Sadashivam leads a happy life in his farmhouse in the outskirts of the city with his wives and children. When his first wife was bed-ridden, he had to marry her sister to take care of their daughter. Later, he had a son with his second wife. They all lived happily together without any hassles. Sadashivam’s second wife, Malathi, took care of the family and her sister and is known to be very affectionate and caring towards everyone in the house.

One summer evening, Sadashivam had a guest. An executive from a large entertainment company came to meet him to discuss about the sale of his property. The entertainment company decided to start a resort in this location and they acquired the properties all around Sadashivam’s farmhouse. Without getting Sadashivam’s property and demolishing his house, they cannot go ahead with building the resort as his property was in the exact center of the planned resort center and it had an awesome view of the sunrise at the beach. This was one of the reasons why Sadashivam paid a hefty price and bought this plot. But, Sadashivam did not want to sell his property. He wanted his children and grandchildren to live in the same farmhouse. He was emotionally very attached to the place. The executive left the place dejected and there was not much of an argument or discussion.

Two weeks later, an old lady, Julia, came to Sadashivam’s house saying that she is all alone and she needed some work and place to stay. Sadashivam after consulting Malathi and his daughter decided to keep her as the maid. Within a week, Julia became friendly with everyone in the house and took care of everything. Life became easier for Malathi and everyone and Sadashivam felt glad he employed Julia.

A month later, Sadashivam noticed that the entertainment company started their operations in the site beside his farmhouse. When he inquired how they were going ahead without his site, they said that the project was broken into two parts and his house played the role as a demarcation between the two blocks. Sadashivam felt glad that a grand holiday resort was being established beside his house.

Two days after the construction work started, everyone heard a siren and there was a lot of hullabaloo at the site. When Sadashivam checked it out, he learnt that two workers died in the construction site and the company has decided to halt the construction of the resort for some time until investigations are done. They left a watchman and his family to take care of the construction site until things settled.

Slowly and steadily, things started changing around his house. Every night they started hearing weird noises from around. The place used to be a peaceful home earlier. Now, it turned out to be too frightening because of the weird sounds.

One morning, Sadashivam saw the corpses of ten birds in front of his gate. Before his family could know about it, he got rid of the birds. The next day, he saw the dead bodies of four cats inside his gate. Again, before his family could know about it, he buried them and acted as if nothing happened. On the third consecutive day, he could see three dogs dead near his gate. Sadashivam had no clue about these happenings.

The watchman of the construction site came to him one morning and said, “They are saying that the two dead workers have become ghosts and are killing animals and people every night here.”

Sadashivam ignored it as he did not believe in ghosts.

Strange and weird things started happening near their house. He could not hide these things from his family. One day, instead of water, blood started gushing out of the water taps and cisterns in his house. The kids were frightened. Malathi suggested they seek the help of a priest who can solve all these mysteries.

The priest came over that evening. He inspected the house and the surroundings. He said, “The two people who died in the construction site did not die in an accident. It was a murder. Their spirits are now seeking revenge. You need to be very careful.”

As suggested by the priest, Sadashivam organized from prayers at his home and spent some money on those prayers. The weird things happening around his house stopped for a while.

One day, the watchman and his family suddenly disappeared. Other people started inquiring about them and Sadashivam had no clue how an entire family of five people could go missing all of a sudden.

When Sadashivam was wondering about these development, his ten year old son came to him. His son, Vishal, said, “Dad. I did an experiment with your old camera. I installed it on our terrace and recorded videos for the last two weeks. The videos came out so good. Will you please come and see it?”

Sadashivam was already troubled by things happening around his house. He scolded his son and asked him to go away.

The next day cops came to Sadashivam’s place with an arrest warrant. They said that they received complaints from the extended family of the watchman saying that Sadashivam killed the watchman and his family. Sadashivam was taken to the police station. He had no clue how this happened. News started flashing in all news channels saying that Sadashivam killed the two construction workers and the watchman and his family.

Malathi had no clue how to solve this problem. She sought the help of Sadashivam’s friend, Rajagopal to solve this mystery and set him free. However, all witnesses pointed out to Sadashivam. He did not share many details about the dead animals to his family. Media started twisting the facts saying that Sadashivam is used to hunting birds and animals around his house and burying them at a location. When the authorities dug the place, they found all the dead birds, cats, and dogs. All these incidents made the situation harder against Sadashivam.

One day, when the lawyer visited the house to discuss further about the case, Sadashivam’s son came and gave him a video. Rajagopal, the lawyer immediately watched the video and shared the video with the media.

In less than a few hours, Sadashivam was released on bail.

The video showed all the things that happened during the course of earlier weeks. According to it, the watchman and his family were not killed. They silently left the place one night after making all the required preparations. Likewise, the birds were killed by construction workers every midnight and thrown in front of Sadashivam’s gate. The two workers who were dead did not die. It was a drama to traumatize Sadashivam and his family.

The manager of the entertainment company played this entire drama of murder, ghosts, and repeated murders to frighten Sadashivam and his family and force them to vacate this place. They wanted to use fear to solve their problem and grab Sadashivam’s land.

With the help of media and his lawyer, Rajagopal, Sadashivam exposed the games of the entertainment company and sued them for all the trouble caused. Sadashivam won the case because of the witness video captured by his son. The entertainment company had to pay Sadashivam money and also had to stop their plans to build a resort at the location near his house. Sadashivam used the money to buy the entire plot around his house. He extended his house and build a bigger farmhouse.