November 21, 2016

Just Say Sorry

You can finally meet your dream girl. Rohit told to himself. He was going through some mixed emotions. He always wanted to get his love back. He knew Sruthi would come back to him. But, on the other hand, he never wanted to break her marriage. In the last three years since she got married, […]

Hope and Distress


“There is nothing left for us here. We’ve been cheated. We need to go,” lamented the old man, Prabhakar, to his family. “What about the other families?” asked his wife, Parvathy. “We all are leaving at midnight. All of us met with the advocate. And, he told us that we better leave at the earliest,” […]


An Unlikely Mother


“Why are you doing this?” asked Shyam. Damodar smiled and said, “You will not understand this. You will never understand this. Let me do what I like to do.” Shyam was unable to control his anger. He tried to remind his father once again about his age and situation by saying, “You are seventy years […]


My Uncle and Aunt Are Here


“Hey Jack, Thanks for this idea. It’s nice to break the ice and mingle with the team,” said George to his manager Jack. Jack┬ásmiled with pride and said, “I’m glad you understood my intentions and did not misinterpret my decision. You’ll thank me more in an year or so. Please understand that interpersonal communication is […]


Solitude and Loneliness


Harris looked around. He was sitting alone sipping his coffee while everyone else was laughing with the people at their tables. He felt bad about his state of affairs. He felt worse as he thought more about it. He has never felt so lonely. Though he did not have too many friends, he always had […]


String of Pearls


A toddler was scribbling on the walls with an old crayon he found somewhere. Another toddler was getting the sand from outside and pouring it in the room. Two kids were running around the tree in the lawn. Inside, in another room, the caretakers, Karthik and his wife were shouting at each other. It was […]


Master Strokes


Relations are meant to last, he believed. But, some men take advantage of women and treat them like slaves. Such men should be punished, he thought. Varadarajan is a senior advocate who specialized in divorce cases. He was so popular with the ladies that some called him the alimony expert. Varadarajan would make sure the […]


A Walk in The Storm


Everyday, on his way to home from work, Michael walks for a few minutes after parking his car. He thinks about the day at work and tries to get off the images – good or bad – about work from his mind. Michael always preferred to go home with complete peace and be nice to […]


The Last Phone Call


Ved’s parents were excited about his first day at his first job. But, he was not so excited. It was his dream company. He worked hard to secure a job in that company. He was looking forward for this day. But, on this day, something else troubled him. As always, he got ready an hour […]


A Downstream Trip


The meeting was in progress. Everyone was listening to the presenter. But, the most important person of the meeting, Utsav, was least interested and looked out of the window. He did not want to be there at this moment. He was not angry. He was not sad. He wanted to be somewhere else. He did […]


Fortune Cookies


Keith hated his colleagues. He found them all boring. However, he had to work with them as he loved the work. He loved his job and his father always told him to find a job that he would love to do. As always, the team went to lunch after a major product launch. They decided […]


Senses and Instincts


Since childhood, he knew it all before it happened. Every time a day before a cyclone, he would tell his father that it will rain heavily the next day. Once, he asked his father not to go to work as his father’s office was near to the beach. When his father almost ignored his request, […]


The Unlikely Prospects


Hailing from a highly conservative and traditional village, Shyam and Radha fell in love with each other but could not let anybody know about it. Not even their friends knew anything about it. Shyam and Radha are used to ignoring each other in college during the day time. However, they meet at 2 am every […]


Twenty Six Years


Having worked in this place for more than five decades, Sridhar found it very difficult to leave it. He hated the fact that he would not come to this place the next morning. He could not think of a life beyond this place where all trains stop for a while and many dreams take off […]


The Remorseless


Ved and Keerthana made all the required plans. With the help of his friends, Ved could book flight tickets for the first flight next morning to Bangalore. He was confident of securing a job in Bangalore within a month. Unlike every other day since he restricted his daughter’s activities, she seemed to be very happy. […]


Tunnels Across The Globe


In a distant village in Karnataka, Kaushik was taking care of his paddy fields when his wife, Gowri came to meet him. Kaushik looked around and noticed that all the other farmers have left for lunch. She quickly rushed her to the hut at the corner of their field under the large tree. Gowri said, […]


The Unknown Legends


“I told him that I document love stories and let the world know about great stories that are happening in this age. He told me about you. Ranjan told me that you have been waiting for your love. I don’t see anything special in that. I’m sorry if I sound rude. But, I want to […]


Untamed Distress


A bank robbery happened in 21st North. Jason rushed there in time and worked in other cops to track the thieves in a couple of hours. Jason is considered to be an expert in handling such cases. After returning back to his office, he was lauded by everyone for handling the case deftly. He went […]