Keerthana looked around anxiously. Being confident that there was no one around, she sneaked into the interrogation chambers where Ved was asked to wait since morning.

Keerthana said, “Why don’t you tell them everything? Tell them you are just a doctor and you have nothing to do with anti-nationals and their activities. Do you have a lawyer? Do you want me to call anybody? ”

Ved smiled with a confidence that did not make any sense to Keerthana. He remained silent. He had some questions that troubled him. But, his work and reputation would save him, he thought.

Keerthana wondered if he was really involved with something. She was not a psychologist to guess what’s in his mind. So, she decided to gave it up. She was getting very anxious, though. She dreamt of a happy life with him. She was unable to come to terms with this twist in their lives.

Keerthana finally broke the silence and said, “I wanted to tell you this for a long time. I really like you and was waiting for your proposal. I feel so embarrassed to say this.”

Ved thanked God for this moment, though he was not happy about the location. He was detained in the police headquarters and is being questioned on charges of conducting some anti-national activities. He wished he could hug her tightly when she stated her love.

Ved took out the ring from his pocket.

Ved said, “Please don’t be embarrassed. Here is the proof. I was actually planning to propose to you yesterday. I have fallen in love with the you the first time you came to my hospital three months ago. I always wanted a girl like you. And, then, our friendship only made things better. I never expected I could get so intimate with anyone. You are not a doctor. But, you helped me get rid of my trust issues.”

Keerthana said, “The last few months have been the best days in my life. I cannot think of a happier time in my life. You made my life so colorful. Every morning I wake up with a desire to meet you. I have been longing to get untied with you, get married to you and spend every moment with you. I wanted you badly. I have had not much of a family since childhood. So, you are my first hope of having a family and everything seemed to be falling in place until yesterday. Then, they got you here. Blame it on my misfortune.”

Keerthana started sobbing silently. She wanted to cry out loud and take him out of there and travel with him out to some other place. But, she could do none of that. She wanted to hug him tightly. But, she could not go near him as she was sure the surveillance cameras could be recording their conversations.

Keerthana added, “I doubt if our love is the reason for your arrest.”

Ved was taken aback. He said, “Wait for a moment. You are saying that I’m arrested. They said they are detaining me. What has our love to do with this? I’m missing something here.”

Keerthana thought that she should have avoided this topic. But, it made sense to let him know the truth. She said, “I have a colleague named Ishaan. He likes me. He saw us at the cafe the other day. He asked me about you. I said that you are my fiance. He was very upset. He got very angry and started shouting on me. He said that he would see your end and get me back into his life.”

Ved was troubled by the number of surprises she has been throwing at him. He asked, “Get you back into his life. Were you two dating? Is there something that I have to know that happened before we met?”

Keerthana said, “It’s complicated. I never dated him. I’m sorry I never told you this. But, he wanted to get married to me for a long time. He has been waiting for long to get my nod. I never told him that I love him. But, he assumed that one day I’ll fall for him because of his perseverance the way they show in movies. I never liked him. So, I knew he had no chance.”

Ved could not understand her story. He asked, “Why would he threaten to destroy me? I thought he knew that you did not like him.”

Keerthana replied, “He is a sadist and is known for his autocratic style of dealing with his team members. There are widespread rumors that he also killed some people in the name of interrogation. Most of us know that he has framed some innocent people in some criminal cases earlier just because they had some tiffs with him. He does it so immaculately well that the authorities could not deal with him. He thinks he is tough. But, people consider him to be a demon. How would I ever love or marry someone like that?”

Ved understood the entire situation. He said, “It’s no wonder why most people hate cops. Being a cop, how can he take advantage of his situation and play with the lives of innocent people.”

Finally, Ved felt relieved that he could connect all the dots.

While Keerthana continued to get worried about him, Ved was waiting for the door to open any time now.

Damodaran, the head of criminal intelligence of the city and Keerthana’s boss, stormed inside suddenly.

Keerthana felt bad she did not leave earlier.

Damodaran shouted at Keerthana saying, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why didn’t you tell me that Ishaan is into all this? At least, you should have told me about the threat? It should have saved us from a lot of embarrassment.”

Ved intervened and said, “D. It’s not her mistake. She does not know anything. Do not shout at her.”

Keerthana did not understand how Ved knew D. Ved was a doctor at a general hospital. And, Ved has never met D. Only his subordinates and colleagues addressed Damodaran as D.

Damodaran replied to Ved, “I’m sorry. I did not intend to hurt your new girlfriend. She is my subordinate. So, I have the right to shout at her.”

Ved shouted at Damodaran, “That’s misuse of authority. Stop it immediately.”

Damodaran displayed an apologetic expression and remained silent as though he was frightened what Ved would do to him. None of it made any sense to Keerthana. She did not understand why the head of the criminal intelligence team is frightened of a doctor.”

Ved said, “Go and find out about Ishaan and get me out of this place. Immediately. Right now.”

Ved’s demeanor suddenly showed a great amount of authority. She had never seen him earlier like this. She got attracted to him more than earlier. But, suddenly she realized that Ved has been hiding a lot of information from her. She got angry and her expressions made it obvious.

Damodaran obediently left the room.

Ved looked at Keerthana and said, “Sorry, I have to tell you so much.”

Keerthana, in a furious tone, replied, “Say it already.”

Ved explained the entire situation to her. He said, “Alright. Here is the truth that you need to know. I’m a doctor. I’m also an undercover cop. I have been handling big assignments for the last few years and won many awards for the work I have done. But, most of it is not known to anyone because I have been extremely successful as an undercover cop. Your boss, Damodaran, and I have been working on this case of terrorists. Coincidentally, your colleague Ishaan tried to get me arrested by putting some guns in my house. D knew that I’ve been framed because I’m the main investigator in that case and D is my assistant. When you told me that Ishaan wanted to destroy me, I understood the entire story. It had been very difficult for us to get a hold of the actual gang all these days. We knew that there was someone within our department who was helping them out. We could not find that person till now. But, his blind love for you made Ishaan commit this silly mistake. Now, he is caught red-handed.”

It took some time for Keerthana to digest the information that she has received just now.

Ved added, “My identity might have been not so true. But, my love for you is true. I could hide it from D all this while. But, when you came here, I realized that D would get to know through the camera. So, here we are. Will you marry me?”

Keerthana started going out of the room. On her way out, she said, “Find a better place and a better situation and then ask me the same question. I’ll respond depending on my mood at that time. Good luck.”