The meeting was in progress. Everyone was listening to the presenter. But, the most important person of the meeting, Utsav, was least interested and looked out of the window. He did not want to be there at this moment. He was not angry. He was not sad. He wanted to be somewhere else. He did note hate his role. It was his company. He started it. He made it big. And, he pioneered a revolution in the name of this company. But, on this day, he wanted to be somewhere else. He hated to be here.

Two weeks ago, on a fateful Saturday night something horrible happened on his way back from a party. Utsav asked his friend, Shyam, not to ride the car as he was heavily drunk. But, Shyam insisted that he was in control and decided to drive. It took only a few minutes for Shyam to lose control of the car and steer it towards the bridge. Nothing happened to Shyam. But, Utsav fell off the car into the bridge. Before he realized what happened, he was unconscious and under water.

He woke up after six hours only to realize that he was in a strange place with new people. He only heard some kids talking. He did not know where he was. After trying hard, he opened his eyes. Suddenly, he heard a young boy shouting, “Father, the businessman woke up. Father, he woke up.”

Utsav could hear footsteps of the child running away from the room. When he opened his eyes, he could see the faces of at least six kids looking at him. A couple of them were giggling and the remaining kids were looking as though they were examining something under a microscope.

The Father, an old man, in white robes walked into the room and asked the kids to stay away from the businessman.

The Father spoke. He said, “Hi. I’m Father Joseph. I run this institution. We found you unconscious this morning on the banks of the river. You had some injuries on your head. The doctor told that you need some bed rest. If you need something, tell one of these kids. They will immediately call me. If I’m not in the middle of the prayers, I’ll come immediately. You can stay here for the next couple of days until you fully recuperate. I don’t know your name. I’m sorry these naughty kids decided to call you as the businessman because of your attire.”

Utsav, in a feeble voice, said, “I’m Utsav. I think my car met with an accident and I fell into the river. Where is this institution? I have to make some calls. People will be searching for me. Do you have a mobile phone? Can I make a quick call?”

As he was speaking, he felt sever pain in his head and he fell unconscious again. After a few hours, he woke up again. Father Joseph was beside him with a mobile phone in his hand.

Utsav felt better than earlier. Joseph said, “I had to call the doctor again. He did something and told that you will feel better now.”

Joseph gave his mobile phone to Utsav.

As a matter of habit, Utsav tried to access the Internet as he did not recollect the numbers of anyone. He was feeling delusional. He could not connect to the Internet on this old phone. Joseph said, “I do not have Internet activated on the phone. We do not have good coverage here. You can use the computer in the other room. The professor who comes here once in a while uses it to check his email.”

Before going to the other room, Utsav asked, “Where is this institution? How far am I from Chennai?”

Joseph was taken aback when he realized that Utsav is from Chennai. Joseph said, “It appears you came downstream with the river. We are at least three hundred miles far from Chennai.”

Utsav felt confused. How could he have come so far and stay alive? He thanked God for keeping him alive. After a few minutes, with the help of some of the kids, Utsav connected to the Internet and retrieved the number of his friend Shyam. He did not want to call his company headquarters as they would have not told anyone yet that Utsav is missing. He did not want to cause panic among the employees or the stakeholders.

Utsav called up Shyam and shared his coordinates with him. Shyam said, “Google says it will take at least one day for us to come there. There are no trains to that place. How did you land there? You are so funny. We’ll come there tomorrow. If you want to come immediately, I’ll rent a chopper and come.”

Utsav thought about it for  a moment. He said, “No. It’s alright. I’ll wait for a day. I do not want to waste company’s money. The costs are higher in that case.”

Utsav spent the next few hours in the company of the children. He sat outside the church while the kids played there. After a few minutes, a four year old kid came and sat beside him. The kid introduced himself and said, “Hi. I’m Krishna. What is your name?”

Utsav said, “I’m Utsav.”

The kid was very curious. He asked, “What is that on your head? Does it hurt? What do you do? Are you also a father? Or, do you teach?” Apparently, the kid knew only few professions other than the janitors and cooks. Looking at Utsav, the kid thought that he must be a father or a teacher.

Utsav said, “I am the director of a company.”

The little kid smiled as he did not understand what it meant.

The kid, Krishna kept talking with Utsav for a long time. They became good friends. When Joseph came by after some time, Utsav asked him, “Can you tell me more about Krishna? How did he end up here?”

Joseph asked Utsav to come to another room. Joseph took out an album and showed it to Utsav. Joseph said, “She is the mother. She came here when she is pregnant. She said she wanted to deliver her kid here and then go away with the kid. But, she died when Krishna was born. She wanted to name him Krishna.”

Utsav was alarmed when he looked at the photo. It was Jaya. She was his girl friend two years ago. She disappeared from the scene suddenly. Tears started rolling down Utsav’s eyes. Joseph asked him if anything was wrong. Utsav said, “Krishna is my son. She is my girl friend. A month before our plans to get married, she disappeared. I don’t know what happened. “

Joseph said, “She never told anything about you.”

Utsav cried and said, “She went away from my two years ago. Then, my father passed away last year. I have been so lonely. I feel so good when I see Krishna. Can I take him back with me?”

Joseph thought about it and said, “We are always open to adoption. If you say that he is your kid, you can take him back with you. I’ll be happy for him.”

Utsav suddenly felt a surge of pain in his head and he fell unconscious again.

He woke up after a couple of hours. He woke up in a posh private hospital in Chennai. He could see Shyam near him. He said, “Krishna. Where is Krishna?”

Shyam said, “Who is Krishna? We got a call saying that you fell unconscious again. We flew in a chopper and got you here. The doctors told us that we got you in time.”

Utsav asked him about Jaya. Shyam admitted, then, that Utsav’s father threatened Jaya to leave Utsav forever.

After getting discharged, Shyam asked Utsav to forget completely about Krishna.

But, in the conference room, Utsav hated to be away from his son. He immediately rented a chopper once again and flew back to the place to get his son back.

In addition to getting his son back, he even pledged charity to the institution run by Father Joseph.