“If I remember it right, you told me that we have nothing more to talk. You also said you never want to talk to me again,” said Ray to his ex-wife Debra.

Debra said, “Ray, listen. I need your help as a detective. And, yes, as a friend too. I know I have been harsh on you. But, you must understand how badly I need your help that I decided to approach you finally.”

Ray asked, “What about Charles, your boss? He is the best investigator in town. He also uses his detection abilities to ruin families, the way he did to us.”

Debra knew this was coming. When they decided to part ways, Ray asked her to give one more chance to prove his innocence. But, she was adamant because she believed in the investigation abilities of her boss, Charles, who found out that Ray had an extra-marital affair.

Debra decided to bury the hatchet. She said, “Can we be mature enough to let go off the past and become friends again? Else, can you just help me as an ex-colleague? Charles is acting weird these days. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable enough seeking his help. I need your help on this troublesome case.”

Ray was listening and trying to analyze her words. She knew his thought process. He would carefully listen to the words and guess the truth behind the words. If he realized that those words were dishonest, he would speak immediately. If he has been silent, it meant that he started believing her words. She felt glad he did.

Debra continued,  “There is a case of multiple murders of people working in the same company. It has been handed over to our department three months ago. Ever since the cops gave the case to us, it has become a very troublesome case for our department. Every investigator who is assigned to that case is getting murdered within a few weeks of his assignment. We lost Paul, Diana, and Bob already. Now, they assigned it to me. I’m not frightened of getting killed. But, I want to go prepared. I thought you would be the right person to help me in this case.”

Ray knew about this case. But, he did not like the fact that Debra was asked to handle it. He said, “What’s wrong with Charles? Why can’t he handle the case on his own when it has become so intriguing? And, you know I am not entitled to do any investigation after Charles did his sting operation. I remain suspended for a few more months.”

Debra said, “I spoke to Martin and sought his special permission given the peculiarity of this case. I’m emailing you his approval. And, Charles need not know about your involvement. I’ve also emailed you the case details. Please go through them and tell me when we can meet about it.”

Ray said, “After all that happened in the last six months, how did you think I would help you or that department?”

Debra said, “I know you would not do it for the department. So, I’ve called you up.”

Ray was silent. Both of them knew that he always loved Debra and he cannot stop loving her. Debra also always loved him. But, she could not believe it when Charles proved that Ray was cheating on her. She had no chance but to break up with him.

Ray said, “I’m tired of you. How many times can you take advantage of my love?”

Debra was silent.

Ray disconnected the call. Debra felt glad that she would be safe now.

Ray checked the details of the case.

According to the documents, it was a case of multiple homicide. The cops could not identify or arrest anyone in this case till date. A young executive dies mysteriously in a small company. Another colleague was arrested on charges of raping and killing this lady executive. Three months after his arrest, all the other colleagues in the company have been dying one after the other. Three investigators assigned to this case have also been murdered mysteriously. Now, Debra is assigned to this case.

Ray did some background check of all the people who were killed. He started with finding the details of the first girl and the guy who was arrested.

Ray went and met the guy, Roger, in the jail.

Roger said, “I’ve been in jail, all this while, under tight security. Investigators have been coming and trying to frame me in the murder of the other colleagues. I want to reiterate that I have not killed the first girl. She was my love. We were planning to get married. How can I kill her? Why would I kill her? There is something more that is troubling me. I have so many questions. But, nobody is there to answer my questions. Instead, your team has been troubling me with the same set of questions again and again.”

As always, Ray found Roger’s words and actions to be honest. More than solving the case of multiple murders, he wanted to probe further into Roger’s case and help him get out of the jail. He hated it whenever innocent people were falsely accused in criminal cases.

After three days of research about the company, Ray found something interesting.

Ray called up Debra and asked her to meet him at the coffee shop. He sounded very confident in the call. Debra knew that the case is almost solved if Ray was so happy.

Debra came and met him after six months. He hasn’t changed a bit, she thought.

Ray felt too happy to see her again. He wanted to hug her and take her back to his house. He wanted her badly back in his life. However, he did not want to discuss anything about them at this juncture. He wanted to talk only about the case.

Ray said, “I want to tell you a story. Rachel is a bubbly girl. She fell in love with her colleague Roger and they were planning to get married. But, they did not want anyone at their workplace to know. Because, it was against the rules of the company to have people from the same family work or the same home  work for them. So, they decided to keep it a secret. They were living in together. They decided to get married in a couple of months. Roger would resign just before the marriage as he already got a job offer from another company.”

Debra was impatient as usual. She said, “Don’t tell me you investigated the first case. We all tried to do it and it’s of no use for this case of multiple murders.”

Ray looked at her seriously. She stopped and let him continue. She knew that he continued to have that effect on her.

Ray continued, “Sorry, but there is more it. Listen carefully. Roger and Rachel had some fun at the workplace and it was captured on the surveillance cameras by the security team. Johnson, the head of the company was alerted about this. He did not take any action against them. He chose to inform Roger’s father, Justin, about this. Justin, hailing from a conservative clan, did not approve of this relationship. He asked Johnson to get rid of Rachel at any cost.”

Debra interrupted again, “So, Johnson killed Rachel. But, why would he blame Roger for this? How did Justin agree to this.”

Ray got up from his seat and started walking away. He hated it when people interrupted him.

Debra apologized and got him back to the chair.

Ray said, “The next day, Rachel found something disturbing at the office. Rachel came across some documents according to which her boss, Johnson is involved in a major scam with a government organization. She talked to other colleagues and they had no clue about this. They decided to ask Johnson the next day as they thought he was not in town. But, Johnson came to know about all this through the help of surveillance cameras. So, these are the details I got till now. Nobody knows what happened after that and how Roger ended up killing Rachel and how the other colleagues are dying one after the other.”

Debra smiled. She knew that the case has come to an end. She was glad she entrusted it to the right person. She said, “I know about Justin. He is the head of the government agency that is involved in the scam that Rachel found out. It would have been devastating for his career if the scam came out in the open. As he is running for the post of the mayor, any scam would undermine his chance badly and he would get arrested. He chose his career over his son and got Rachel killed by seeking Johnson’s help. Once he becomes a mayor, he thought he would find ways to prove his son’s innocence and get him out easily. But, the other colleagues have been talking about this and it started becoming an issue for Johnson and Justin. So, they have been dying mysteriously. Every investigator who tried to handle this case was also killed because Justin planned it well and make all those deaths appear as accidents. But, he did not know that you would get into this case.”

Ray leaned forward and kissed her. For a moment, they forgot that they broke up.

After a few days, Johnson and Justin were arrested on charges of corruption and multiple homicides. Ray and Debra married again. A few years later, Roger ran for the post of the mayor of the city and lost in the elections.