthik married to Malini. After meeting her, Karthik said to his father, “I cannot marry her, Dad. She is pregnant. She does not know it yet.”

A couple of months later, Shekhar came to know that Malini was pregnant and he ran away with her boy friend as her father did not approve of their relationship.

Shekhar said, “Look, Karthik. You know our relationship. I have been taking advice from you all my life. I never taught you any lessons. You taught me more lessons than any father would ever teach his son. So, please fetch a good girl for yourself. I cannot find anyone for you. I’m sure you’d know who it is going to be.”

Karthik said, “No. You have to find the girl for me. I know for sure that mine is not a love marriage. And, you will find the best girl for me.”

Shekhar was surprised. He went and talked to his wife. They both made it a point to find a girl for Karthik. Shekhar prepared a strategy to find a good girl for his son. After nearly two months of effort, Shekhar and his wife found a girl who they thought would be suitable for their son.

As soon as Karthik saw her picture, he started crying. It took nearly thirty minutes for them to console him. Shekhar did not understand. He never saw his son crying. Karthik said, “Dad. She is the girl. Thanks for finding her. But, you and mom will not be able to see my marriage. There is nothing anyone can do about it. No one can stop some things.”