Harika looked around. She thought for a moment and decided not to kill herself. She contemplated many ideas and thought about making her life better. Finally, she decided to face her step mother get what she deserved – respect and money.

Harika felt a whiff of fresh air and a great new positive energy. For a moment, she started liking her. Suddenly, she saw a man walking towards her.

Ved looked at her intently acting as though he knew her. He walked straight towards her as though he wanted to talk to her. He almost gave her a hand shake. Suddenly, he moved away as though he did it all by mistake. Harika felt confused. Her heart skipped a beat when he came near her. She liked his appearance and demeanor. She wanted to shake hands with him. But, when he stepped aside, she was confused and did not understand why she was acting so desperate.

Ved laughed aloud and showed her the camera that they placed at the other end of the street. Ved told her that he is a part of this crew that plays pranks on unsuspecting people on the road and records the videos. He said that they would air the videos only after getting due permission of the people involved. Harika requested him not to broadcast this video as she was not happy with the way she reacted.

Ved said, “Alright. I will not show your video to anyone or broadcast it. But, I need a small favor from you. Me and my driver are new to this place. We drove all the way from Kolkatta. We have no clue about the places where we can find interesting people who will not make a mess out of our concept of shooting. I hope you understand. So, it would be great if you can tell us some nice places around. Or, it would be greater if you have the time and accompany us. Your safety is assured.”

Ved showed her his badge and other credentials to prove that he and his company will be safe for her.

For a moment, Harika thought about her step mother. She realized that her step mother would never let her go on a road trip across the city like this. So, she decided to be a rebel and accompany Ved.

Ved and Harika talked more about each other in the next few minutes of the trip. Within the next one hour, they reached a spot and they played an idea that Ved conceptualized. Harika had a great time looking at people’s responses and she was really enjoying it.

Harika told, “I have never laughed like this for a long time. Life has become so tedious and troublesome that I do not laugh at these jokes when aired on the television. I feel better today. Thanks for asking me out on this road trip.”

Harika reached home very late and did not respond to any questions posed by her step mother. She decided to be adamant and reckless for the next few days and up the ante as time progresses. She wanted to teach her step mother a lesson. She missed her father badly.

Harika did not understand why her step mother was so silent.

The next day, Harika got a call from Ved. He asked her if she wanted to accompany him to a neighborhood city for a couple of days. He assured her that there were two more girls and her safety can be assured.

Ved said, “You need not be worried about the night stay. There are two girls who are part of the crew. You can either book a separate room or stay with them. I’ll leave it to you.”

Harika said, “Oh is it? I thought I might have to share a room with you so that we can sit late and discuss some more ideas.”

Ved said, “If you are comfortable with that idea, I’d be the luckiest man in the world. But, one thing is true. You might fall in love with everything.”

Harika asked, “What will I fall in love with?”

Ved corrected himself by saying, “You’ll fall in love with the job and everything related to these trips. You might want to become a comedy journalist on your own.”

Harika laughed off his joke though she got the underlying message.

The next day Harika packed her bags and walked boldly out of the house. While going out, she said, “Don’t worry. I’m just going for a trip. I’ll come back in a few days. Keep the house safe until then. I’ll come back and get into Dad’s business. I want to become active in that now that I have completed my education.”

Harika’s step mother did not like the last part of her dialogues. As soon as Harika left, she called up someone and said, “Now is the time. Do something sooner. She is getting bolder by the day. She might eventually get into the business. She is becoming a threat.”

Listening to the answer on the phone, she disconnected the call confidently.

Meanwhile, Harika waited for Ved’s van outside her house. Within two minutes, Ved disconnected the call and reached Harika’s house.

Harika got into the van and they both had a great time. The other members of the crew did not exist for them. It was as though they both were friends since childhood and they met after so many years. They both felt the passion and enjoyed each moment they spent with each other.

Harika was waiting for Ved to propose to her. When she deliberately brought up the topic of love, Ved diverted the topic on some pretext or the other. Harika did not understand why he was avoiding the topic completely. She knew from his eyes and words that he is deeply in love with her. But, she did not understand why he is not ready to admit his love to her.

By the end of the day, the topic of staying in a hotel cropped up. When they were discussing about rooms, Harika wanted to say that she would share a room with Ved on the pretext of planning for the next day’s program. But, before she could say that, Harika got a call from her friend Jitesh.

Jitesh is a distant cousin and friend. Harika’s step mother did not know that Harika was in touch with him and that he was a cop. Harika has always been continuously updating Jitesh everything every moment.

Jitesh said, “I did a background check on this guy. You’ll not believe what I found out. And, I’m sorry it’s not good news for you. Though he works as a video journalist, his secret job is to assassinate people. He has been hired by your step mother to lure you into love and kill you. You know that I tap your step mother’s phone conversations. Just before you started, she gave him instructions to finish you off immediately.”

Harika could not believe what she heard. She said, “But, I can see love in his eyes for me. I cannot believe this. I want him. I don’t want to die.”

Jitesh said, “We’ll deal with that later. I just want you to return safe. Please stay away from him. I know it is difficult for you at this juncture.”

Harika thought about everything and realized that this was an immaculate plan. She told people that she wanted to share room with Ved.

Towards the end of the night, when they retired to their rooms, Harika asked, “So, how are you planning to kill you?”

Ved started crying. He said, “I cannot kill you. I love you so much. I cannot live without you.”

Ved could not stop crying.

Harika said, “Is this the way you are trying to fool me and kill me? If so, I am game. But, give me a hug before killing me. Nobody, after my father, has treated me so well in my entire life. I just want to hug you once and die. Thank you for the last few days. It has been awesome. I welcome death with open arms.”

Ved said, “How do I prove to you that I don’t want to kill you?”

Ved took out a gun and shot himself.

Harika rushed him to the hospital. He lived as they rushed him sooner. There was no case registered as she said it was an accident.

Within a week, Harika’s step mother died after slipping from the terrace in their house. Nobody knew how this accident happened.